The Legend of Sun Knight V2C8: “Build Good Relationships with Neighbors”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 2: The Daily Duties of a Knight

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Sun Knight’s Daily Duty #8: “Build Good Relationships with Neighbors” – translated by Erihppas

I waited until night had fallen, and then knocked on each of the twelve knights’ doors. My first sentence to every one of them was “Do me a favor.”

I knocked all the way to Judgment Knight’s room, and said the same thing after he had pulled open the door.  “Do me a favor.”

“What favor?” Judgment Knight asked, feigning ignorance. “Buy blueberry pie? Ask Ice to make strawberry shaved ice?”

I requested straightforwardly, “Lend me ten Judgment Knight Platoon members.”

Judgment sighed. “For a mission or for revenge?” Continued

½ Prince V5C2: Conflict

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½ Prince Volume 5: A Prince No More

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: Conflict – translated by Erihppas

“It seems that there are plenty of people in the Central Continent who refuse to recognize Prince as a superior.” Nan Gong Zui frowned thoughtfully after listening to White Bird’s description of that day’s events.

“I think that this is due to several factors: First, Prince’s level isn’t high enough; second, during the final battle of the Adventurer’s Tournament, Prince did not survive; and third, being a spokesperson not only garnered the admiration of many,  but also the jealousy of many others,” Wicked explained in detail. Continued

The Legend of Sun Knight V1Extra: “No Matter What Happens, the Sun Knight is Perfect”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1: An Introduction to Knight Theory

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

First Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “No matter what happens, the Sun Knight is perfect” – translated by Erihppas

“Is Sun actually Supreme Dragon?”

A large banner was pinned up in the middle of the conference room. In order to avoid attention, not even a single candle was lit in the room. Inside, eleven knights sat at the long table, each person’s face and figure hidden in the darkness.

One of the knights spoke up first, “Sun Knight’s Sun-Style Swordsmanship has always been so messy to the point that it is difficult for people to recognize it, but of course he could not hide his face from Blaze—”

Another knight immediately interrupted the former’s words. “No! I’ve never said that Supreme Dragon is Sun, nor would I ever admit that Supreme Dragon is Sun.” Continued

½ Prince V4C10: XiMen Feng, Someone in the Same Situation as me?

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½ Prince Volume 4: The Buskers of Infinite City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 10: XiMen Feng, Someone in the Same Situation as Me? – translated by Erihppas

With his face pulled down into a troubled frown, Gui spoke in a deeply apologetic tone, “I’m truly sorry, everyone. My personal affairs have caused the concert to be interrupted.”

“It doesn’t matter; it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway. But what is the truth about the situation between you and XiMen Feng?” I replied as Wolf-dàgē healed the wound on my arm.

“He robbed me of my lover, don’t you FREAKIN’ understand?!” XiMen Feng, who was tied up tightly off to the side, roared suddenly.

“Besides my Prince, you’ve stolen someone else’s man as well?” Fairsky looked at Gui in disbelief.

Gui’s face flushed bright red, and he roared back with clenched fists, “I did not, and Prince is not yours either!” Continued


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Salutations, everyone.

Due to the overabundance of workload in reality, Erialis has decided to retire from the group. And if you’re wondering who she is, she’s that great person you owe all along for the pleasure of reading the translations of 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight because she had made the effort to start this little group and get the translations going, and we all know the beginning is always the hardest part.  So let us wish her all the best!

As Eri has left, we’re still trying to sort out what to do with the site, who’s doing what and such. Yes, this also means that updates will be delayed (again). We sincerely apologize for those who have been waiting.

Anyway, please stay tune for our next news update. Erihppas signing out.