No Hero V1Prologue: Prologue

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No Hero Volume 1: Vampire Butler

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue – translated by Eilinel

I walked beneath the moonlight.

Though it was the middle of the night, the streets were still not at peace. Neon lights blinded me with their brightly flashing colors. The crowd around me did not seem less than the daytime crowd, but they were certainly more aggressive. These people would never understand why nighttime was meant for sleep and rest.

The darkness of the night transforms people’s fear into aggravation.

The people around me mostly had incomplete bodies. Some of them had replaced their arms with cybernetic ones, some had cybernetic legs, some had transparent covers on their heads with wiring inside of them instead of brains, and some had even completely replaced their upper torsos with mechanical parts.

However, there was no sign on their faces that they thought these were disfigurements. Instead, they were proud of them and boasted of their cybernetic enhancements to one another. They bragged about them through fighting.


½ Prince V8Extra: Epilogue (End)

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½ Prince V8C7: Eternal Legend

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter: Epilogue (End) – translated by Eilinel

The story has finally reached this point! I couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. I have finally finished penning down the final battle! I had only realized as I was writing how dangerous and adrenaline-inducing the battle had been. As someone who had been involved, I could only feel my heart racing and beating really loudly.

Afterwards, everyone started living their own separate lives. Wolf-dàgē and Yu Lian-dàsǎo were finally married in real life as well, and both of them followed Doll back to her country. Wolf-dàgē continued to practice medicine there, and Yu Lian-dàsǎo continued her job as a financial advisor as well.

Five years later, Doll became the queen of her country. This was really shocking news—Doll, a queen? God bless her country; hopefully it will survive until Doll steps down from the throne.


Happy birthday to Yu Wo!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the celebrated day of Yu Wo’s birthday!

Here is the collection of the wishes…with a chorus from some PR! members.

Yu Wo birthday wishes
HD downloadable version (This one’s a lot more readable than the youtube version, and the subs look nicer ^_^)

Please enable caption, fullscreen and HD and then, enjoy! =)

Many thanks to S.Z. for the picture in the second slide and many thanks to Chronicole for helping us with the english lyric!

PS: If you want to know whose voice is in the chorus, please read the credits at the end of the video.
PPS: Poor Eilinel has been forgotten in the last page but at least she was on the second last one, right? So sorry, Eili… OTL

Download mp3: Mixed (video version), English Only, Chinese Only

The Legend of Sun Knight V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 2: The Daily Duties of a Knight

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions – translated by raylight

Moon Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction. Has a narcissistic personality and is very arrogant. Won’t be on familiar terms with just anyone and acts as though nobody is good enough to be in his sight.

Metal Knight:
Has a poisonous barbed tongue. Won’t be held responsible if you die of anger over his words. It is rumoured that talking with him for ten minutes would make you so angry that it will reduce your life span by a year.

Hell Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction. The only one who is in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction but does not obey the Judgment Knight’s orders. A holy knight that receives orders from the Sun Knight, and is specialized in doing some secret missions that are not known to anyone. Some say that he is the specialized assassin of the Twelve Holy Knights. It has even been rumoured that in the first generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, the Hell Knight was not a real person at all, but an alternate identity that the Sun Knight used for secret missions. Continued