The Legend of Sun Knight V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 2: The Daily Duties of a Knight

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions – translated by raylight

Moon Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction. Has a narcissistic personality and is very arrogant. Won’t be on familiar terms with just anyone and acts as though nobody is good enough to be in his sight.

Metal Knight:
Has a poisonous barbed tongue. Won’t be held responsible if you die of anger over his words. It is rumoured that talking with him for ten minutes would make you so angry that it will reduce your life span by a year.

Hell Knight:
One of the Twelve Holy Knights in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction. The only one who is in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction but does not obey the Judgment Knight’s orders. A holy knight that receives orders from the Sun Knight, and is specialized in doing some secret missions that are not known to anyone. Some say that he is the specialized assassin of the Twelve Holy Knights. It has even been rumoured that in the first generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, the Hell Knight was not a real person at all, but an alternate identity that the Sun Knight used for secret missions.

Cloud Knight:
One of the holy knights in the ‘good, warm-hearted’ faction. A wanderer that is as graceful as a cloud. It is said that he can be found drinking alone or reading books on windowsills, rooftops, under banyan trees, etc.

The vice-captain of the Sun Knight Platoon.

One of the members of the Sun Knight Platoon.

Son of the God of War:
The spokesperson of the God of War. Has the highest position within the Monastery of the God of War.

Within the Royal Knights, he is the leader of the younger generation.

Her Royal Highness of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound.


An epilogue is really a wonderful thing.
Especially when one has to be written in every book.
What can I write? There are many things.
Actually my thoughts are all hidden inside the story.
I don’t know if the epilogue requires me to write this, that, or just things?
I can only give a few random sentences here.
To everyone, hitting me is enough, don’t throw things!

Cough! If I were to really just put those few sentences there, I think everyone would really throw things, right?

Please stop it. Recently, the oil prices have rocketed, there’s inflation, and the vegetable prices have inflated ridiculously. Not only is everything expensive, but even salty rice pudding1 has become really expensive. Thus, please don’t throw your things, just hitting me is enough!

Right now, let’s get to the real main point!

Actually, the first volume is considered a beginning. The first and second volumes are the fundamental introductory chapters. On one hand, the reason why the Death Knight Roland joined the Twelve Holy Knights was brought up, and on the other hand the Monastery of the God of War was also mentioned. Also, a little of the Cathedral of the Shadow God was mentioned. Afterwards, all of the Twelve Holy Knights were introduced once briefly. In conclusion, I finally managed to account for the whole framework.

Following that are the most important missions in the career of a Sun Knight. Likewise, each mission is a whole story. I believe that after reading the prologue of the first volume, everyone will roughly know which few missions they are.

However, please trust me that matters are not as they seem, just like the Sun Knights’ image and his real appearance!

I hope that after everyone has finished reading, they will have a better understanding of fantasy themes such as rescuing princesses, slaying dragons, and defeating a demon king!

Also, other than a blog and a club I, Yu Wo, have also set up a forum. The main purpose of it is to let my fellow readers communicate with each other. You are welcome to come over to tread on it as you wish. If you feel that the URL is too long to type, there are links in the club and blog that can go to the forum.

Yu Wo’s blog:
Yu Wo’s forum:

– By Yu Wo (御 我)


1 “Everything…salty rice pudding”: What Yu Wo actually uses for “everything” is 啥米碗糕(shá mǐ wǎn gāo), in which 啥米(shá mǐ) is a dialect equivalent of 什么(shén me), which means “anything/something,” and the other, when used together, means “things/stuff.” It is a phrase that is usually only found in Taiwan. The characters for 碗糕(wǎn gāo) mean “salty rice pudding” in this case. Yes, Yu Wo is making a pun.

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  1. Crimson Knight

    OMG YES FIRST! YES I LOVE YOU GUYS AWESOME CHAPTER!!! Sun you awesome you cunnning bastard!

  2. Sery

    Awesomeness!! great work guys
    thanks for volume 2!

    looking forward to the next volume ^_^

  3. eirini_kl

    The writer says here that he introduced all twelve holy knights, but after counting over and over again I can only find eleven: Sun, Storm, Earth, Blaze, Leaf, Cloud, Judgement, Ice, Metal, Moon and Hell. Who is the twelfth one? Or is it he hasn’t appeared yet?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Stone is the Twelfth, and yes he hasn’t appeared yet.

    • 15B

      So in the Good-Warm faction: Sun, Leaf, Blaze, Storm, Earth, Cloud
      In the Cold-Hearted faction: Judgement, Ice, Moon, Metal, Hell, Stone

      Is this correct? (It feels kind of slanted though. If Hell was considered half of each, there’d be 6 1/2 warm knights and 5 1/2 cold hearted knights…)

  4. darkgloomie

    Moon was the “very tall guy”, the one who had to find a woman taller than him so he wouldn’t hurt himself having o try kiss her and keep his head up high, right?

  5. mewmew

    I loled at the part where they said hell knight was the alternate personality for the 1st gen sun knight. It’d be amusing if Grisia was like that too.. Too bad there’s roland

    • Beta

      You’re assuming Roland’s presence will somehow stop Grisia from moonlighting as Supreme Dragon. I’m expecting Roland will be in a constant state of confusion from being blamed/praised for doing things he has no memory or knowledge of.

    • nandrew

      Yep. Grisia hates the way the Sun Knight has to talk more than anyone – so I think he will be Supreme Dragon often just to avoid that… Poor Roland

  6. kittikiti

    ohhh. . . wow I thought this was the ending. . . pardon my stupidity -.- wonder what happens next!~

  7. PlumaUmbra

    Thanks for your work guys. I really love this novel.
    Also, Grisia have a very sharp tongue, but I think that his effect is wanting you to pierce your ears, too much words referencing the God of Light. xD

  8. Mystic

    Awesome chapter! and Outstanding Volume. Wow i wonder what mischief Sun will stir up next. Hmmmm….. Grisia-Sun Knight and Roland-Hell Knight/Supreme Dragon both under the same roof. Poor Roland he won’t know what to do with himself, and Grisia is absolutely no help at all with that. Thanks for the Awesome chapter I eagerly await the next chapters.

  9. tedy2004

    It’s 29/12/2020 and I am happy to say to have found this novel, even if it’s old or what people may call it, I find this novel very relaxing and beautiful of how it is written with the plot, details, mostly everything, 10/10.

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