The Legend of Sun Knight V3Prologue: The Seal of the Sword on the Knight

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue: The Seal of the Sword on the Knight – translated by evangeline

Two travelers strode down a country road wearing big hooded cloaks, one light green and one grayish-white. They both had their hoods up, showing only a sliver of the bottom of their faces.

The two travelers walked for a long time in silence.

Eventually they came across an adventure team with five or so team members. The other party had more people, so the two travelers shifted to the side to let them through. The warrior in the front nodded calmly to the two, looking a little proud, but sincere, so he was tolerable.

There were not a lot of people in the team, but there were two who stood out. The two travelers examined them with interest. The warrior in the front had a head full of black curls; he looked strong yet flexible, like a black panther.

The holy knight walking behind the warrior had a cascade of golden hair that shone like the sun, and a pair of warm blue eyes. His bright smile almost blinded everyone around him.

When the group had passed, the traveler in the green cloak said, “What an energetic team! I don’t know who they are but they definitely looked strong. Perhaps they are one of the top three adventure teams in the continent? Which one do you think they are?”

The one wearing a gray cloak smiled. “I don’t think they are a famous team.”

“Why do you think that?” the green-cloaked traveler asked.

“Because I saw someone I know.”

“Someone you know?”

The gray-cloaked traveler nodded. “Yes, the one with the golden hair and blue eyes—he was my apprentice, but he has no possible chance of being in the top three teams.”

The green-cloaked traveler gasped “Your apprentice? Then he really is a holy knight? But he didn’t have proper footing, or the proper hand position. That’s unbelievable! That was your apprentice? I was wondering, for a moment there, if he was just dressed up as a holy knight, but he actually was the one that adventure team was protecting!”

“ …He is a holy knight, and the advanced kind as well,” the gray-cloaked traveler said with twitching lips.

Disbelief was written all over the green-cloaked traveler’s face.

The gray-cloaked traveler coughed loudly several times and then explained, “But that’s because the armor and the sword are not his equipment, but rather his seals.”

“Seal? I’m not sure I catch your meaning.”

The gray-cloaked traveler smiled faintly. “If a magician is wielding a sword and wearing armor, are they any use to him?”

“So as a holy knight you managed to make a magician out of your apprentice?” the green-cloaked traveler jested.

“That was just a fact. My apprentice is a holy knight …Or at least he thinks he’s a holy knight.”

The green-cloaked traveler stared at the departing team. After a moment he said, “Your apprentice is very interesting. Why don’t we follow them, and see what they are up to?”

“No, no, we will definitely be discovered if we try to stalk them.”

The traveler in the green cloak said, “Why? There are no thieves that could sneak up on us, only the archer, and with our abilities I don’t think we will be discovered by the archer either.”

The gray-cloaked traveler laughed and shook his head. “There are no thieves, but there is my apprentice. Believe me my friend, my apprentice aced every single field besides what is required to be a knight.”

“And he is a knight?” The green-cloaked traveler looked at his fellow traveler with an odd expression on his face.

“Yep, and thank the gods that he is a knight…”

The gray-cloaked traveler looked at the distant adventure team. “If not for the identity of a knight and the sword that seals him, what kind of great things could he do? It’s a truly curious thought.”

“If you are so curious, why seal him?”

“Because in this peaceful world, there is no need for great things,” the grey-cloaked traveler said with a sigh.

“Oh, so that’s why.” The green-cloaked traveler nodded in agreement.

The gray-cloaked traveler looked into the distance and said, “Also, as to why I was so determined to train a spell caster into a knight, there is another very important reason.”

Hearing that, the green-cloaked traveler asked seriously, “Why is that?”

The gray-cloaked traveler turned around and looked gravely at his companion. He explained slowly and painfully, “Because, back then, I forgot to choose a back-up knight!”

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  1. kayue

    Yay! The story of Sun’s master, the former Sun Knight. (Which really makes me wonder what Holy Knight do when they retire)
    Poor Sun, cursed by a careless master.

    Btw: first paragraph, you mean “sliver”, not “silver”?

  2. Break

    Hahaha! Even in all of Sun’s glory, his always bagged out about his atrocious swordsmanship

  3. Daywalker

    LoooooL, I love that teacher of his. Always good for a laugh. *gg* But I’m really curious, what Grisia would be, if he had been trained more in the other Arts *shudder*

  4. Jasae Bushae

    he never did choose that backup knight XD

    oh~ this promises to be a good opening X3 so this adventure has five people…if one of them is dark haired that means judgment is also coming along….im going to guess earth and leaf are also with them…

  5. Alo

    lol i never understood why he didn’t choose Roland as a back up knight…. he had obviously wanted him

    • Jasae Bushae

      im just guessing its a combination of roland running off once he made his choice making it impossible for the former sun knight to find the boy and roland being such a sensible and straight laced person that he would make a really really terrible sun knight (if even half the duties given to grisla by the pope are normal for a sun knight then it would be impossible for someone without a fair amount of dishonesty)

    • Misstee

      That’s a good question, I think because the position of Sun Knight requires a level of imagination and flexibility (moral), that Roland clearly never possessed.

  6. Gohankuten

    So that’s why Sun’s teacher made Sun the Sun Knight. He wanted to seal this great being lol. And he forgot to get a backup knight.

  7. Misstee

    “showing only a silver of the bottom of their faces.” Should be “sliver”.

  8. Mockingjay

    He didn’t have a back-up knight!!!
    I hope will have more chapters with Grisia’s teacher!!!
    Follow them!!!

  9. X

    Another chapter! Yes!

    And this is very interesting, Grisia’s teacher purposely chose to train him to prevent him from becoming far stronger than he would have been. As a seal, looks like Grisia isn’t the only sly one here.

    • Gohankuten

      I think this proves that a prerequisite to be the Sun Knight is to be a sly bastard. That might be another reason Grisa was chosen over the other candidates was because it was easy to tell he was a sly bastard from the beginning lol.

    • AC

      Do you really think so? I always believed the training to be the Sun Knight was what made Grisia a sly bastard…

    • Gohankuten

      Grisa was sly from the beginning. The training just enhanced it. Remember how Roland said they used to get in trouble since they were friends due to being on opposite ends of the odds for becoming Sun Knight. Grisa was always sly.

    • Reika

      Agreed. I’m betting Grisia was born to be a sly and devious bastard. And with his power as a mage, it’s probably a very good thing his teacher sealed him. I’m liking the previous Sun Knight very much. A man who could keep up with young Grisia and even make him obedient has to be extraordinary.

  10. Saiyadena

    “The warrior in the front had a head full of black curls; he looked strong yet flexible, like a black panther.” Honestly, sounds more like the Son of the God of War to me. If it was Judgement, he too would have been described as a holy knight, not a warrior. If it is the Son of the God of War, makes me even more curious as to what they’re up to.

    • Cary

      This volume is called rescuing the princess right? so maybe the Son of the God of War is to marry another princess since he failed with Elijah’s princess but she disapeares before the wedding? And maybe Sun could be the representative from the Church of the god of light for the wedding and he ends up saving her, maybe i hope. Wouldn’t that make this volume the best? but i wonder why the master is there…

  11. angel

    Yay we’re starting with volume 3! I love this volume! And saying any more would just be major spoilers so I shall restrain myself.

    But… SO EXCITED!!!

  12. shin

    this is reallr hillarious can’t wait for chapter 1, very corious abou seal affect hehehehe

  13. me

    had to rea dit tiwce, haha i didnt get it teh first time :) i agree though, the sun knights seem to be tricky bastards!

  14. Fantasydotcom

    I started to giggle when I realised who the traveller was. At first I was sceptical, nut omg, I thoroughly embarrassed my slef in front of people when it finally clicked. So, Grisia has powers that were sealed – what does that mean?? Is Grisia really powerful then, despite being a rubbish knight. And OMG – A back up knight. lol!!!!!!!

  15. Boccob

    Hmm. So how much of Grisia’s magic is sealed then? He’s already widely known to have more magic then any other knight.

    • AngelSnow

      try this: cast without incantation, learn spell by sight and limitless mana. If we are going into the spoilers, it is even more scary. You will be glad he is a knight instead lol

    • Jasae Bushae

      I was quoting a line from the epilogue of the first book where the knights talk about sun being a magic wielding pro, having pink and roland on his side and how even kings are not save from his plotting :p

    • eilinel

      You are already leaking spoilers with the last one =). I deleted it from your comment…but I think the damage is done XD.

    • 15bubbles

      ~.~ Isn’t he overly powerful enough?!

      Well… I’d always wondered what would happen if you had a healer that could heal both mana and HP. (It’s so annyoing when I play as a cleric or shaman and I keep running low on MP.)

      Over kill.

  16. Falling Leaf

    Actually, maybe the sword and shield are metaphorical. As a Holy Knight, symbolized by the sword and shield, Sun isn’t allowed to do a lot of holy magic. Therefore, those two objects are the “seals” that stops him, that and his reputation as the Sun Knight. Or maybe this is just happening all in my head and those are actually real seals xD

    • AC

      @Falling Leaf
      I also think the seals are metaphorical. If they were REAL seals, Grisia would know – you can’t hide any kind of magic from him – and wouldn’t be pleased. And I don’t want to know what he’d do then…

    • eilinel

      No you are right, the sword and shield “seal” are metaphorical.

    • jess

      I bet the seal is also metaphorical and psychological. the ‘sword and shield seal’ is a good way to explain how grisia being a knight prevents him from learning greater magic and code of the knights prevents him from doing unknightly deeds. Grisia’s personality is like Frankenstein of Noblesse, powerful in magic and intelligent; if he wasn’t bound by Sun Knight code, Grisia might do experiments on humans like Frankenstein did. Sigh…because of the psychological seal Grisia thinking he is and needs to be a knight, he can’t become the greatest pope or another Voldemort. A pity but him being a sun knight is good as well. Grisia might not be cool but he’s pretty damn funny XD i want him to be a sun knight even if his swordsmanship sucks.

  17. Latareus

    Ahh…great things eh..more like troublesome things. But what if Grisia retires? He can always choose to disguise himself and then stir up lots of trouble.

  18. Moonlightflower

    There will be two adventures in this book right? One with that group of five, and another is , I don’t know, relate to his teacher? Otherwise why would the author introduce his teacher and the other guy in green coat

    • Jasae Bushae

      lets say you discovered someone was not quite capable at a job and you really wanted someone else. due to the specialization of the job you would be unable to just pick anyone and thus would have to rely on a replacment whom you were also training.

      in this case, suns teacher probably picked sun but was pulling his hair out in frustration at suns terribleness with a sword (about the only things we know about suns teacher is he was the greatest fighter in knight history and he has a habit of not planning ahead judging by his life as a mercenary)
      and thus wishes he thought to get a backup ^^;

  19. dollyfishe

    hahhaha this is so funny ^^
    cant wait the next chapter after read this hehhee
    and thanx for the hardwork :D

  20. asriel27

    Oh, Sun! *facepalm* But sun’s teacher is also… *fail* xDDD

    Thank you so much for this! I’m waiting for your next release.~<3

  21. Kekekekeke~ >3 Oh the fun that will be had in this book… *soooo looking forward to it*

  22. NanoLaughing

    Yeah! if sun wasn’t a knight me may anyway, become a GOD. He’s a necromancer,and Supreme Dragon, Sun knight, Extremely high level mage, but not really he’d be rich too.

  23. Baka Weiss

    This volume is awesome. Sun’s badassitude will really start to shine here.

    As a side-note, the other blog has a large number of the side-stories translated, if you want to read them.

  24. ChristofRomuald

    Hi, this is the first time i put a comment but i’ve been reading this story for over a year. The reason i wrote is because I want to know to know what is this “other blog” Baka Weiss is talking about. I really love LSK and i’m dying to read the next chapter. I’ve been checking the website every day multiple times a day to see an upload. If someone could tell me the blog it wold be wonderful.

  25. MinusApplePlus

    I like the change in perspective once in a while especially the teacher’s view^^ BTw, how long does it takes for the next translated chapter to be release? I am not complaining, just wonder when will be the next time I swing by this page again xD Thanks.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      The next chapters should be up sometime after Christmas.

  26. 15bubbles

    I can see why they were mistaken for a band of adventurers.
    Black-haired person: Tank
    Archer (probably Leaf): Ranged DPS
    Sun: Healer

    It’s just like a three-member party!

  27. MarkofWisdom

    Something I find interesting about sun’s teacher is that even though he says he made sun a knight to keep him from doing other things since he was so talented, it doesn’t really stop Sun from doing stuff after he retires

    • Reika

      Or does he? We know of Grisia’s thoughts and several times he has mentioned that he won’t do such-and-such in case his mentor is watching. Maybe he actually is watching!

  28. -Viral-

    Kind of odd that someone dubbed ‘The Strongest Sun Knight” would say the world is too peaceful to need greatness. Doesn’t that devalue his own existence more than Grisia’s?

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