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  1. Eil why are you throwing SR off a cliff? That’s so cruel.

  2. @eili: Looks like you accidentally uploaded the green one, so I fixed it ^o^

    @Gohan: ROFLOL!

    • lucathia

      Am laughing so hard. XD; This needs a boulder too. =P

    • No dahlys! I intentionally uploaded the green one because I feel it actually looks better that way =p. And wow, after reading through all the comments, I realized that Yu Wo sure like to kick people off the cliff XD.

  3. Whoever he is, he must belong to the Sun Knight’s Platoon….

  4. MiyakeMasumi

    XiMen Feng! TAT

  5. Poor Prince

  6. Prince or a sad knight who pissed of a messenger for the god of light.

  7. I didn’t really think of our dear characters… XD Made me lol so hard…
    What I first think of is PR staff members after working day and night for the updates.

    Anyhow, I love it. <3

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