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There are many great Taiwanese and Chinese novels around, though many of them are not as well-known as Japanese light novels to the English world. Here are links to some of the ones that have been translated. Plus a little advertisement for a new novel I’ve been helping a friend translate.

Yu Wo’s works:

No Hero: http://asmodeatranslations.blogspot.com/
Eclipse Hunter: http://novel.oddsquad.org/p/eclipse-hunter.html

Wuxia (lit. martial art heroes) novels by Gu Long, some of whom have been mentioned by Feng Lan in HP:

Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (aka Feng Yun Di Yi Dao [风云第一刀], Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing Jian [多情剑客无情剑], Xiao Li Fei Dao [小李飞刀]): http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Gu-Long/Sentimental-Swordsman,-Ruthless-Sword
Chu Liu Xiang: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Gu-Long/Chu-Liu-Xiang
Lu Xiao Feng (One of my favorite stories): http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Gu-Long/Lu-Xiao-Feng
The Legendary Siblings: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Gu-Long/The-Legendary-Siblings
The Sword and the Exquisiteness: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Gu-Long/The-Sword-and-The-Exquisiteness

Wuxia by Jin Yong (Chinese author):

Condor Hero Trilogy (Lolidragon is named after a character in Book 2, also each book can be read separately =])
Book 1, Legend of the Eagle Shooting Hero: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Jin-Yong/Eagle-Shooting-Hero
Book 2, Divine Eagle, Gallant Knight (aka ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’): http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Jin-Yong/Divine-Eagle,-Gallant-Knight
Book 3, Heavenly Sword, Dragon Slaying Sabre: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Jin-Yong/Heavenly-Sword,-Dragon-Slaying-Sabre
The Smiling, Proud Wanderer: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Jin-Yong/Smiling-Proud-Wanderer
Demi-gods and Semi-devils: http://wuxiapedia.com/Novels/Jin-Yong/Demi-Gods,-Semi-Devils

Now for my advertisement…Presenting KEY OF THE SUNKEN MOON by SHUI QUAN

link: http://sunkenmoon.wordpress.com/

Story Synopsis

“Fan Tong, the representative of the new generation of exemplary and good-hearted young people, was cursed to say the opposite of what he means nine out of ten phrases by an evil bitch…”

“Take this back and rewrite it.”

“Fan Tong, an extremely gifted fortune teller who could predict the future accurately, was cursed to say the opposite of what he means nine out of ten phrases by a woman who wasn’t happy at being called ‘old hag’…”

“Don’t you feel embarrassed reading this?”

“Fan Tong, a person who died mysteriously, was sucked into a parallel universe, bringing the curse he had in life with him. How does he survive in this strange world where a person can die and live, live and die, then die and live again? Can be become a hero? Actually, is he fated to save this world?”

“Don’t write your delusions down.”

“Fan Tong… I don’t want to write anymore! Why do I have to introduce myself!? This kind of work has nothing to do with me!”


Fan Tong, a regular commoner, never thought that he would wake up in a parallel universe one day and have it announced to him that he was already dead.

In order to survive in this new world, besides learning everything about this place and figuring out how to lower the probability of him dying, he has to deal with that cursed mouth of his that cannot say anything good.

Although everything that happened was very illogical, what happened had already happened. Resigned to fate, Fan Tong decided to face everything with an optimistic attitude, bravely tackle his life after death, and impress his sincerity onto his friends’ hearts!

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  1. Goodness, you make me want to start reading wuxia. There is so much out there. I’ve only ever watched shows based on them. Once I start reading, haha… See you in a month. T__T

    Key of the Sunken Moon sounds pretty fascinating. The author is also a writer friend of Yu Wo’s.

    • @lucathia
      I kinda grew up reading and watching wuxia. I was instantly enchanted by the epic action, romance, and never-ending battle between the orthodox and unorthodox clans…

  2. Just wanted to add that the story about fan tong and gong hua (another novel by yu wo) are already being translated at http://giraffecorps.wordpress.com/

  3. question~ back in 1/2 prince when doll was introduced she quoted a necromancer character from another novel. If its not to much trouble would you happen to know which book it was and if it is any good?

    • Hmm…it’s called “亡灵之眼” (prn. Wang Ling Zhi Yan), or “Eye of a Dead Soul”, and seems quite popular. But I don’t think anyone has translated it to English D= The Chinese version can be read here: http://www.wuxia.com.cn/info/file/26/0505/753.htm

      My translated synopsis:

      What is death?

      Some people say that death is freedom from pain; some say that it is the end of everything; some say that is the destruction of a dream; and some say that is the the beginning of another life.

      What is a soul?

      A soul could be the origin of life; a soul could be the crystallization of death; a soul could be the dying will of a person who was unwilling to accept death; a soul can also a a tragedy that cannot be escaped from.

      Where there is life, there must be death. Life and death are like inseparable brothers, when one rises, the other falls, echoing each other. However, life is respected and loved by countless people, whereas death is a word that inspires fear because of the sadness and endings that it brings.

      Because people have no choice but to fear death, I began my research on death and the meaning of life. The existence of a soul became the goal I kept aiming for…

      To life, death may be an ending. But to death, this place could be a desert of life…

    • @dahlys
      my that does sound very good @[email protected]
      i hope somebody translates it someday ^^;

  4. wow! thanks for this! been looking for new light novels to read~ will check these out! :D

  5. CocoFlower

    WOHOO! NEW READING MATERIAL! XD …damn it, I have to put it on hold until summer because of revision (summeer, where art thou? ;3;)

  6. Key of the Sunken Moon is the brest~<3
    So glad you put up here! :D

  7. DellyYuki

    I really want to read key of the sunken moon I read it at Girrafe but the update is to slow……

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