Happy birthday to Yu Wo!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the celebrated day of Yu Wo’s birthday!

Here is the collection of the wishes…with a chorus from some PR! members.

Yu Wo birthday wishes
HD downloadable version (This one’s a lot more readable than the youtube version, and the subs look nicer ^_^)

Please enable caption, fullscreen and HD and then, enjoy! =)

Many thanks to S.Z. for the picture in the second slide and many thanks to Chronicole for helping us with the english lyric!

PS: If you want to know whose voice is in the chorus, please read the credits at the end of the video.
PPS: Poor Eilinel has been forgotten in the last page but at least she was on the second last one, right? So sorry, Eili… OTL

Download mp3: Mixed (video version), English Only, Chinese Only

28 Responses

  1. Exile Wrath

    So THIS is what you guys have been busy with all month! ^_^ fantastic job, I just wish I had gotten the memo earlier so then I could send her something.
    Nice mixing and general video-making.

  2. lulumoon

    It was a very beautiful song, even though I couldn’t understand half of it.

    • lulumoon

      I did read them, I meant the actual song. Only part of it was sung in english, although I liked the voices during the whole thing.

    • eilinel

      I will upload a english only chorus soon…as long as I find the time to do the slides XD. Wishing we have someone that can draw animation now…

  3. E

    I think I would break the Like button if there were any around here right now. >___<

    Thank you thank you thank you. <3

    And I love the chorus! =D The voices are really nice. <3

  4. dahlys

    Thought I’d list out who did what for the video.
    Amgine: Compiled the song and conveniently removed himself from it (he’s prolly still scarred from the audiobook), so there is only one male voice left.
    Lucathia: Collected all the wishes and listed them out
    Eilinel: Made those really nice ppt slides (lots of hard work)
    me: Mixed everything into a video, added subtitles

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST, A BIG THANK YOU to all the commenters + singers + artists (SZ, Arcedemius) + Chronicole who contributed! We really appreciate your submissions, even if Amg didn’t use them (I dunno why, mebbe it didn’t blend perfectly or something, but they sounded great as solos anyway).

  5. Sakura

    aw, that was such a sweet video, good job PR! ><" I've been waiting for this and I was so excited when it's finally done!!! XD I'm sure it made Yu Wo smiled real big!

  6. Anonnie

    By any chance, if the author replies to this (if you sent it, that is), can you translate what she says.

  7. Chloesong

    Awwwwwwww!<3 I was surprised when I saw that you guys used a PR chorus instead of a submission, however I think the video sounds fantastic! It looks like a lot of effort went into it. I'm really impressed! Great job :) Thank you Amgine, Lucathia, Eilinel, and Dahlys for your hard work!

  8. starwarrior1234

    Do you think there we could download the music? All the voices together sounds so heavenly

  9. Aurelia

    This reply is late, but this song is really nice!:D I’m kind of addicted to it…
    Can I ask if you have the piano scores for this song? Just so I can play it for leisure(:
    Thanks guys!:D the lyrics are so meaningful and melody is beautiful.

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