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May 2012 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 3: “Facing the Darkness”
  2. ½ Prince V7C5: If There is Already French Bread in This World, Why is There Meatbun as Well?
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V3C10: “Develop a Romantic Relationship with the Princess”
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V3Extra: “No Matter How Weak the Sun Knight Looks, Never Ruffle His Feathers”
  5. ½ Prince V7C6: Truth
  6. The Legend of Sun Knight V3Epilogue: Character Introductions
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 4: “You May Only Use a Sword, Unless No One Sees You”

Hello everyone! We have a handful of chapters for you this month and will possibly have more, but no promises other than the chapters that are listed here. ;) Expect us to be posting chapters between now and the end of the month, last week included.

First up, PR! Español is looking for more translators and proofreaders. If you know Spanish and would like to help with Spanish translations, please head over to PR! International Translations. We are also always looking for Chinese -> English translators, so if you think you’re up to the task, send in an application! You can find the application over at our Recruitment page.

Also, one of our readers, Katerina, has kindly created simple ebooks for 1/2 Prince volumes 1 through 6. These include pdf, mobi, and epub file types. Now you have even more file types to carry around with you for your convenience! :) As well as working footnote links for the epub and mobi file types! Although we’ve already put up simple pdfs before, this version includes updated text (such as Tian Xian being changed to Celestial, along with a few grammar fixes), so it’s always a good idea to nab the newest files!




We will update with ebooks for the rest of 1/2 Prince as we finish translating volumes, and LSK ebooks will be coming soon as well~. If you would like to redistribute these ebook files, please direct people to Prince Revolution!. If you see anything that needs changing in these ebooks, don’t hesitate to let us know!

We do not have a pdf designer for more complicated pdfs like what we have for volume 1 of Half Prince and Legend of Sun Knight. If you feel you are able to design and format pdfs like what we have on our pdf page for each series, please get into contact with us via email at [email protected]. We would love to see what you can do!

Next, we would like to remind everyone to list your actual emails when submitting fanart or fanfic. This way, if something doesn’t work, we can contact you! Our fanart and fanfic section is now under Nabs’ care (we finally have someone responsible for the section~!) so it should receive more regular updates now. If you’ve submitted something a long time ago and didn’t receive a response or see your work put up, please resubmit your work as we’ve probably missed it! As for everyone else, I encourage you to submit your art and fic! :D

Finally, we should be having a new round of the tournament soon. Look forward to it, and apologies for the delay in wrapping the previous round up!


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    i hope the next 1/2 prince chapter doesnt mean an end for meatbun after the plethora of character deaths already ^^;

  2. [email protected]@lker

    Looking good there for this month. And thanks for the e-books to Katerina! Keep us updated, if you get an Answer von Yu Wo to her birthday message ;)

  3. meow

    I’ve been meaning to ask this, but why is it that 1/2 Prince always has such less updates than LSK?

    • dahlys

      It depends on whatever PR’s translators feel like translating lol. Since we’re doing this for free we get to choose XD And of course, orders from above seem to be encouraging us to work on more LSK…

    • meow

      Well, I just think it’s a little unfair. I mean, I know HP already has so many volumes and chapters out, but it would be nice to read the other chapters that you haven’t translated yet. But, either way, I guess I really don’t have a say.

    • lucathia

      Also, Half Prince chapters are somewhat longer usually. And well, each volume only has 7 chapters (8 with extra) while LSK has 10. Or 13 if you count the prologue, epilogue, and extra.

      If people want us to release more HP, all of you readers should leave more comments on the HP chapters. Give us more incentive!

    • meow

      Regardless of what people demand, I do think the staff should be a bit more fair about the chapters they release for the two stories.

    • lucathia

      I’m just saying 1/2 Prince chapters are harder to translate because of length. For me at least. I’d need to be motivated to do them. But it’s not like they’re not being done! They are, and you’ll see that we are working on them. Only one chapter is listed to be safe for this month, but I was thinking we might possibly be able to finish more, but don’t want to promise anything in case it doesn’t happen. The LSK chapters this month are all very short, hence why they are already listed. And why there is more of them.

    • lucathia

      Yeah, there’s only one volume left after v7. ;___;

    • 15B

      X3 As long as there’s something to read, I’m happy. 1/2 Prince, Legend of the Sun Knight; they’re both hilarious!

      (What happened to the beauty pagent anyway? Discontinued from lack of information about some of the contestants?)

    • dahlys

      What happened to the beauty pagent anyway? Ans: SR has gone MIA =(

    • lucathia

      But SR did have the next round written up, so that’ll be posted soon’ish…

  4. Caropa

    Yay! I’m excited for this month’s upcoming releases. I love both HP and LSK, so I’m happy to see a new one of either! Thank you guys. :D

  5. CocoFlower

    “last week included” LOL I see what you’re doing there XD

    • lucathia

      Hello, I believe we’ve been adding the knights as they have been introduced. Stone Knight didn’t get much of an appearance until v3c9, but I agree that it is time to add him in! The link doesn’t work for me though. Do you think you could send it to PR! by email? It would be a great help!

  6. Latareus

    It seems like Yu Wo is going to Singapore on the 26th May at Suntec Convention Center for a talk and book signing at the Book Fair.

    • dahlys

      YESSSS! A bunch of PR people are going XD We’ll post a write-up of our experience and maybe some photos =p

  7. Exile Wrath

    Have I mentioned that all of you guys are awesome for translating all this awesomeness for us?
    Thank you~ Arigatou~ Danke~ Gracias~ Mercie~ Cam On~ (English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese, respectively.)

  8. dollyfishe

    i’m a bit sad to think that there’s only 1 chapter for half prince, but …. yayyyyy today i saw there will be update for another chapter ^___^
    well, whatever ur reason is, i’m happy with ur progress on the chapter, but i will be happier if i can read more *that’s for sure*
    hehhehe so cheer up … it’s not like we will leave PR even if u not translating anything for a month *u did that before right ~><~~~* u need to do something more to make us reader leave u :p *the cruel april fool is not enough to make us leave, at least it's not for me* hehhehe

  9. Hana

    OMG Thank you so much for these!!! *o* Just what a beginner to this series like me needs~ But where is the 1st volume in pdf format?

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