The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 3: “Facing the Darkness”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

“Facing the Darkness” – translated by dahlys

Lesus Judgment knelt on the ground, his head bowed and his right hand over his heart, as he prayed to the Symbol of Light.

The prayer room had been professionally designed so that the whole room would be extremely dark. Only the window above the Symbol of Light was open, brightly illuminating the symbol.

Because of this, the Judgment Knight, clothed in black, was completely shrouded in darkness, and his silhouette could hardly be seen as he knelt in front of the Symbol of Light.

The Judgment Knight is here, hurry up and leave…

You only know how to interrogate criminals who have been shackled to the wall! What kind of holy knight are you?

The Judgment Knight is a cruel and heartless guy… By all means, never offend him!

Forgive me, forgive me… Aren’t gods supposed to forgive sinners? Why won’t you forgive me?!

Look at yourself, dressed entirely in clothes as black as hell. What kind of holy knight are you?

“Despite being very busy with work, the Judgment Knight never forgets to pray to the Light. Sun really admires that.”

Suddenly hearing someone’s voice, Lesus froze for a moment before turning his head. The door to the prayer room had been opened, and a person was leaning against the door. The light shining from outside the room caused his golden-blond hair to glow radiantly.

It’s so bright.

Lesus looked away and kept his head bowed. He said simply, “Praying is now the only way for me to confirm that I am still a holy knight.”

Stunned, Grisia quickly entered the prayer room and closed the door. He asked, “What happened?”

Lesus shook his head and answered, “I’m just a little confused. I’m not sure whether I’m really a holy knight, or whether I’m… an executioner.” As he was finishing that sentence, his voice became almost too soft to be heard.

Grisia exclaimed in shock, “Of course you’re a holy knight, and you’re even the Judgment Knight! Lesus, if you aren’t a holy knight, who else is worthy of being called a holy knight?”

Lesus smiled faintly, and mentioned something irrelevant. “Grisia, do you know where the Symbol of Light is in the Judge’s Complex?”

Baffled, Grisia said honestly, “I never really noticed.”

“In order to let criminals confess and repent while looking at the Symbol of Light, the symbol was placed on the wall in front of the criminals. Whenever I am interrogating criminals, the symbol is always behind me… My back is always turned against the Symbol of Light as I face and interrogate criminals who are full of sin, employing methods crueler than what any of them have ever used.”

All sorts of wicked misdeeds, torturing devices, flogging, death penalties… Lesus recalled the things he was most commonly exposed to on a daily basis. Not one of them made him feel like he was a holy knight. He only felt that he was facing an endless darkness, and that if he were to lose his footing for even a split second, he would plummet into the unbounded darkness, never to crawl out again…

Grisia hurriedly said, “You are the Judgment Knight, and judging criminals has always been the responsibility of the Judgment Knight. Hence, you are definitely a holy knight!”

“Is that so? But I really don’t know when I will fall into that darkness as well.” Lesus stood up and said bluntly, “I should return to the Judge’s Complex. There are still a lot of things for me to deal with… and a lot of criminal hearings to conduct.”

After he finished speaking, he walked toward the door. However, Grisia’s voice echoed from behind him, “Lesus, even if they are facing the darkness with their backs to the light, holy knights still walk under the light, not the darkness!”

Lesus stopped walking.

“If it weren’t for you sacrificing your chance to face the light, could Leaf Bud City’s security be so splendid? Yet you are starting to regret this? Lesus, are you regretting your choice to sacrifice yourself so that the citizens can live under the light?

Lesus turned around and saw the Sun Knight standing in the darkness with a sad expression on his face. The Sun Knight asked, “Lesus, do you really regret sacrificing your chance to face the light?”

Even if they are facing the darkness with their backs to the light, holy knights still walk under the light, not the darkness!

Even though the Symbol of Light beside him was bathed in sunlight, the one who really saved him was the holy knight who stood in the darkness.

If the one standing in the darkness was the person who saved him, perhaps he could also continue to face the darkness.


Lesus smiled and asked, “Grisia, even if I did fall into the darkness, you would just drag me back, right?”

“Of course! We are good friends after all! Therefore, Lesus, please help me teach Earth a lesson! That bastard deserves to be beaten until he is half-dead and half-paralyzed! I’ll see if he still dares to flaunt in front of me the woman he just nabbed after that!!!”

…Looks like it is still uncertain as to who is going to drag whom back!

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  1. NeoWarrior

    So THIS is the moment when Sun helped Judgement see the light?
    This scene was a bit sad… as well as too short. It doesnt compare to the previous sidestories.
    Oh, well!

  2. Exile Wrath

    That…was so sweet. I feel sorry for Judgement, to have to be plagued with much doubts.
    So Grisia CAN saw something inspiring every once in a while that doesn’t have much ulterior motive.
    Thank you for the translation, good luck on finishing in time this month!

    • Exile Wrath

      No, as in there’s not as much motive as usual, of course his main reason for going to Judge wasw to punish Earth, but didn’t need to cheer him up.

  3. ruiny

    Thanks for the update. Reading this is the best of all the things I do after all my final exams!!!

  4. okura

    ROFL!! so lovely, Grisia. Your despicable heart never lets us down!! :DDD

  5. 15B

    My T^T from reading this short story changed to ._.” after the last few sentences.

    It’s short, sweet and touching this time… Lesus, you’re so righteous… If you were truly cold-hearted and falling into the darkness, you would fall without remorse.

  6. Anonymous

    As always, the translation is greatly appreciated! The chapter titles for this month also look delicious!

  7. shinikage

    didnt he said the same thing about hell knight during the dule for the princess hand?

    • kuroneko13

      he did…. but this (this short story thingy) was ‘before’ that (the time during the duel)

    • 15B

      X3 The words cheered Elijah up. Then Grisia mentioned that he was sure it would because after he’d said those same words to Lesus, Knight-Captain Judgement never turned down any of Knight-Captain Sun’s requests!

  8. ushergal

    thank you for the translations. I live in hope for more of them and not an day goes by that I don’t check for more of my sun knight I am dying to know who fell in love with a princess I think sun had given up hope of finding a good princess for himself what with ann and her sister causing him all that trouble

  9. Lulu-chan

    Thank you for the translation
    Sun never stop to amaze me and then he goes back to the usual Sun and makes me laugh, how can you not love him? lolz

  10. Brian

    HAHAHA! Sun’s last comment made me laugh out loud.
    Grisia is more fit to be a Mafia Godfather instead of Sun Knight!

    Sun Knights quotes made me think of an analogy where a Mafia Don is asking his subordinate to assassinate a nuisance in their group or something.

  11. MoonlightFlower

    wait is this a spoiler? The last sentence sound like a suggestion for book 8 story ~.~

    • lucathia

      That would be foreshadowing, not spoiling. :3;

  12. yurihime

    ah… how I love Sun and Judgement.. They are not supposed to be best friends and yet they are best friends.. All hail Grisia!

  13. NanoLaughing

    Sun = Evil cunning Death Lord (of sorts) Judgment = Very nice and the black sheep of the holy knight (who gives light to everyone from the shadows) Leaf = Truly a nice guy; a voodoo person Flame = Equally the same as his identity Ice = Really

    Pro baker Storm = Shy Virgin, workaholic

  14. Little Dragon Girl

    I’ve been reading this for a while, but I’ve procrastinated reviewing. Now’s a good time as any, I guess…

    I LOVE the Sun Knight. Not fan girl love (though he sounds really handsome). I love his brain. I love how he’s fifty steps ahead of everyone else. I love how if he weren’t a holy knight, the world would probably be post-apocalyptic. Just seems that way. But seriously, they’d be screwed.

    Reading this thing was sweet. Those who are forced to walk on the fine line between darkness and light suffer unseen consequences. Poor them. But I agree with 15B, the fact that he is ashamed shows his true colors.

    The one to be worried about is Sun..

  15. MPToki

    Its sweet this chapter.
    Glad Lesus didn’t fall into the darkness =D
    Sun’s comment at the end was funny =D
    Thank you =D

  16. Unknown

    Nah, its obvious who will get dragged back. Its Grisia as a Demon King.

    He nearly lost his sanity, joy and lastly hope. To become the Demon King you will enter the darkness and no longer stand in the light, taken away from all you cared for and to face this never ending misery to save people who only knew you on the surface and looked to you in admiration and worship, now fear you, abhor you and hate you for taking away their beloved and lose those whom truly knew you, who grew up with you, who cared for you as you did for them.

    The darkness can never be separated from the light, this much is true but those who have fallen have trouble coming back and those within the light can easily fall with a simple mistake. Its easier to fall then it is too come back, sadly, criminals who are given to the Judgement knights are ones who believe in second chances despite their horrid crimes of murder, thieving and rape. People who fear him think of him as a demon from hell who has fallen far too deep and stayed far too long within the darkness and now welcomes it as a old friend. The Sun knight, adored by thousands, will forever be forced to forgive the criminals and act as a beacon of hope during the hardships, staying in the light even if his heart becomes clouded by darkness, to be forced to listen to thier lies and accept it as the truth even if he knows better to let them off. Clouded by the delusions and facades for so long thier grip on reality slackens and falls in to a never ending abyss.

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