The Legend of Sun Knight V3Epilogue: Character Introductions

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions – translated by raylight

Queen of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid:
The Queen of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. Possesses strong endurance and wears a set of ceremonial clothes and crown that is even heavier than armor. With her thoughts interlinked with the female knights that are always at her side, she can give them orders without making any movements.

A warpriest from the Monastery of the God of War. Is the birth father of the Son of the God of War, Mike.

The second princess of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. Is also one of the best female warriors in the Monastery of the God of War. Is currently pursuing a romantic relationship with the Leaf Knight.

The first princess of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. Is extremely beautiful, a master mage of the wind element, and the future wife of Awaitsun-Silent Eagle.

Awaitsun-Silent Eagle:
The head of the dark knights in the Cathedral of the Shadow God. Is so handsome that men want to kill him and then chop his corpse into pieces.

The former Sun Knight. Possesses the title of the Strongest Sun Knight in History and is Grisia Sun’s teacher.

A dark elf. Is Neo’s adventuring companion.

Stone Knight:
Is part of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction within the Twelve Holy Knights. His stubbornness is famous and said to be as hard as a rock. It is widely known that to break his skull is a simple matter, but to break his resolve one might as well go overthrow the Church of the God of Light, since that would be easier.


Everyone, if you flipped to the epilogue before reading the story, then Yu Wo would like to remind you at this point that this time, story content is mentioned in the epilogue. Therefore, please go read the story first, and then look at the epilogue afterwards. Thank you.

In this volume I, Yu Wo, did something extremely outrageous… I made the main character, Sun, blind.

However, the most important thing is, I only properly told everyone that Sun had really become blind at the end of the story.

Actually, in the story, after he resurrected Leaf and woke up from losing consciousness, he never fully regained his sight. This made describing things in the story extremely difficult. However, though it was difficult I, Yu Wo, was very happy while I was writing. As I wrote, I wondered whether the readers could tell that Sun had actually become blind?

There are actually many places where one can tell that Sun is unable to see anything. Since the story is from a first-person perspective, everyone can infer from Sun’s last words how much effort he had put into learning how to use his sensing ability, and thus find the clues hidden in the narration.

Hehe, I’m really very curious. Just how many readers had already guessed that Sun had truly gone blind even before reading the confession from Sun at the end that he was blind?

Everyone, why don’t you come to my website to express your opinions?

Next, I am going to talk about the most important part — the results of the household popularity poll of the characters that have just been decided!

I have especially invited an artist, ASH, for a guest appearance to draw the characters that are ranked in the top five. Thanks to ASH for her warm support.

First place: Grisia Sun
(Yu Wo’s comments: The main character is the main character alright. If the main character in a story written in a first-person perspective didn’t manage to take first place, I think he might as well ascend to heaven and repent in front of the God of Light.)

Second place: Lesus Judgment
(Yu Wo’s comments: Cool, handsome, intelligent, and is also in charge of explaining (exposing) Sun’s crafty schemes. Even the author loves you.)

Third place: Roland Hell
(Yu Wo’s comments: Although he’s dead, love doesn’t distinguish between living and dead people.)

Fourth place: Ice Knight
(Yu Wo’s comments: What? I’m eating blueberry pie, hold on!)

Fifth place: Adair
(Yu Wo’s comments: Being utterly loyal definitely has its rewards. Even if he were to die of overwork in the future, now that he has a memorial arch, he would be able to die in peace.)

Artist ASH’s words:
I’m very happy to be able to make a guest appearance in the Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3 OxO!! At this point, I would first of all like to thank the editor and owner of ChunTian (Spring).

I’ve reread the Legend of Sun Knight volumes 1 and 2 countless times. No matter which knight, they all have such interesting characters that can make people burst into laughter.

Thus, after reading the second volume, I immediately decided to draw the top five characters from the online popularity poll.

While I was doing the drafts, I discovered that Ice and Adair had actually kicked the cute Storm out of the top five! OO!! (Shock) — Actually I really want to draw Storm. (Covers face)

Adair did have a certain image in my mind at the very least, but his appearance was still changed three times. (In the end I gave him a hairstyle that conformed to the norms of society.) As for Ice, he didn’t have many scenes to begin with, and he only specialized in giving Grisia cookies to feed him and keep him full. Everyone seems to have a particularly good impression of him as a “virtuous wife,” but I couldn’t think of any ideas for his outer appearance. Therefore, I drew two completely different versions. However, no matter what it’s still a work in progress, so let’s wait until Ice has a more definite appearance in the story before considering this again. ^_^

Speaking of which, why is Ice’s posture so strange? It’s because I had originally wanted to insert him in the double spread too, so…

Hopefully it looks like an exaggeratedly comical action. He appears to be pulling out a sword but is actually holding cookies. Just like how Grisia is actually making his facial mask. (laugh)

So then, I hope to have another chance to draw the other characters, and also that everyone will like them XD.

Ice Knight

Lesus Judgment, Roland Hell, Adair, Grisia Sun

21 Responses

  1. okura

    xDDD nice drawings!! actually, i didn’t imagine adair to look like that. i always imagined him more… robust, or something. he looks sort of girlish to me… (and now i want to read some sunXadair slash…)

    and yes, ice’s posture is indeed odd. but he’s pretty all the same <3333

    ssso… thank you all for the chapter!! :D

  2. NeoWarrior

    #3 looks more like Adair and #5 looks like Leaf (a worrier)

    #4 looks a bit too chubby on the face to be Ice though… Or am I the only one who imagines Ice a bit like the nerd protagonist from Bleach, only WAY kinder

  3. dollyfishe

    aaaaaa i never thought that Yu Wo purposely made Sun blind ~><~ i thought it only temporary … but well, the story still insteresting

  4. 15B

    *shock* Neo didn’t make it to the top five?! One of the few people awesome enough to make Grisia fear them!

    • ArnaudB

      That’s normal. Neo didn’t really appear until tome 3, and this is the epilogue of tome 3. Hence this pool was voted before Neo even appeared.
      (That might also be why Leaf didn’t make it in the top five)

    • beta

      This is Sun’s story. You really think he’d let Neo rank anywhere near him? There’s only so many ways he can get petty revenge on his teacher without being beaten senseless…

  5. Andie

    Yu Wo seems to love teasing her fans :) I have to admit I was really confused about Sun’s blindness at first…

  6. Oddmoonlight

    Ice doesn’t seem expressionless enough to me! And I also think Adair needs a little more of a tough look to him.

    • Analakagome

      I agree. Ice need to be more a hard cold bishie while Adair need to look more dependable, reliable, and a loyal looking face instead of looking like a sweet, clumsy kid. Not at all reliable looking.
      Sun looks great and Judgement look like a dark beauty though a bit skinny looking around the shoulders ahahaha I must sound like I’m criticizing…sorry (“>_<)

  7. okura


    Yes, right? Like that drawing doesn’t look like one of the strongers swordmen in the temple of the God of Light x3 still, he looks so cuuuute…

    @NeoWarrior, i also thought the numbers were mixed or somerthing. I also imagined Roland to be moar macho (don’t missunderstand, i do like pretty-pretty bishies, but still my mind was filled with very brave looking warriors x) )

    Let’s hope that there’s another popularity poll in the next volumes, and surely Neo and Aldrizzt will be included in it! :D

  8. lulumoon

    I liked Sun and Judgement, but I thought Roland always wore the costume in front of other people and his face couldn’t be seen. Can someone tell me what it says on the bowl Sun holding? I can see some writing on it, and understand its for the face mask, but I still would like to know what it says.

  9. CocoFlower

    Wow I love Ice’s clothing *O* It’s always interesting to see a different artist’s drawings other than just the manhwa and the novel’s character designs :)

  10. Tamult

    Sun probably looks the closest to how I imagined him, though I didn’t place any hair in front. Since the story is so European in design to me, his Judgement seems a bit off as well. I guess I imagined everyone of them with a bit tougher, with exception of Sun. I do agree Adair looks a bit to girly and seems more like Leaf to me.

    I thought Roland would have a lighter hair color as well. I would have made him a lot more bulkier (actually, almost all of them would be like that except Sun. To much current model, not enough muscle). Ice? I always pictured him with short hair. Though his second face/hairstyle looks like the better out of the two to me. Though that hairstyle could scream Storm as well.

    I guess there might be a difference in cultures being played on.

  11. Topaz

    Well as for me,it’s hard to imagine anyone like this.’Cause unlike 1/2 Prince,I was first introduced to LSK through manga and there’s this girly image of everyone carved into my head which refuses to let go!!!

    Where’s Cloud Knight seriously!?He should’ve made it to the top five…

    Meh I first guessed that Creus has gone blind after that part where somebody nods his head(was it Leaf or Stone I wonder…)but Sun doesn’t see it…It took me a while to come out of my emo corner…

  12. I wonder if Yu Wo planned on making Grisia blind from the beginning. It does seems that way since his elemental sensing ability was introduced in volume 1. Actually, considering the prologue in the very first book, it seems like she at least had a rough idea of the entire storyline when she started. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Sun next! Thanks for even translating the character descriptions and epilogue!

  13. so it's permanent blindness?

    I could tell from the time he woke up and realized he couldn’t see even when his eyes were open, and was actively looking for clues to disprove his blindness since. They never really appeared. Not seeing Leaf nod was an obvious hint, and given that Sun’s element-sensing seems to work like HD heat vision, the finger-counting didn’t fool me for a minute. I was actually wondering why people never asked him about color long before Leith finally did.

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