The Legend of Sun Knight V3Extra: “No Matter How Weak the Sun Knight Looks, Never Ruffle His Feathers”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Third Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “No Matter How Weak the Sun Knight Looks, Never Ruffle His Feathers.” – translated by raylight


In the middle of the night, within the palace of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid, there came a shriek from Princess Alice’s room.

Princess Ann and a bunch of knights hurriedly barged into Princess Alice’s room, but all they saw was Alice kneeling in front of her full-length mirror, her face hidden in her hands and her head hanging low. Upon hearing that someone had entered her room, she agitatedly shrieked, “Get out! All of you, get out!”

The knights looked at each other in dismay, but they saw that there were no other people in the bedroom. They then looked at Princess Ann, who nodded her head, indicating that the knights could leave.

Ann walked to her sister’s side. “Sis, what’s wrong? Were you frightened by a cockroach?” she asked cautiously.

Alice only shook her head, not saying a single word.

Seeing her sister in such a state, Ann was so worried that she was starting to become agitated. She said promptly, “I’ll go look for someone to help…”

“Don’t go!” Alice hastily stopped her sister.

Ann stopped in her tracks. Doing this is not okay, doing that is also not okay. I really don’t know what my sister wants me to do. “Sis, your behavior is worrying me greatly. No matter what, you should at least tell me what I ought to do!” she said helplessly.

Hearing that, Alice slowly lowered her hands. When she lifted her head, she immediately saw her sister’s shocked expression, and began to cry with a sob.

Ann revealed an odd expression, and unable to make heads or tails of the situation, she asked, “Sis, why has your face… become so much darker? Wasn’t it fine during the day?”

Alice sobbed, “I just finished applying a mask to my face. When I looked in the mirror, I realized that I had actually become this dark. That’s why I screamed. My skin…”

So it was as small a problem as turning darker. Although she is a little dark, it’s not a big deal! Ann didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as she said, “I’ve already told you not to take such delight in applying masks to your face. Look! Now you’ve run into a problem.”

“How is this possible? I did everything according to what was written in the recipe!”

Alice promptly produced the skin-whitening recipe that the Sun Knight had given her for her sister to see. “Runny mud, egg yolk, valerian root, earth that has been scorched, newly gathered sand, green pepper, ebony wood, fresh water plants, olives, radishes, lavender, expired milk. After stir-frying it quickly with a strong fire, fix on face for three hours.”

Ann looked at that so-called recipe, at first feeling that the recipe’s ingredients couldn’t be any weirder, and not believing that her sister actually dared to apply that to her face. After even closer inspection, the expression on her face became even stranger as she asked her sister tactfully, “Sis, where did you get this recipe of yours?”

Alice immediately replied, “The Sun Knight gave it to me! His skin is really very good, so white and tender. It’s not possible for there to be a problem!”

As expected… Ann gave a forced smile and said, “Sis, have you tried looking at the first letter of each line?”

Once Alice heard that, she immediately lowered her head to read the recipe. She read the letters out loud, “R-E-V-E-N-G-E F-O-R L-E-A-F. Revenge for Leaf! Ahhh!”1

The lich’s body had been destroyed, Awaitsun had nearly been beaten to death, but to think he wouldn’t even let her off either

Alice’s shriek echoed in the palace for over three days.

“Sun Knight! You despicable, shameless, narrow-minded, villainous bastard!”

One day, with his heart filled with sweetness, Leaf read the love letter that Ann had dispatched an envoy to deliver.

Dear Leaf,

The third shared rule of the Twelve Holy Knights that you talked about last time, “No matter how weak the Sun Knight looks, never ruffle his feathers,” has never made more sense. My sister has applied masks to her skin for a whole month, but there hasn’t been a single sign of it turning whiter.

However, my sister’s lover was not seriously injured because the Sun Knight healed him, so the speed at which he rushed back to the Cathedral of the Shadow God was very fast. He immediately came to propose, but my sister didn’t dare to meet him before her skin turned whiter. She also didn’t dare accept the proposal, so right now she is washing her face with her tears every day… However, even though she washes her face with her tears, she is still unable to restore her fair skin.

Sigh! The Sun Knight is too scary. Leaf, you should be careful never to ruffle his feathers. If you do end up doing that, then you should hurry and escape to my place here. I will have Mike hide you within the Monastery of the God of War, so that you will perhaps be able to escape calamity. Here’s wishing that you never ruffle the feathers of the Sun Knight.

Yours truly,


1 The ingredients and instructions Sun gave Alice were actually “Water plants, scorched earth, mud, sand, green pepper, and tuberose. After stir-frying it quickly with a strong fire, apply for three hours … ” In Chinese, the first words of these ingredients and the instructions are 水焦泥沙綠夜,爆應 (shuǐ jiāo ní shā lǜ yè, bào yìng), which sounds similar to 誰叫你殺綠葉,報應 (shuí jiào nǐ shā lǜ yè, bào yìng), or “How dare you kill Leaf, retribution!” The translation has been modified to spell out a message to Alice from Sun that can be pieced together in English.

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  1. Exile Wrath

    Ann truly loves her knight, although Sun would probably kill her. He’d think she was kidnapping Leaf and then come to wreak divine retribution!
    Truly, ruffle not the feathers of any of the 12 Holy Knights, unless you’re one of their teachers -_-

    • Triellan

      Even then, do not ruffle the feathers of the previous Sun Knight… He might just demolish a mountain range to get back at you

  2. beta

    Ann really underestimates Sun. She honestly thinks another country and religious system could protect someone from him… heh…

  3. bleeb

    Thank you for translating!

    “but all they saw was Alice kneeling in front of her full-length mirror”
    I knew it immediately. I couldn’t stop laughing. This truly is beyond vicious and vengeful.
    Poor Alice to feel the wrath of the Sun Knight…

  4. angel

    Hahahahaha, Grisia is such a total badass. And does Ann really thinks that somebody who has angered Sun can stay hidden forever? Although I can’t imagine Leaf making Sun too angry, Sun cares about him too much. haha.

  5. NeoWarrior

    Oh, Alice… Could you not at least remember that Sun mentioned Rose Petals to you during the first ramble of the ingredients? It is your OWN fault for not paying attention and for NOT having a super memory that can remember everything that is said by others like Sun. Sun, your revenge is trully sweet }(*.*){
    Ann, do you really thing you of all people could protect someone from Sun’s wrath? You’ll only get yourself killed…

  6. Gohankuten

    What Ann doesn’t realize is that being sheltered by the Monastery of the God of War would do little in the way of preventing Sun harming someone if he wants to harm them. I wonder if Leaf will show that letter to Sun to make him happy lol.

    • ende of the world

      On the off-chance leaf did show the letter, do you think sun could read? ._. (Lawl, serious question) Sun can’t make out colour right? XD But the ink is of a different comosition than the paper, so maybe sun can still read O3O

  7. MPToki

    Wow, Another Chapter Has Been Uploaded!! =D
    I knew that Princess Alice wouldn’t escape Sun’s wrath =D
    Thank you for the chapter=D

  8. Lucide

    They paid a light price compared to what Sun had to pay.
    If only they knew…

    • lucija

      i agree with you. I think both princesses have paid too light price, i wish that they will suffer more. And Alice is stupid, just besause she isnt so beautiful, she didnt take proposol from the man who almost die to protect her.Is she really in love with him?

  9. okura

    Ahahaha! Take that you despicable princess!!! It was so funny how Ann worried about Leaf just because he is near the sun knight and could sometime make the mistake of ruffling his feathers, lol.

    And i was innocent enough to believe sun had left alice go unharmed. How silly of me.

    Well, thanks a lot for the chapter!!! :D

  10. Ozzien

    “Doing this is not okay, doing that is also not okay.”
    “Doing” is not in italics like the rest of the sentence.
    Also, thanks for the awesome translations. They super brighten up the day! ROFL at Sun’s awful vengeance.

  11. NanoLaughing

    Don’t be silly, Princess Ann. No matter how terrible one of Sun’s brothers’ ruffles his feathers he would never permanently, or extremely long lastingly hurt them, nor would I think he would make his brothers wary and scared or even vengeful of his existence, since that is originally Lesus’s job (haha….besides vengeful) In the end Sun still loved his knights, even though if one were to befallen as victim, and forgave the offender , even Sun will never forgive them, even on the Holy light of the God of Light shining many, MANY, obvious sign of forgiveness when ever, they pass on to the side of Light, or Sun will even dye his hair black to go as far as to protect his brothers AND bring ‘justice’ the the offender. I love Sun :)

  12. Luijo

    and know even the princess fully know of suns wrath lmao
    if there’s ever a person i never want to meet as a enemy in life is the sun knight or someone half as good as him lmao

  13. Anonnie

    I’ve noticed that these chapters have gotten wordier since the last time I came here, which was almost a year ago. If you rework it, this chapter could be around a fourth of its current size.

    You might need a new proofreader or just work on them longer.

    • dahlys

      If we do not approve your comment yet, it’s usually not because it is “inappropriate”, but because we want someone else to take note of it. However, if you think you can shorten the chapter without losing any tiny detail, then go ahead and send us an email.

  14. Alyss

    I wonder how Sun got that recipie. Did he use it on himself while experimenting skin masks or something? (that would be hilarious; Sun freaking out about how he’ll lose his job and join the God of Light early because the darkness on his skin WON’T. GO. AWAY. XD)

    • beta

      He could probably present it as him marking his face “in humble repentance on behalf of all the peoples whom the God of Light reaches out to, sacrificing the prideful manner for which Sun is known in place of those who would otherwise be unable to find the God of Light” or something. He’s very good at PR.

    • NeoWarrior


      I have a better theory:
      This recepy is actually a SunKnight weapon of vengeance that has been traditionally given to each SK from their predecessor so that they can get revenge against powerful females of authority. Possibility? 100%

    • Alyss

      Somehow, I don’t that’d work on someone who wasn’t as vain yet aesthetically-sensitive a a princess on the verge of marrying a guy handsome enough to make other guys want to kill him; in other words, it’d be generally useless. Somehow I like the thought of Sun holing up in his room for days trying to cure his accidental mess-of-skin better than Neo teaching Sun ways to get revenge on princesses (although that would be awesome too XD snf Neo WOULD know that stuff, considering how often he was around princesses *ahem*).

  15. saz

    Oh! If only I could high five Sun for his genius ways! XD
    Thanks for the chapter!

  16. j luc pitard

    Yep, I was wondering in the chapter where he made the deal to exchange the recipe for the medal, exactly what recipe he’d give her. Alice’s lucky he only hurt her pride. If she truly believed in her love, she’d jump on his proposal, no matter what. Is her faith so weak? Then Sun’s revenge is even sweeter!

    Leaf may show Sun the Ann’s letter (though that’s doubtful), but there’s no proof yet that Sun could read it, so I hope he just puts another pin in his voodoo doll and calls it even. Silly Ann, Leaf would have to do something mighty, mighty bad to ruffle Sun’s feathers. All the knights are under his protection. But if he did? Yeah, I think there would be a country leveled rather than one man safe in another faith’s church. Of course, no one knows about Sun’s true power and his teacher is happy to keep it that way.

    Great work and looking forward to more as you can manage it.

  17. Little Dragon Girl

    Sun…that’s almost too evil…don’t you know a girl’s skin is their life?

    The scary thing is that Sun’s talent with magic isn’t his forte, it’s his evilness and inventivenes…”The Seal on the Sword”, indeed. If Sun could run around doing as he pleased, we’d be seriously screwed. (The God of Light would get sick of him, rip a hole in reality and toss him into OUR world, and things would just go downhill from there…)

    • Alyss

      @Little Dragon Girl
      Wait wait, if the God of light cared enough to rip a dimensional hole just to toss Grisa through, why would he send him to OUR world? If the god wanted him dead, the God of Light would just kill him, and if he cared enough NOT to want Grisa dead, then he wouldn’t throw Sun here; the hormone-driven fangirls (and maybe guys, just not hormone related) would be all over him 24/7 and make life a living hell 4 him. (1/2 Prince, anyone?)

  18. Ozzien

    She really is in love with him. She used to be really beautiful, so she doesn’t want him to have to look on anything less than perfection! (or something like that…)

  19. noodlecharm

    I knew it!!! hahaha! Sun… hahaha… can’t stop laughing!!!

    Don’t worry about Leaf Ann! Worry about yourself! Leaf, Don’t let Sun read that last part! wahahaha!!!
    hahaha… (my back hurts^_^… This usually happens when i laugh too hard… ^_^)

  20. noodlecharm

    Cheers for the new chapters!!! thank you so very much PR staff!!! keep it up!!! Moral support!!! Thank You for translating this!!! I am sure all non Mandarin readers Applaud you too!!!

    ^_^ Liked this chapter!

  21. rolls

    Good work Leaf, good work. Hook up with the woman who’s both not so indirectly responsible for Sun’s condition and not at all remorseful for it. I can’t fathom how she thinks she has any right to utter a single bad word about Sun. I can not fathom why in the world Leaf isn’t going over there and looping off her head this instant. Good work. God, she might be otherwise perfect but I hate how Yu Wo bullshits side character romance. If you can’t bother not half-assing it then don’t put it in there to begin with. Even my language is slipping from anger.

    • lucija

      dont forget, she and her sister are responsible for Leafs death. Such great romance(sarcasm). I can imagine Leafsaid:”Ann, honey do you remeber time when indirectly you killed me and have been indirectly responsible for blinded Sun? That was time, that i fall in love with you. ” ” Yes, how wondereful memory is that.” Agh, how i hate that pairing. I really wish that Lef dump her or kill her for blinded Sun or held her responsible for his death.

    • rolls

      Worst part is that she isn’t regretful at all. I thought she’d learn something after she saw Leaf dead, she saw Sun’s anger. I don’t know, feel some gratitude after her sister was returned to her alive. Alice is an idiot so I can’t completely get angry at her but Ann gets away with everything, takes no blame, no punishment, learns no lessons and still thinks she has right to associate with Leaf or talk bad about Sun. Since she was traveling with everyone, fooling them face to face just so her sister can enjoy an eventually self destructive adventure she’s even worse than both lovers. Their reasons were much more personal and at least Alice is an idiot who can’t understand the consequences of her actions. Spoiled and selfish doesn’t even begin to cover it for Ann. She’s just a horrible person who should be alone for the rest of her life. Only princes I’ll acknowledge in tLoSK is the princess of Forgotten Sound.

    • lucija

      you just say everything i think about Ann and Alice. I think princesses in LoSK are very bad example of a woman, not one of them has show graditude for what Sun did for them. Sun is selfish but in good way(for everything he does, somebody else has also benefit), but all prinsesses are much more selfish( they only think that everything they do is right), beyond stupid, unresponsible( i dont think that they will sometime learn that for every action there is consequence- they have too small brains). Everytime I read this chapter I so mad and I feel so much sorrow for Leaf-volume 3 has no happy ending not for Sun not for Leaf……..poor them :(

    • dlaeth

      I think that’s a bit unfair to them. To them, Leaf’s alright, so everything worked out in the end. Also, they didn’t know the price Sun paid to bring Leaf back. Plus, everything he did before this pretty much just made him out to be a useless frivolous guy who doesn’t know how to do anything and gets by on his good looks and healing ability. On top of that, Sun did shove his hand down Ann’s shirt and left her helpless in a room. He also pretty much warned her that if she made a sound, she’d probably get raped or at least molested. That is extremely terrifying you know.

      Ann said it before, she didn’t expect their group to be attacked, and she definitely didn’t expect her sister to kill Leaf. She just thought she was helping her sister marry the man she loved, and that they’d just run away for awhile until the party gave up. The problem wasn’t really with Ann. It was with Awaitsun, Pink, and Alice.

      Also, Leaf’s sight improved, so as far as they can tell, everyone’s probably better off after this except for the ones who killed Leaf.

      As far as they know: Leaf died, Sun resurrected him, Sun slept for a few days, and Sun is no worse for the wear.

    • Randomleech

      All that doesn’t change the fact that the princesses from this country are utterly stupid. The situation was resolved only because Sun did absolutely everything that had to be done. This Kingdom is going to be governed by people who can’t even think of marrying one another officially when in love… I mean, Silent Eagle isn’t such a bad position, being the leader of one of the three greatest religions on the continent, he can doubtlessly propose to a princess, and even threaten the queen a little if needed. But no, they just had to elope. On top of that, Ann knew they were eloping! Not to mention the future queen actually killing one of the Twelve Holy Knights without thinking of the consequences, and the princess thinking she can let her get away with it! What I really don’t get is why Leaf is smitten with Ann. Ann being in love with Leaf, I can understand, since he’s pretty strong, good looking, and one of the prominent figures of the Church of Light. But Leaf surely can see that she’s just a stupid self-righteous hypocritical narrow-minded princess!

    • gwen

      It wasn’t Alice or Ann who killed Leaf. It was Silent Eagle who actually stabbed him and Pink who suggested he stab him. Would you blame a mother if she bought her son a baseball bat and he used it to kill someone? Would you blame her to the extent that you’d put her in jail or suggest that her head be lopped off or anything like what some of you are suggesting? No you’d blame the one who actually did it and that was Silent Eagle.

      Ann was only helping her sister marry the man she loved, just like how Sun helped his brother Elijah marry the princess of Forgotten Sound. Sun even did the exact same thing when he got an undead creature to stab Elijah who could have died if his scheme went wrong but I don’t see him getting a lot of hate for it.

      I think a lot of female characters get a lot of undeserved hate or are more heavily criticized than male characters. Especially since it’s hard to see a character you like be in an official relationship with another character. (Shipping Wars.) I imagine Leaf could like Ann because they got to know each other better over their journey when Sun was not with them.

      And why would any princess in their right mind want to thank someone for molesting them, going to possibly molest their sister, and beating their beloved almost to death? I usually try to understand someone before I write them off as being completely stupid or selfish. That’s like only seeing the surface, like how some of the characters only see Sun as weak.

  22. Brian

    …WTF? Is the princess ditzy fool or something? The ingredient clearly is fake just by looking at the amount of horrible things…

    • Randomleech

      Here’s a princess from a land governed by the church of War who eloped with a Knight of the Dark Church because he was handsome. Do you truly believe that someone stupid enough to flee her kingdom whereas she could simply have him propose to her will look twice at anything?

    • gwen

      Actually, I think the reason why they were eloping in the first place was because Silent Eagle was not allowed to propose to her. In his religion, the person in the Silent Eagle position is not allowed to get married. So their only option was eloping until Pink came and gave them permission.

      If anything, it’s Silent Eagle’s fault for not being able to propose to her, probably being the one who suggested eloping (I can’t see Alice doing this because she probably wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness on her own) and being the one who actually stabbed Leaf.

  23. Sakurachi

    Bwahahahahahaha! SUCKER! Nya-nya nya nya-nya nya. *Pthbbbbbt* Get what you deserve you spoiled princess. Go Sun Knight!

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