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Dominion’s End Volume 3: Ice-Bound Splendor and Majesty

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Afterword—translated by Elkin (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

The afterword has spoilers, so please don’t read the afterword first!

I really want to discuss the plot, so please, everyone, don’t read the afterword before reading the book. The story won’t be as interesting if you know the spoilers, so please make sure to keep the book interesting. After all, the afterword isn’t going to run away if you read it later!

All right, let’s start.

The Ice Emperor has come solidly in first place as “the most pitiful person in Dominion’s End,” winning over even Guan Weijun. This is a real feat as the characters who are usually the most abused in my books are all the ones who are referred to as the main characters, so this is a rare instance where a side character takes the crown.

In this volume, I was most worried that I didn’t properly portray the Ice Emperor’s desire to die.

At the start, when the apocalypse descended onto the world, the Ice Emperor had the advantage of having firepower and his mercenary troop at hand, so life wasn’t very difficult for him. As such, he underestimated the power of the apocalypse. By the time he made up his mind to go home, by the time he’d discovered that things didn’t seem right, it was too late. “Going home” squeezed the Ice Emperor’s heart like a vice. Having come to this point, whether it was the question of whether his younger siblings were still alive, or the sacrifice of his comrades for this purpose, all these hounded him to the point where he had no choice but to go home.

In the end, he got home and discovered that his family was long wiped out. His heart shattered into pieces.

Then, after thinking that he had found the right solution, which was to go back to the past, start afresh and change everything, he regained the impetus in life for his heart to start beating again.

And to this end, he even abandoned his last surviving comrade, Lily, and even turned his back on his responsibility as a leader.

When the Ice Emperor traveled through time and space, Thirteen was still alive, and he hadn’t gotten his revenge for Xiao Sha.

For even someone as strong as Jiang Shutian, after mentally getting beaten over and over throughout the apocalypse, his spirit had become completely crushed.

He couldn’t protect his younger siblings. He had dragged each member of his mercenary troop to their deaths. He couldn’t avenge his troop’s deaths. He abandoned his last comrade. And he even abandoned his whole world.

Remember, the extra chapter mentioned that the Ice Emperor was one tier stronger than the Thunder God and the Flame King (well, technically not one whole tier as the other two were close to breaking into his tier by just a little bit), and he gained another tier after killing the Shuyu aberrant. So the Ice Emperor could be said to be the strongest in the world, and the extra story was set less than ten years into the apocalypse!

With the Ice Emperor’s might, it was possible that he could lead humanity out of its dire straits, but it wasn’t bad enough that he didn’t contribute anything to humanity’s future, he even dumped humanity to one side without a thought.

The culmination of all this meant that he could no longer live with who he had become. The sense of guilt and blame had reached terrifying levels, to the point where even the Ice Emperor couldn’t live with it. If not for the fact that he wanted to send Shuyu home and see Shujun, he probably would have completely broken down after looking at the world map and seeing that something was wrong.

So yeah, that just about sums it up.

But this is not to say that the Ice Emperor was weaker than Shuyu (Weijun). Rather, he was the classic type who was so strong that he became brittle. Rather, it’s guys who’re like weeds who can sway with the winds and storms and adapt to all sorts of environments who thrive best and take over the entire ecosystem.

So let us mourn the Ice Emperor in silence for three seconds, then, look forward to watching the growth of our weed-like protagonist!

By Yu Wo

Are [Character Introductions] like these really ok?

Ceng Yunqian

28 years old, the kind of sniper where the person and the rifle are equally lethal. Ever since she was little, she discovered that she liked sweet, tender girls, so from the age of three, she had already proposed to take her childhood friend’s hand in marriage. She couldn’t come out of the closet any younger. Her dream is to marry a gentle wife and have a cute daughter who would ideally be as cute as Shujun. “Boss, my room door’s always unlocked. Come have a kid with me. You can have the boys, and I’ll keep all the girls.”


30 years old, the older sister type whose bark is louder than her bite. Because she’s gentle at heart, she intentionally dresses up like she’s the fiery and fiercely independent kind of woman. She will never admit to falling for telephone scams, and will never admit that when she was little, she had met Ceng Yunqian and was proposed to with a foxtail… Ahem! Nope! It really never happened!

Ice Emperor, Jiang Shutian

37 years old, the upgraded version of the mighty Dágē. He’s the Jiang Shutian of another world, the famous human elite with ice powers. He is known as the Ice Emperor and is the person that Jiang Shuyu deeply worshiped. But right now, his mental image of this mighty personage is being completely ruined.


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    • Isai05

      Is the picture shuyu and the other world’s shuyu’s zombie?

    • NoyGirl

      Does somebody also see the suburbs and aberrant shuyu at the bottom of the image? And the sunset is most likely the momemt from “Frozen Heart”.
      And maaaayyybeee the little figure next to aberrant shuyu is ice emporer …..

  1. nekoMK2

    uhh sorry is ceng yuqian she or he ? from the intro it like she but the rest indicate he

    • DSapph

      Ceng is a she! And she likes girls. From my understanding she proposed to Lily (who also likes girls)

    • Andi

      I believe there are 2 women in JDT, Ceng and Lily. Although, to reply to @DSapph, I don’t think Lily also likes girls. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten vibes she likes Dage? I’m pretty sure Lily and Ceng would have already hooked up if Lily WAS interested (I mean, she was proposed to at 3. Ceng is pretty straight forward).

  2. Kim

    Allelujah, my dear translator!
    Thank you for sending us your almighty grace.
    May you continue to save us from hunger for webnovel. Allelujah!

  3. RenTheWitch

    my heart…at least he managed to do something for our Shuyu before he died…he became…his weapon ;;

  4. kamui

    This still raises the question of how many other people will be coming from the other world. Just think about it for a moment: we know at least two people who traveled from the other world into bodies on this side. The thing that Shuyu turned into in the other world clearly said that they attach themselves to corpses, but what are they and where did they come from? How many people who died over there will come to this world, and why was there no one in the other world that traveled from this one?
    So many questions! I need answers! Please PR, add oil, jia you, don’t give up! Keep the translations coming!

    • Andi

      Actually, I think Shuyu implied he’s figured it out. My understanding is: Humanity probably lost in the world Shuyu remembers living 10 years into (probably bc The Ice Emperor left T_T). This current world is a reboot. Souls from the old world are in this one. But some people who faced life threatening situations remembered their past life and forgot their current one (like the little sister of the Thunder King and Shuyu). So that’s why this world is identical to the last one with the exception of some naming differences. (Presumably people remembering the last run of the world occasionally appear and change small things, but otherwise history has totally repeated itself).

  5. GreyDreamer

    Actually there was another person like Shuyu, remember the Jin family? there was a girl that he overheard talking about the Flame King.

  6. DivineGreyDreamer7th

    There was another person like Guan Weijun/Jiang Shuyu who came from the other world, remember the woman who nursed him after he got dropped by the giant bird aberrant? he overheard a conversation where another girl(who seemed like the bitchy character people would find annoying) was trying to convince her to find the Flame King, and thats a future information.

  7. Minty

    Haha I’m still sad about the Ice Emperor but more importantly…I support Ceng Yunqian’s dream! She and Lily would be cute together!

  8. 梅花

    Wow, that was so sad.
    But “weed-like protagonist” is an… interesting choice of words.
    Looking forward to next chapter, thanks for the translation!

  9. dollyfishe

    it’s seriously just typically Yu Wo. completely ruin the sad mood with a line or two *rolling eyes*
    oh well … nothing last forever. even with the sadness of the death of one of the greatest character ever created in Yu Wo world. now that i mention it, i seems to only remember Glee other than Ice Emperor. oh, ohmygod and meatbun include *laugh*

    • Miaka_Mei

      Aww everytime when I refresh and re-read the “Frozen Heart” extra chapter again, it’d always built a lump in my chest making me stifled, want to cry but no tears were forming. Probably cause I already cried a river when I first read Ice Emperor’s story!!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

      Jiang Shutian, you shall be remembered! We love u!! Tq PR team, you guys rock!

  10. l611

    this story is like the mo version of the novel ‘reincarnator’ or should i say ‘reincarnator’ is like the emo version if this story.

  11. Pan

    Just found this and binge read to this chapter. I love this story, so good!

    Thank you for translating this novel. How much again this series currently run up to?

    • [PR]Miaka_Mei

      The latest is Volume 5 which was officially released on July 2017. *cough* It’s already March 2019, and we’re still waiting for Volume 6!

  12. Astro

    Waa, I was hoping for some redemption for Ice Emperor during the extra chapter. I understand Yu Wo’s meaning; if his situation hadn’t been so heartbreaking, his death would have felt odd. But gods! She didn’t pull any punches and cranked the tragic up to 11. Too cruel! *sobs*

  13. FM

    Wawawawawa I’ve been CRYING for 3 hours because the ICE EMPEROR died before he saw Shifun 😢😭😢😭😢😭 So sad, I wanted him to see her at least once 😭😭😭

  14. Suni

    I honestly thought, that when Ice Dage said Shuyu was stronger than him, it refered to what he had accoplished and how he acted. Like saving the family he failed to save, and protecting everyone because of his Mother Teressa Illness when Dage failed to protect literally everyone.

  15. Cloverlin

    This is one of the few novels that I cried just because of a side character 😢…I mean, I really do hope..wherever the Ice Emperor is now..he will be with his didi and meimei ..

  16. Sakura Natsume

    I just realised that the great fight between the Ice Emperor and the ‘General’ that Shuyu saw in her past life is actually Jiang Xiaotian’s fight with aberrant Shuyu… No wonder when Shuyu mentioned it to him, he had an expression of terror and looked like he was losing his mind – it must have been the worst experience of his life! And to be reminded of him killing the Shuyu of that world with the safe and healthy Shuyu of this world in front of him… Ouch, my heart feels like it was just ripped out and shredded to pieces. Jiang Xiaotian, Ice Emperor, you might have been just a Dàgē of another world to Shuyu, but you definitely were a Dàgē to all of us readers too. You will be missed (though I’m lowkey hoping that the spear still has a wisp of his consciousness and will become sentient later on!)

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