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Dominion’s End Volume 4: Battle for Lan City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra 2: One Day in the Apocalypse—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by EvlNabiki & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

[The Jiang Family Is Shameless]

“Dàgē, I feel ashamed to face the Jiang family’s ancestors and descendants. I swing both ways. I’m so depraved that I’ll sleep with men and women, sob sob…”

“Which two? I’ll bring them back for you.”

Sob sob… I’m a disgrace to the Jiang family. My IQ is actually so low that I tried to discuss integrity with Dàgē, sob sob… ”

[Comparing brothers, who’s afraid of you?]

“Feng, my surname is Jiāng (疆), while yours is Jìn (靳). Our common point is that it takes too many strokes to write those characters in Chinese, while both of our brothers aren’t very good at studying. I wonder, if a teacher punishes my brother and your brother to write their family name, who would write the fastest?”

“Your bro.”

“No, it’s your brother. My brother would turn in a blank paper and look at the teacher while crossing his legs. Then the teacher would take the initiative and surrender.”

“My bro would order his men to dump the teacher in an oil drum, and pour cement into it to submerge into the bay.”

“…Okay, you win.”


A new storyline begins to unfold in this volume. Whether it be the image of Dàgē, or the construction of the base, it’s gradually beginning. Our family’s Shuyu has also started to form his own squad—the Ice Spears. This volume gives the feel of setting the scene.

I am also slowly beginning to tell the story of everyone in the Jiang Dominion. Although it’s a first-person narrative, we can’t ignore the charming and lovely supporting characters!

Speaking of the supporting roles, I wonder if you guessed the introduction of Guan Weijun?

Despite appearing late, she is in fact, a very important character. When I first came up with the idea of soul exchange, one of my ponderings was this: if a person could live again, but did so in a different body and grew up in a different environment, would that person grow up to become different or still remain the same?

In the case of Jiang Shuyu, he was a bit different. But the cause of his difference was the regret of his past life, which made him work harder in this lifetime than in the last life. After regaining his memory, he gained even more factors that affected him. Cough, the problem of sexual orientation wasn’t the only one. There are also a lot of other problems depicted in the book. Let’s just have everyone read and discover them by themselves.

Guan Weijun can be considered a control variable. She hasn’t changed much. It is almost as if her whole person had been plucked and placed here from the past life. Of course, because she has no memory of the past life, she has a clear sexual identity, hah.

And besides Guan Weijun, there was also Dàgē’s true face, or should we say… another face? Let’s slowly unravel this.

Strong and domineering, attracting everyone’s attention the moment he appears, an individual that you absolutely cannot underestimate—this image was just too vague for me. Just like a king, as soon as he comes out, others are naturally compelled to kneel and worship him. But what kind of personality does this king have? It’s hard to say.

It’s too vague. I want you to see a more vivid and life-like Jiang Shutian, not a paragon, with some immoral conduct that would make women both love and hate him. He doesn’t always appear to be imposing; his happy moments are as numerous as his imperious ones. He likes to tease and watch his precocious younger brother bristle from anger, which makes himself feel like an older brother. At first glance, he’s an individual who makes arbitrary decisions and acts like a dictator. However, as he knows that his own knowledge is inadequate, he in fact does listen to other people’s opinions quite well. He developed this trait largely due to his little brother who had been mature since childhood. If he could comply with the commands of a ten-year-old child, it wasn’t much of a problem to listen to the opinions of other adults.

In other words, because the Ice Emperor didn’t have the mature little Jiang Shuyu as his dìdi, his personality was actually more autocratic and solitary than that of this world’s. And the change in Junjun was even more obvious. Although the version of her in the past life liked her brothers, she wasn’t so much of an èrgē-con like she is in this world. The influence the family members have on each other is also very fascinating.

In fact, it wasn’t just Dàgē, every character is the same. I want them to be more vivid and life-like in the eyes of every reader, and not someone who can simply be encapsulated by a single adjective.

I hope that you will like these imperfect characters with many shortcomings, whose integrity are also still in need of discussion.

By Yu Wo.

Are [Character Introductions] like these really okay?

Jiang Lingqing

45 years old. The uncle of the three siblings in the Jiang family and an archaeologist. He became the guardian of the three children because of the early death of his older brother. However, because he was a through-and-through scholar, his older brother had always been taking care of him. After his older brother passed away, his nephew ended up taking over. So, he became a guardian under guardianship.

Chen Yanqing

26 years old. A professional soldier, a man with a flowery mouth. The whole team knows that he swings both ways, and he has the heart but not the guts to pursue his sexual urges. Regardless of men and women, he hasn’t managed to fool around with any. He was publicly known as the last “pure and innocent little soldier of the century” by the whole army.

Guan Weijun

25 years old. An easy-going and tomboyish woman, who has studied self-defense, karate, and many more arts. Without even taking those into account, her violent tendencies were already off the charts. Another hobby was playing online games. Her gaming names were all the same—“doubt me fight me.” Her wildest dream in this life is to find a husband who could exchange blows with her every day, but no man dares to date her so far.

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  1. Meme

    I think when they reincarnated or shift from another world (as the continents was not the same name), it started from they were a baby. Because as they say the persons personality is still the same before they opened their eyes, if not a lot of people will noticed. And jiang shuyu can remember tid bits of his memory before, Its just that, they just remembered they past soul lives.

    • Robi

      Yeah, they reincarnated from birth so while Shuyu felt he robbed a body, for the Jiang Family, he was just the same. In contrast, he seems so different for the Ice Emperor since his Didi wasn’t as mature. My assumption is, the other plane happened earlier and this parallel plane was equal to reboot.

  2. MondSemmel

    Thanks a lot for translating this volume! I’ve been enjoying this story, and I can hardly imagine the amount of effort required, both for the author to write it, and then for you fan translators to translate it so well.

  3. dollyfishe

    Soul exchange? Oh wow my random thoughts make a match finally (thanks to another title i read) 😆
    Love the coloring pic 😍 it’s xiao sha and shuyu (and adult version of mini ice emperor) right 😍😍 the long hair shutian 😍😍😍😍😍

    • Kamui

      Nah, isn’t it the two different Dage? one Ice Emperor and one…Master of Matter? Light?

  4. Sunni

    I hate the release schedule. Is there any way we can get faster releases? Donation? Pay per chapter?

    • ArmadaTW

      Maybe volunteer to help with translations/proofreading or pay someone to volunteer? Pretty sure PR doesn’t accept donations since they’re not affiliated with Yu Wo, so the only barrier is the time and effort the translators/proofreaders have to spend to release them.

  5. MichaelaEV

    If Dage true face = brocon we already know it for very long time lol

  6. Astrid

    Even their uncle is being supervised by Shuyu even when he was around 10 y.o.??? This Jiang family’s head really is Shuyu all along even with their uncle around, eh. XD

  7. Xiao Mei

    Reading that description of Guan Weijun… she sounds a lot like Susanna from KNM.

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