Dominion’s End V4C2: A Call Without A Response, Part Two

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Dominion’s End Volume 4: Battle for Lan City

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: A Call Without a Response, Part Two—translated by Michimochi (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Although I really wanted to find out how everyone’s ability had progressed, I only had three days. It wasn’t enough. Plus, I was going to take them into the city one by one, so I didn’t need to rush it. As a result, I hid in my room almost the entire time to continue figuring out the spear and dagger.

After trying for three whole days, the ice dagger in my hand had taken its complete shape. Although it still didn’t look as impressive as before, it at least looked more like a knife and not just a piece of ice. Its thickness was about two millimeters… I think? Forget it. I shouldn’t lie to myself. One point five millimeters was decent enough.

The hilt of the dagger was too narrow to grip comfortably. I could only add to its width by using my ice ability. Afterwards, I anxiously tested it on all sorts of things.

The blade was very sharp. Practically, nothing in the room or outside of it could win against it. It only got harder to cut when the energy of an ability was involved. However, once I covered the dagger with my own ability, the problem was easily solved, like bamboo splitting on a knife’s edge. But by then, this would be a competition between whose ability was superior, so although the sharpness of the dagger had some influence, it was not the crucial point in the fight.

In the process, the dagger didn’t break or shatter. I even hardened my heart and tried to cut a stone with the dagger. There was some resistance, but the dagger was still able to slice through it. It was just that the deeper it went, the harder it was to move. In the end, it was stuck. I had to spend a huge amount of energy to free it. I was so scared in the process that I almost wanted to get a chainsaw and saw apart the stone to avoid damaging the ice dagger.

But then again, using a chainsaw to rescue a dagger would be too ridiculous. On top of that, Dàgē would ask me about what was going on. If I had to start explaining this, then I could kiss going to Lan City goodbye. If Dàgē knew I wasn’t able to form the spear yet still wanted to enter the city nevertheless, he would definitely lock me up until the day all aberrants have been annihilated. So, I could only steel my heart and forcefully pull it out.

The ice dagger remained undamaged with not even a single scratch on it. I finally let out a breath. It seemed like I would be able to use the dagger, but there was still no response from the ice spear. Sigh, what else can I do? Although I’ve already made a spear to take its place, after having seen the Ice Emperor Spear, the weapons I’ve created practically tarnish the image of a spear!

I looked at the spear placed to the side. Because I’d reached tier two, creating this replacement was nothing. This time, I didn’t use the handle of a broomstick either but an iron railing as the base, and it was the decorative, vintage type. The entire appearance of the spear had leveled up more than once, but of course, it was still ninety-nine levels away from the Ice Emperor Spear. One mere level was nothing.

Even though I had only spent three days of effort on it, this ice spear had seventy to eighty percent of the strength of my original spear. It should be enough for the beginnings of the apocalypse… Eh, I forgot to consider the Jiang family’s luck. But I’m definitely going to enter Lan City no matter what today!

I put away the dagger and grabbed the spear. Next, I pulled Jiang Xiaorong, who had been planted in the corner, and stuffed him inside my shirt. Then, I grabbed the hiking backpack and the silver hip flask that Jin Feng had prepared for me. All ready. Okay, let’s set off!

I pulled the door open.

“Are we leaving now?” Xiao Sha raised his head. His eyes were bright, and he held a broom in his hand.

We are, but did you have to be so anxious as to stand in my doorway? He was fully equipped, yet he was holding a broom and sweeping the floor. He didn’t even have a dustpan ready. Where do you think you’re sweeping the dust to? You gonna swallow it?

“Are you ready? You didn’t bring a gun, right?” I was a bit worried about this group of mercenaries. I had heard from Dàgē that when they were searching for me, they hadn’t come across any big obstacles either. They hadn’t stumbled upon any aberrants that were too powerful for them. I really worried that they didn’t have enough awareness of the danger of the apocalypse. They didn’t understand it enough.

This led me to reconsider if the entire Jiang family was unlucky, or if it was just me… It hurts too much to consider. I decided to let go of that thought. Rather than suffering misery alone, sharing the misery was much better. Since the whole family was facing life and death together, then the bad luck should be shared as well!

Xiao Sha directly flashed open his jacket like an exhibitionist. Fastened tightly around his tight T-shirt and skinny jeans were tons of leather stuff: belts, braces, suspenders, all kinds of straps, and they were all lined with daggers, knives, shurikens, and even a bunch of metal stuff I wasn’t familiar with, but they all looked to be deadly.

He definitely understood it well. I really shouldn’t have worried about these mercenaries. Their whole beings are humanoid weapons. Guns were just one of their weapons. Going with or without made no difference.

“Isn’t that heavy?” I was a bit speechless and reminded him, “Don’t let it affect your speed. The majority of the time, we’ll want to avoid aberrants instead of confronting them.”

Xiao Sha shook his head and said, “It’s not that heavy. The guns that we had to bring for missions in the past were much heavier, plus after eating the crystals, my strength has increased immensely. This bit of weight is nothing.”

That was true. Guns were much bulkier than concealed weapons, after all. The weight of one or two guns was no lighter than a full collection of knives. Besides, the Jiang Dominion was a mercenary troop. Their physique and experience are definitely way above an ordinary person’s. They wouldn’t make a critical judgment error like this.

“Let’s go. We’ll report to Dàgē first.” I took a deep breath. Dàgē’s expression was definitely not gonna be pretty. For these two days, he was even clingier than Shujun. He was barely like that Dàgē who never came home. It seemed like the incident where I got kidnapped by the bird had really scared the hell out of him.

Xiao Sha hesitated as he said, “Boss is in the living room. He’s been sitting there since he finished breakfast this morning…”

“… Let’s go.”

I forced myself to lead Xiao Sha to the living room. Yet, Dàgē wasn’t the only one there. Junjun was also there. There were all sorts of food on the table too: beef jerky, cookies, drinks, chocolate, etc. The table was completely piled with food.

Although I had asked Shujun to prepare some food and drinks, in case we weren’t able to find any food in the beginning, what’s with this mountain of food? Am I going to enter the city to open a food stall or something?

“Dàgē, Junjun…”

“You’re about to leave? It’s not even noon yet.” Before I even finished saying anything, Dàgē frowned and cut me off. “Eat dinner before you leave.”

Wait. Shouldn’t it be lunch instead? What’s up with dinner?

“Dàgē, night is not a good time to confront aberrants. Once I enter the city, I have to find a safe place to camp before the sun sets. I want to avoid traveling after dark, so I can’t enter the city too late.”

Although aberrants weren’t necessarily stronger at night, humans are diurnal beings. All in all, our vision and alertness at night can’t beat that of an aberrant’s. Unless one was strong enough to overcome all sorts of weaknesses, it was better to avoid moving around during the dark.

Dàgē wore an unwilling expression and agreed, “You’re right.”

Junjun pouted as she asked, “Can’t you leave after lunch? I’m almost done cooking.”

Originally, I wanted to reply with “no need,” but Junjun had a face full of anticipation, plus Dàgē’s face had darkened. I could only say, “Okay. I’ll just pack some of this food first. Go bring the dishes out. We’ll eat whatever there is. You don’t need to prepare more.”

Junjun immediately nodded. Her skipping was so excited that I felt that I was going to end up so full that I could only take a leisurely stroll into the city. Well, it’s all right to stroll. If it could let Dàgē and Xiǎomèi feel relief, then wasting a day was worth it.

I started scooping up the pile of food on the table. The preparation may be a bit much, but what was chosen had gone through careful consideration. They were all high calorie items and conveniently small to carry, plus they were not the type to expire quickly. I packed some into the bag, not about to bring too much. After all, we were about to enter a city. Food in the first year of the apocalypse wasn’t hard to find. It was just a question of whether or not we had the capability to go searching.

If a tier two was unable to find any food, then starving to death was deserved.

During lunch, the table was basically an encyclopedia of dietary supplements: the Complete Herbal Soup of Ten Ingredients, Herbal porridge, Angelica Duck, and Ginger-basil Egg. I think I even smelled the Soup of Four Ingredients. If these were eaten before the apocalypse, then it would definitely lead to an immediate overdose to the point of a nosebleed. Most importantly, what’s with this Soup of Four? Am I going to experience menstrual pain in this life still?

“Èrgē, you need enough supplements before entering the city!” Junjun timidly said, “That Soup of Four is mine. Auntie made the Angelica Duck. Uncle cooked the Ginger-basil Egg.”

And what about this Complete Herbal Soup of Ten and Herbal Porridge?

Junjun’s head dropped. By her two sides were the doting Uncle and Auntie. W-What else can I do? Let’s just sit down and start eating then. After all, I’d never heard of anyone dying in the apocalypse from taking in too many supplements.

This table was full of love. I could only take a bite of each dish. As I had predicted, I was so full that I had to hug my belly out the door. Even Xiao Sha, who was next to me, was not left out. His originally slim waistline was now a jutting one. His icy expression had turned even more freezing, like he was constipated.

Caressing a belly full of love, the two of us were finally able to take off. The whole Jiang Dominion lined up at the main entrance to see us off, either wearing a worried expression or a strained smile. Fortunately, there was the invincible airheaded soldier Cain, who waved with all his might with no understanding of the atmosphere.

“How did this turn out to be like we’re going on some life threatening dragon-slaying quest or something…”

I wiped off a handful of sweat. I just wanted to enter the city to fight some battles and level up. I didn’t really intend to challenge some demon king!

Xiao Sha said with a grim face, “Ate too much. I want to puke.”

The start of this big dragon-slaying adventure doesn’t seem to be that rosy, huh?

I stared at everyone, who was all concerned. Feeling the need to just hurry and escape, I got into the car and twisted my head to ask Xiao Sha, “I’ll drive?”

Although I haven’t been acting like an eighteen-year-old, my appearance is still that of a weak, beautiful boy. So I shouldn’t be going at it alone until I’m at least twenty!

Xiao Sha had no opinion about it. He grimly folded his two arms and looked to be anxious and unhappy. However, I believed he was in a bad mood because his stomach was in a bad mood.

This car was just a domestic one and wasn’t modified much. After all, once we get there, I would have to leave it by the roadside. If it was modified too well, the survivors would just hijack it sooner. When it’s time to head back, we should just find a better one to drive. It would be more practical that way.

I started the engine, thought for a bit, then rolled down the window. Toward the troubled audience, I flashed an ultra-brilliant smile.

They were taken aback but soon smiled as well. They finally let go of all of their worries and unwillingness, relaxing their shoulders.

“Bring back some films for me,” Cain brashly said. “The best romantic action ones, ya got that?”

I get what you mean but I’m gonna pretend that I don’t!

“Bring a dumbbell back, the heavier the better.” Yunqian caressed her own biceps with an unsatisfied frown.

Do you feel that building an entire base with less than ten people isn’t enough of a work out?

“I want lipstick, the crimson kind.” This was Lily.

That’s a doable one. I decided to also bring some lip balm and other skin care products for Junjun and Auntie.

“Books!” Uncle and Auntie shouted in unison.

I nodded and then looked at Dàgē. You got anything you want?

He thought about it and said, “Bring a girlfriend or boyfriend back.”

I immediately floored the gas pedal, speeding away with a screech.

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