Dominion’s End V5C9: Whose Violent Wife Is This

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Dominion’s End Volume 5: Zhanjiang Garrison

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: Whose Violent Wife is This—translated by Simone (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Dàgē arched his eyebrows, his expression calm. That cool-headed demeanor seemed to affect Xiao Sha. After taking two deep breaths, Xiao Sha regained his composure and calmly gave a full report of the situation.

“When we were collecting supplies, Yunqian said we made too much noise earlier. She was scared aberrants would gather and went to keep watch on the balcony. She didn’t see any aberrants. Instead, she discovered a large number of people hiding outside, expertly hidden too. They can’t be ordinary people, and there are a lot of them, surrounding us on all sides.”

Dàgē immediately looked at Jin Feng, who frowned and shook her head.

I felt nervous and was about to tell Dàgē that Jin Feng wouldn’t do something like that, but Dàgē already said, “Let’s form an alliance for now, and call all the troops back.”

Surprisingly enough, Jin Feng had no complaints against a temporary alliance and nodded. At her side, Scar immediately took out a walkie-talkie and ordered everyone to return right away.

My eyes lit up. These walkie-talkies looked pretty useful. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to use them in my past life, and I didn’t think of them at all when buying supplies. As for Dàgē, he had only had a rough understanding of the situation and had been pressed for time, which was why he hadn’t brought back any such toys either. As soon as we had the chance, we should retrieve some, as they would be very helpful for any future large-scale operations.

“You want these?” Jin Feng noticed my expression.

I nodded.

“I have a lot. I’ll send a few to Jiang-gē and Xiǎomèi as a gift later on.”

This… I still nodded. Even though nothing was for free, I already owed her my life twice over. Since my debt was already that great, I’d just better slowly settle the score later.

As Jin Feng’s troops returned, the soldier Yunqian had sent out arrived back as well. Straight away, he said, “They seemed interested in talking. They sent two of their people to the front of the building, unarmed.”

Hearing this, Dàgē looked at Jin Feng. Courteously, he asked, “What are you going to do?”

Jin Feng, however, glanced at me and just said, “I’ll let you decide. This place is too close to our base. I have already sent someone back to inform Jin Zhan. We need to delay a bit so he can call his men back to the base. Whether we negotiate or fight, both are fine.”

“So, you already have a base. You are worthy of the Jin name, taking such quick action.”

“The Jiang family is not bad either,” Jin Feng said lightly. “I heard that your base is quite large.”

Dàgē stared at me, his expression full of grief that his dìdì had fallen under her spell. But I haven’t revealed anything, Dàgē, you just spilled the beans yourself! Jin Feng is only testing us.

I vigorously shook my head. This has nothing to do with me. You’re the fool here!

After a pause, it seemed Dàgē understood. He looked a little embarrassed, and immediately changed the topic, pretending nothing had happened.

“Since we need to stall, let’s talk to them first. They sent two people, so we’ll each send one. That should be an agreeable plan?”

Jin Feng nodded toward Scar. He stepped forward, an incredibly ugly smile on his face. “No problem, I’ll represent our side. We’re family anyway. It would be my pleasure.”

Have the aberrants swallowed the promised “two years” or what? How are we already family? I turned an aggrieved look on Jin Feng, but she merely said, “Scar, don’t talk nonsense. Call him Jiang-gē.”

With exaggeration, Scar stood at attention and yelled, “Yes sir, Jiang-gē!”

Fuck, what difference does that make?

“We’ll send…” Dàgē pondered.

“Leader, I’ll go.” Xiao Sha stepped forward.

This was no easy assignment. The other side had guns, and one wrong word could lead to a shooting. Even if you survived it, you’d be half dead, which was why Jin Feng wasn’t going herself. Dàgē definitely wasn’t planning on going himself either.

But he shot a glance at Xiao Sha and said, “No, Guan Weijun, you go.”

I was stunned. Guan Weijun also blinked in surprise, but before she could respond, Dàgē explained, “Delay them a bit, and figure out their situation. Can you do that?”

Dàgē, what is the meaning of this? I frowned. I had a bad feeling about this. Won’t Guan Weijun think we’re deliberately pushing her into a dangerous situation?

But she already shouted cheerfully, “No problem, leader, I’ll make sure to delay them until even you want me to shut up.”

Ceng Yunqian chuckled and said, “I’m sure you can do it! On our way here, he told you to shut up at least five times.”

Guan Weijun laughed as well and said, “You were all so quiet, I had to make up for five people on my own!”

Why is the Ice Emperor’s dìdi such a chatterbox? Is this how he was originally, or did his personality fall apart after changing bodies?

“Go on,” Dàgē said. “If we take too long, they might give up on talking.”

Hearing that, I wanted to pull Junjun close to me, but when I reached out, there was only empty space. Mèimei had leapt to Jin Feng’s side, following her closely. She quizzed her without pause and revealed all kinds of information about me as well. She even asked how big Jin Feng’s breasts were, and before Jin Feng could respond, Mèimei told her that I loved women with big breasts.

Ceng Yunqian even interrupted them to add, “He really is the leader’s little brother. Their preferences are so alike!”

“Ah,” Junjun said, a bit worried. “But Weijun-jiě’s chest isn’t big!”

As accurate as the stab of a knife! Guan Weijun was walking at the front, listening to Dàgē’s instructions, but she couldn’t help looking down at her chest and casting a sorrowful glance at him.

“… If anything they say makes you think it will come to a fight, retreat immediately. Don’t worry about breaking off the negotiations.”

Dàgē continued to give directions, his expression unchanged.

“Oh!” Guan Weijun’s eyes lit up, her grievances swept away. Blissfully, she said, “I knew you cared about my safety.”

Dàgē cast a helpless glance in my direction, the corner of his mouth twitching. I instantly realized what he meant, which most likely came down to “I really had this kind of dìdi in my past life?”

Really, the Ice Emperor proved it himself.

It seemed that Guan Weijun was still a few light years away from winning over Dàgē. I no longer paid attention to them and walked over to Xiao Sha, whispering, “Why is Dàgē sending Guan Weijun?”

Xiao Sha didn’t think it was strange and explained, “Guan Weijun asked before how to become a core member. Leader said that loyalty and merit are indispensable. Later, while on the road, she rushed into action, and even fought with Ding Jun over the aberrants.”

Ding Jun and Guan Weijun fighting? Dang, you wronged both Dàgē’s previous and current dìdi. Ding Jun, could you have a bigger death wish than this?

“Ding Jun can fight?”

I was surprised, as he was thoroughly a normal person. Even if his power over metal was a very good ability, he couldn’t fight, and his power couldn’t be used from a distance. How was he able to kill aberrants?

Xiao Sha nodded. “Ding Jun can handle large groups of aberrants that are individually weak. He shoots metal fragments, which are not as effective as a gun, but much quieter. He can shoot a bunch at a time, which is very useful when dealing with small aberrants.”

I see. Ding Jun’s ability type was not bad after all. Although Ah Nuo had the same metal ability, he couldn’t metalize that many body parts at the current stage. When it came to practicality, Ding Jun’s ability was actually more useful. How their abilities would develop, that would depend on their own efforts.

If only Ding Jun wouldn’t see me as an enemy. The more elites we had in the Jiang Dominion, the better. Unfortunately, when that bird forced me to leave home for a bit, he got the illusion that he could replace me, until I returned and casually re-assumed the throne of “dìdi.”

To me, this was only natural, but for Ding Jun, it probably meant I shattered his dreams after he just got a taste. His hatred simmered within him. Although he wouldn’t dare to fight with me, he was young and full of energy, so he couldn’t help but give me dirty looks. He probably thought that since his face was stiff anyway, a dirty look wouldn’t make much difference, but alas, the difference was huge!

In any case, I wasn’t having it. Trying to steal my gēgē? No way! As soon as we get back, I’m kicking Ding Jun out of the mansion!

We arrived outside the building. Although we were sending Guan Weijun to talk, we all stood behind her. As Dàgē was too conspicuous, he stood at the far back, allowing us to shield him.

Jin Feng did not have such concerns, casually standing at the front. In these post-apocalyptic times, women were never even considered. No matter how majestic Jin Feng was, she would still be seen as someone’s subordinate.

At a glance, the other side had also brought back-up like we had, though even more were most likely hidden.

Their equipment looked a bit varied. Although they made an effort to conceal it, that would only deceive regular folk. Besides the equipment, their bearing was definitely different from each other’s. Some were probably professionals, perhaps soldiers or mercenaries. The others were probably simple bodyguards, the kind that were doormen or bouncers.

Of the two representatives, one was frowning, but he definitely had more bark than bite. The other looked handsome and just a tad more interesting than the first. One look at his stance and you could guess he was a professional.

Oh, but wait, his face seemed a bit familiar. It’s not that I had a bad memory, but he was wearing a helmet and his equipment was similar to that of others. That I even recognized him a bit was pretty good.

“Hello, I am He Jiu,” he politely greeted Scar and Guan Weijun.

He’s that Shangguan soldier I saved because of my saint complex!

I hurriedly searched the crowd at the back and discovered Tang Liang’s figure as I thought I would. He was surrounded by a group of “bodyguards.” He had a scar on his face, which could have made him stand out, but next to a guy with mountains of muscle, he didn’t look conspicuous at all.

“Hello there,” Guan Weijun said with a smile. “You can call me Xiao Jun, and this here is Scar-gē.”

In just the time it took to walk up to them, she had already learned Scar’s name. Perhaps sending her really was by the book and had nothing to do with Dàgē’s personal interests.

Guan Weijun turned to look at Scar. He stood slumped, with no intention to speak, so she took the initiative.

“What do you want from us, Mr. He?”

Before He Jiu could speak, the bodyguard next to him snapped, “This is our clan’s building. Leave the supplies and get lost. You must realize you are robbers here!”

Hearing this, I was speechless for a moment. If you defined it like that, then the only people who didn’t steal were dead ones. After all, if you wanted to eat, you had no choice but to “steal” food. Even if you wanted to hunt, it was just not possible for the average person to clash with the wild plants and animals out there.

Guan Weijun spread her hands and helplessly said, “Bro, in this kind of world, robbing means directly snatching something from someone else. We are just gathering supplies. How can this be called robbing?”

“This is indeed the Chen clan’s building.” He Jiu’s expression was somewhat tense. It seemed he also thought the comrade at his side was a bit unreasonable.

“It’s possible they are two groups,” Dàgē whispered to me. “One of them said ‘This is our clan’s building,’ while the other said ‘the Chen clan’s building.’ You hear the difference?”

I nodded. Dàgē proved himself once again, able to deduce the truth from only a few words.

“He Jiu is from the Shangguan family. I’ve seen them before.”

I didn’t say I had even saved these people. If Dàgē knew that I had risked my life to save them, I would definitely be sent off in handcuffs with Junjun. That would be unbearable.

Next to us, Xiao Sha’s expression changed and he coldly said, “The Shangguan family? I knew Chenyang would cause trouble.”

Wait, just because there are people from the Shangguan family here, you conclude that it’s your cousin’s fault? Your prejudice against your own family is really through the roof!

Ceng Yunqian agreed, “It’s possible. This Chen clan showed up right on time, right after we cleaned out all the aberrants in the building. Xiao Sha had the feeling someone was following us from the start, so it could have been that Chenyang.”

So that’s how it is! I suddenly realized something. While Dàgē was hunting the Wolfman, first Jin Feng and then the Chen clan showed up. Lan City was huge. Was there a need to have three factions fight over a single building? If humans could fight over the aberrants so seriously, then would it be that farfetched for us to conquer Lan City?

Unfortunately, this was just a case of a mantis stalking a cicada, with a finch following closely behind. Why don’t you hunt your own aberrants?!

In front of us, Guan Weijun spread her hands and said, “So, what do you want? Let’s be honest with each other. Just let us know and we can consider it.”

The bodyguard arrogantly said, “Leave all the supplies, get out, and we will spare your lives!”

He Jiu pursed his lips, but said nothing.

Guan Weijun laughed. “Bro, your scheme is really too clever. You have us fight the monsters, while you only jump out when it’s time to collect the spoils. The world is full of monsters, yet you specialize in bullying people. Since you won’t fight the monsters, why don’t you hand over your weapons and let us fight some more for you? We promise not to let you starve to death.”

The bodyguard’s face flushed red. Apparently, he still had some sense of morality and knew that he was in the wrong. Unfortunately, knowing it didn’t mean he would accept it.

“Women shouldn’t speak out of turn!”

With nothing reasonable to say, he started discriminating against her.

Guan Weijun’s expression didn’t change much. I reckoned that during her time on the run, she was discriminated against so often that she was able to keep herself from reacting. However, Jin Feng snorted, Junjun pouted, and Ceng Yunqian tossed a small sphere of water up and down.

Hehe, never underestimate women in this world. You never know which one can burn you, electrocute you, or drown you. As for the grinning woman in front of you, she likes to cave in heads with her fists. Though it’s usually the heads of aberrants that are destroyed, a normal person’s head would probably be easy in comparison.

Why are there so many fierce women in this parallel world? This should have nothing to do with my rebirth─But wait, I had a big influence on Junjun, and Guan Weijun seems to be somewhat affected as well. The incredibly fierce Jin Feng, though, she has nothing to do with me, right?

“If you want to live, get lost now!” The bodyguard raised his gun. “Not another word, or we won’t waste any time before we shoot!”

He Jiu sighed, pushed down his companion’s gun, and said, “Don’t be like that. They put in effort. It’s not like we can let them return empty-handed.”

The bodyguard still wasn’t convinced and snarled, “These supplies obviously belong to our boss. Why should we let them take them?”

Though they disagreed with each other, their conflict didn’t seem that serious. This wouldn’t be one of those legendary good cop bad cop things, would it?

“You can’t put it that way…”

They happily continued their act. However, they were surrounded by world-class actors, so their level of acting was definitely not enjoyable enough. I felt around in my pocket, but I didn’t have any snacks. When Junjun noticed, she took a chocolate bar from her backpack and handed it to me.

Jin Feng looked at me and frowned, but when I stepped forward to give it to her, she refused it and whispered, “I’ll remember to have snacks ready in the future.”

Uh, I’m actually not a big eater, really, but since it’s a good habit to keep some high-calorie food with you, I won’t clear up the misunderstanding.

The good cop bad cop performance was wonderful, going as far as discussing if it would be fair to give us 10% or 20%.

Guan Weijun walked off and shoved an abandoned vehicle. Of course, she didn’t shove it so it would roll along by itself—she shoved it sideways!

Good cop and bad cop were silent at once. She looked back and said with a smile, “I was just making sure you had enough room for your performance. Don’t pay attention to me, you can continue.”

In the silence that fell, Scar roared with laughter and taunted, “We shouldn’t be calling her a chatterbox. That name better fits you two, going on and on for ages without even knowing what you’re doing.”

This time, not only the bodyguard flushed red, but even He Jiu was embarrassed.

“Let’s do it like this. Since we have limited manpower, we won’t be picking this place clean. You can sweep up what remains. We don’t care. If you still have any objections, we don’t have any fewer guns than you all, and we have this strong woman here. If you want our things, come and snatch them!”

Scar shouted at Tang Liang standing at the rear, “What do you say, brother?”

He Jiu blanched. His gaze drifted in that direction, but he forced himself not to turn his head. His acting skills might deceive ordinary people, but it was to no avail against my family full of top actors.

Tang Liang frowned and walked forward through the crowd, beckoning another person as well.

The other wore the same clothes as the bodyguard, but his bearing was completely different. He wasn’t tall or short, and though he didn’t seem as sturdy as a hill, he wasn’t a delicate flower either.

When the two stepped forward, they had a different vibe altogether. Dàgē also stepped out and went to stand next to Jin Feng. Jin Feng had already been standing at the front, unmoving, her stance casual with one hand in her pocket. She looked so cool!

Junjun suddenly leaned over and whispered, “Èrge, you should hold on tight to Feng-jiě. Look at her and Dàgē standing together. They really are a great match. Though Dàgē won’t fight over her with you, he didn’t do that with Guan Weijun either, yet she followed him on her own accord. You shouldn’t blame him.”

Hearing this, I looked at the both of them, the mighty Dàgē and the fierce woman standing together. They really looked like a pair, a strong match, able to conquer the world. Seeing them, I felt so conflicted…

But before I could speak, Junjun already answered her own question, “But Feng-jiě really seems to like you, Èrgē. This time, she won’t be snatched away.”

What do you mean, this time? There wasn’t even a last time! There’s no need to fight over a woman like Guan Weijun! I’d beg to have her taken away!

Meanwhile, Tang Liang and the other person studied Dàgē and Jin Feng for a bit. It seemed as if they already knew Dàgē and Jin Feng were actually the leaders, no further pretense needed. That, or they thought that Dàgē was the leader and Jin Feng was just his woman.

Junjun whispered, “Èrgē, don’t make such a face. Feng-jiě won’t be standing beside Dàgē for long. You don’t need to be so jealous.”

“… Stop talking nonsense and pay attention!”

“It’s not nonsense.” Junjun mumbled, but she turned toward the situation unfolding in front of us.

“Fuck─” was the only thing Tang Liang said. Dàgē raised his eyebrows.

Tang Liang scratched his head impatiently and apologized right away, “I’m foulmouthed like that. Just ignore me. Let’s talk business.”

Dàgē slowly said, “If it was just me, it wouldn’t matter, but my mèimei is here, so you better watch your mouth.”

Tang Liang glanced at Jin Feng, apparently thinking she was Dàgē’s “mèimei.” Although Dàgē noticed, he said nothing to correct it, nor did Jin Feng. Neither of them was planning on giving a detailed introduction. The others didn’t need to know that we came from two different groups.

Tang Liang nodded absent-mindedly, and came straight to the point, “I… With our firepower, there is no need for us to steal your spoils. We came to recapture this building ourselves, but we were just one step behind you. We didn’t intentionally wait until you finished off all the monsters inside.”

Seeing his open and honest attitude, Dàgē said frankly, “Even if I believe you, we’re in a first come first serve world. You must have invaded other people’s territories to loot as well. You can’t appeal to us with that kind of excuse.”

Tang Liang looked at the person next to him and said, “I’m doing all the talking. Why don’t you say something, show-off!”

“Hello, I am Chen Ruxian, may I know your names?” the other said. This opening line made him look completely incompatible with Tang Liang.

Dàgē was neither pretentious nor planning to hide his identity as he said, “Jiang Shutian.”

Chen Ruxian nodded and said, “This is our Chen clan’s building. Everything here belongs to us. No matter what world we are in now, I believe you wouldn’t let others enter your house and relocate your things either?”

Dàgē just said lightly, “Since I have already left, rather than letting people take what’s left behind so they can survive, do you think I’d be happy to see them rot away instead?”

He was right, even though our home was completely destroyed by the Ice Emperor. After his finishing move, everything in the basement was turned to dust. It was impossible for people to take anything even if they wanted to.

“But the owner has returned─”

Dàgē impatiently said, “Since you left, you are no longer the owner! We’re taking some supplies and leaving the rest to you. This is not our bottom line, since this is not a negotiation. I’m just doing you a favor and telling you that Lan City is sufficiently big. We’re not going to hold this against you, but if you want to take from us what’s already ours, forget it!”

Chen Ruxian was obviously not quite able to deal with such a non-negotiable negotiation style, as he frowned and looked at Tang Liang.

Tang Liang honestly said, “This guy is quite reasonable. No matter whose building it is, it must’ve been difficult to get rid of the monsters inside. Just thinking of all the precious ammunition needed makes my fucking heart hurt. They might’ve suffered some injuries or casualties too, yet you only want to give them a share of ten or twenty percent. I wouldn’t agree with such a loss either!”

Hearing this, Chen Ruxian’s frown deepened, and he awkwardly asked, “How much do you plan to take? This is not a warehouse. It’s just a building. Though there is a restaurant and also some stored items, I am afraid it’s not much. If you take too much, I have no way to explain it to the family.”

Dàgē glanced at Jin Feng, who finally spoke, “Since you have firepower, you can go storm another building and take as much loot as you want. The way you won’t stop bothering us here makes me feel we are just easier to bully than aberrants. You’re just a bunch of cowards too afraid to fight aberrants, or in other words, you lack balls.”

Chen Ruxian reddened.

Tang Liang grimaced and said, “Fuck you, with this kind of sister, you still need me to watch my mouth, while she can say whatever the hell she wants?”

Jin Feng frankly said, “You’re wrong. I’m his sister-in-law, not his sister.”

“…” Skipping dating, skipping the wedding ceremony, two years gone just like that, she just went straight to being my wife! I could only chuckle dryly.

Someone caught my sleeve and I turned to look, meeting Mèimei’s anger head-on as she said, “Èrgē, how could you get married in secret? We agreed I would be your maid of honor!”

No, no, no, I certainly didn’t agree to that. What eighteen-year-old already has a maid of honor ready? What’s more, the maid of honor should be from the bride’s side, or do you want your èrgē to be the bride?

This mention of “sister-in-law” was too sudden, and right away the atmosphere changed somewhat. Fortunately, the others were quite reliable, and soon enough it was back to the tense atmosphere of a confrontation between two armed groups.

Chen Ruxian had been somewhat nervous from the start. As we refused to leave the supplies, Guan Weijun put up a great show, and Dàgē stepped forward, he grew more and more nervous. He tried hard not to clench his fists so as not to betray himself, yet didn’t notice how his hands trembled.

Tang Liang didn’t want to say anything, but under Chen Ruxian’s gaze, he said, “The only task I received was to help you retrieve the supplies in the Chen clan’s building. Anything else doesn’t concern me. It’s not that I don’t have balls. It’s just not my responsibility!” As he finished, he turned his gaze specifically to Jin Feng.

Chen Ruxian pursed his lips and said with a sigh, “We can make do with leftovers for everything else, but you must leave salt, sugar, and medicine to us.”

I mulled it over. Salt should not be one of the most important goods at the moment. When we plundered the supermarket before the apocalypse, we collected a mountain of it. It wasn’t like we could eat foods with high sodium every day. As long as we could get the amount our bodies needed, it was enough.

Sugar and medicine were even less important. Though sugar was high in calories and great for replenishing energy, we still had chocolate!

As for medicine, the number of fighters in the Jiang Dominion was so small, while the commoners weren’t even able to fight. Since they couldn’t be sent out, how would they get injured? The few significant people that could get hurt also had Dàgē!

This time, Dàgē nodded and agreed without even looking at Jin Feng. She gave him a strange look, her expression slightly annoyed.

“No problem, right, sister-in-law?” Dàgē only then added.

Jin Feng’s annoyance was completely gone and she readily agreed, “Not at all, Dàgē, you decide.”

She even left out the “Jiang” from his name!

I feel like Dàgē is selling me off now…

“You’re in luck this time,” Dàgē lightly said to the others. “We’re about done with our gathering. Except for the supplies in the main hall, you can go in and take everything else. Get in and get out quickly. If you wait for the aberrants to gather again, you won’t be able to leave at all.”

Tang Liang frowned and said, “Wait a moment, you keep mentioning aberrants. Those monsters are called aberrants? Just what do you know? This apocalypse—”

A sudden gunshot interrupted him. Even as I was running over, I saw Dàgē had already moved, turning sideways and covering his head with one hand. Clearly the gunshot just now had been aimed at his head!

I knew that Dàgē was already second tier and an ordinary gunshot wouldn’t kill him even if it him in the head. Still, I couldn’t help it that my heart was racing faster and faster, and my blood was surging until my head seemed about to burst!

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who was angry. Every member of the Jiang Dominion immediately aimed their guns at the enemy. Even those soldiers were no exception. The speed at which they drew their guns was definitely at a professional level. Jin Feng’s people responded more slowly, but only compared to professional soldiers. Compared to regular people, the cool-headedness and reaction speed of these underworld figures were already at a god-like level.

Tang Liang’s face had paled. He didn’t look like he had known about the attack, but it didn’t slow him down in drawing his own gun. On his side, everyone had pulled out their guns as well.

“It wasn’t us!” Tang Liang said right away, but he still aimed his gun at Dàgē.

Dàgē lowered his hand. A trickle of blood ran from his temple to his neck, and the sight of it made me see red from anger.

He hadn’t dodged it completely and hadn’t been able to disintegrate the bullet in time. If Dàgē’s reaction had been a tad slower, the bullet wouldn’t have grazed him—it would have been lodged in his head!

“Èrgē, it’s so cold,” Shujun cautioned me quietly.

I did my best to restrain myself. Fortunately, it was winter. However, the sound of another gunshot undid all of my efforts. This time, Dàgē was prepared. He disintegrated the bullet in time, suffering no further injuries, but I still felt like freezing all our opponents to death!

Shujun grabbed my hand, the cold making her gasp. In a reflex, she let go, but she grabbed it again regardless. I had no choice but to calm down to avoid hurting my foolish mèimei. Instead, Xiao Sha rushed forward. With the wind under his control, he was too quick for anyone to react in time.

Though I didn’t know why he had charged forward, I wanted to catch up to him. But right at that moment, there was a flash of bright light. It wasn’t any kind of ability I recognized. The glare seared my eyes, leaving nothing but a white haze. I couldn’t see anything—

Dàgē! Xiao Sha!

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