Dominion’s End V6C10: The People in Hell, Part One

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Dominion’s End Volume 6: The Unknown Elite

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 10: The People in Hell, Part One—translated by Raylight, Taffygirl13, and lucathia (C/E edited by lucathia)

“Xiao Jun-jiě, this is for you.”

I stared at the evolution crystal in my hand. Wow, it’s even an uncommon tier one crystal. He is really getting better at hiding crystals, to think he managed to sneak this past Xia Zhengu.

He earnestly chided, “Hurry and eat it! It would be hard to explain if someone saw this. Though it’s not like I’m scared of that!”

How bold and courageous of you to say that! I raised my head to look at him. The person standing in front of me was no shining heroic figure, just a young, big boy. Looks-wise, he was just starting to get a bit manlier, but when he smiled, he still looked like a kid.

That was why he stopped smiling, and put on a mature and steady act in order to lead his squad. The strange thing was that other people actually believed it. Just which part of his face do people find threatening?

I reached out my hands in disbelief and pinched both his cheeks. His eyes turned wide, yet he made no move to stop me.

Oh look here, it’s still the same kiddo who allows me to pinch him at will! I was very satisfied with this. Out of the blue, I grabbed his jaw and shoved the evolution crystal into his mouth. After all, there was no way he would spit it out and tell me to eat it after that.

“You eat it. It’s not going to be much use even if I eat it.” I laughed at myself as I explained, “The aberrants are taking less and less damage from guns. I can clearly see that my power of sight won’t be useful in the future, so don’t waste this crystal on me.”

“At the very least, you can strengthen your body!”

As expected, he did not spit out the crystal to force me to eat it, and could only swallow it. He however refused to give up and took out other crystals. Seeing that I did not accept them, he tossed the crystals onto the table and turned around to leave, giving off a strong, stubborn energy of “eat or don’t eat, I don’t care.”

I observed his slender silhouette as he turned to leave. I wouldn’t say that he had broad shoulders, but his narrow waist paired with long legs made him very easy on the eyes. But he was too slender and not muscular enough.

“Wei xiao-gē.”

I called his name and said seriously, “Don’t pocket any more crystals for me. That bastard Xia Zhengu is sharpest when it comes to things like this, and is probably already suspicious. If he catches you in the act even once, he will definitely punish you by making you pay three to four times the number of crystals. Then when you start falling behind in power, he will be able to control you easily.”

Wei Mingyun turned around and angrily retorted, “I won’t be weaker than him! His combat skills are really lacking. All he has going for him is his stronger ability because he’s eaten more crystals.”

“I know, that’s why he hates you. Don’t you ever give him a chance to overthrow you once and for all.” I leaned forward and pushed the crystals toward him, and murmured quietly, “Just eat all these crystals that you have stashed. Try to become stronger, but don’t reveal how powerful you are.”

Wei Mingyun stared at the crystals on the table, his eyes full of complicated emotions.

I patted his shoulder as I said, “In the future, I’ll be counting on you to protect me. Train and get stronger, Wei xiao-di.”

“Alright, I’ll protect you.”

With one swipe, he grabbed and swallowed all of the crystals. I stared at this childish action of his with amusement. Then, he toppled straight forward without making a sound.

I froze in shock for a moment, and then quickly flipped him over to see if he was still alive. Did this dumb lad choke? Or did he eat too much and got indigestion? Don’t scare me, hurry and open your eyes…

Unexpectedly, he was not unconscious when I flipped him over. Wei Mingyun’s eyes were wide as he asked, “Xiao Jun-jiě, do you still remember what I told you before?”

Hah? You told me so many things before, how would I know which one—I abruptly recalled his words.

“If there is something you want, no matter what it is or where you are, I will always support you.”

My eyes opened, and I shoved Dàgē’s face away in disdain. The first thing I woke up to was Dàgē’s anxious and furious face. Are you trying to scare your little brother to death?

Dàgē’s lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear anything. The familiar glow of healing flashed around me, but in the wrong spots, so I pulled his hand and placed it next to my ear. Please cure my deafness before you speak!

I got up while holding my head. Other than a splitting headache and not being able to hear, I did not seem to have any injuries. When I twisted my neck to try to relieve the headache, I found that the person in the other bed was acting very similarly to me, holding his head, with a look as though his head had just been trampled by elephants.

Jin Zhan—yeah, that’s about right. From today on, I’m not calling him Thunder God. Just based on his current disgruntled look as though he had been trampled by elephants, I decided that I would only call him Thunder God after he took up the mantle.

Other than Jin Zhan, there was a person I did not recognize standing by his bed. It seemed to be a subordinate of his, the one who had grabbed Jin Zhan when he had lost control, called Ah Zhi or something.

“Shuyu, Shuyu can you hear me?”


As my ears healed, my siblings’ voices rushed toward me like a tidal wave. My head was buzzing as I complained in pain, “I hear you all. Junjun, don’t shout. My head hurts.”

Shujun immediately shut up, but her worried expression with tears glistening in her eyes made my head continue to hurt.

I put up with the pain as I forced myself to say, “Really, I’m fine.”

“You were bleeding from every orifice, and you call that fine?”

Bleeding from every orifice? Wow damn, Beibei’s scream is such a powerhouse. Though she did have the element of surprise, she must at least be tier two to make me bleed like that!

Tier two basically meant Beibei’s power was on par with Dàgē or Jin Zhan. Hurhur, as expected, children in the apocalypse are all crazy powerful. It’s not easy for a child to survive in the apocalypse, so it basically means they got someone backing them up, or the child is a powerful one!

“You’re bleeding again.” A hand reached over and wiped my ear.

“My ear doesn’t hurt anymore. This should be just the accumulated blood leaking out…”

Mid-way through my words, I widened my eyes as I stared at the chest in front of me—No, I meant the person in front of me. She was standing by the side of the bed while I was sitting on the bed. The height difference simply was marvelous—Wait, I meant not marvelous! I quickly lowered my eyes, not wanting to risk being hit in the head when my head was already in pain.

Instead, I received a tender rub on my head. I looked upwards and caught the corners of Jin Feng’s mouth raised up, as if she were laughing but not at the same time. She seemed unbothered as she said, “Since you already received the red envelope, go ahead and look all you want.”

Hah? I raised my head, staring at her perplexed. So you mean I really can look—damn, why am I really thinking about looking—don’t be such a pervert, Jiang Shuyu!

I tried to divert back to the main topic by quickly asking, “W-Why are you here? I thought you were staying behind in Lan City to house watch. If both you and your brother are here, then there’s no one back there. Isn’t that bad?”

Jin Feng only replied, “Lan City is a mess.”

My first thought was wondering what kind of mess Lan City could be in. The entire world was in disarray, so how could Lan City be any worse? But then I remembered the Yggdrasil Earthworm situation. Of course it was a mess when the aberrant tide was moving from the city to the Shangguan military zone.

“Everything else can be put on hold.” Dàgē interjected, “Shuyu, first tell me if you’re still hurting anywhere.”

From the exhaustion in his tone, I could tell that Dàgē’s energy was nearly rock-bottom. I didn’t know if it was because he had expended too much healing on me, or if it was due to continuing the fight against Thirteen after I lost consciousness. Or what about the aberrent tide Thirteen had brought?

I shook my head and answered, “I’m fine. Thirteen… What about the aberrent we just confronted?”

Although Lan City’s situation was also very important, Thirteen was the imminent calamity. Just engaging in individual battles wasn’t a problem, but the aberrent tide he brought was what had to be feared!

Dàgē explained, “Ran off. That scream didn’t knock just you out, but the aberrent as well. The other aberrant grabbed him and the girl and left. We were still far away at the time, but were also affected so weren’t in time to stop him. And there was too much wolf howling coming from the forest, so we decided not to chase after them and retreated back to the base first.”

I nodded to indicate my understanding. It looked like Beibei really had just been eating candy and hadn’t trained her powers. Her power had suddenly burst forth from seeing her dad in danger, attacking both me and Thirteen indiscriminately.

Dàgē glanced at Jin Feng as he said, “Their scouts said the aberrents have gradually dispersed. Some left toward Lan City, while others tried to attack our base. But they were too scattered to be in any formations and were beaten back by the base’s heavy firepower.”

I considered this for a moment. With Thirteen going down, Asura might not dare to return to the aberrent tide before Thirteen woke. They had Beibei, who was tier two human flesh. Without Thirteen suppressing the aberrents, she would definitely be eaten until there were no remains left.

In those ten years of the apocalypse, Asura had always been Thirteen’s most loyal soldier. He should have chosen to protect Beibei and temporarily leave the aberrent tide. After all, Beibei was more important to Thirteen than his own life.

Thirteen won’t be an issue for now. Even if he managed to regain control of the aberrent tide, we had the Shangguan’s firepower. Our power was even greater now with the addition of Jin Zhan’s group, so we were now hard bones that could choke the aberrents to death. He would not necessarily choose to attack us again, and would very likely turn around…

I furrowed my brows and asked, “And what did you mean when you said Lan City was a mess?”

Next to us, Jin Zhan snorted and mocked, “You have some capability, huh. Look at you asking questions so seriously. Even the leader of the Jiang Dominion, Jiang Shutian, has to listen to his little brother.”

His tone was teasing, clearly not serious but more mocking. I blinked—had Jin Zhan not seen me nearly kill Thirteen?

I thought back to his perspective at the time. Thirteen and Asura’s bodies had likely blocked my figure entirely. Jin Zhan had also suffered a psychic attack from Thirteen, and had been struck by Beibei’s indiscriminate blow. In reality, all of these things had happened in just a few seconds. Jin Zhan really might not have seen what had happened.

In that case, I might as well continue acting like useless eye candy for now and just watch the circumstances.
Dage coldly asked, “Yes, I, Jiang Shutian, listen to my little brother. Is there something wrong with that?”

Jin Zhan raised a brow and laughed. “Of course, there is nothing wrong with you listening to my brother-in-law.”


Shujun didn’t dare to shout too loudly and quietly complained, “Ѐrgē, didn’t you agree not to secretly get married? I wanted to be the bridesmaid, yet I didn’t even get to attend the wedding. What’s with that!”

When did I get married, I don’t even know myself!

Seeing my expression, Jin Zhan sneered, “You’ve already accepted the red envelope for the marriage, yet you want to go back on the agreement?”

Dàgē snarled, “The matter with the red envelope doesn’t count! Shuyu is still young and stupid. He doesn’t understand what that meant!”

He shot me an angry look and scolded, “You think you can just casually accept things like red envelopes? You don’t even know what marriage gift money is?”

I helplessly replied, “I was injured at the time, and there were evolution crystals inside the red envelope.” And so what exactly is marriage gift money?

Dàgē was clearly disappointed in me as he said, “You’re constantly getting injured. Are you sure you’re not trying to get confined?”

I didn’t dare reply. Confinement was useless because no one would be able to stop me if I needed to escape, but I was already tier three—getting confined would really be embarrassing!

Dàgē immediately vetoed, “You’re tricking him into a marriage! It doesn’t count. The little brother of Jiang Shutian won’t secretly get married!”

Jin Zhan laughed back in anger. But he only managed to take one step forward before Jin Feng stood in front of me and cut in before he could speak. “If it doesn’t count, then it doesn’t count. I’ll just keep waiting. There’s no need to force him.”

After Dàgē’s anger, it was the other brother’s turn to grow angry. Jin Zhan bellowed, “Wait? Who dares to make you wait?”

“Xiao Yu dares. And I’m willing to wait.” Jin Feng impatiently said, “Don’t butt in. Aren’t you waiting yourself?”

After that retort, Jin Zhan was so angry his face began to twitch. If he had fire powers, he would probably have exploded on the spot. But he was still unwilling to scold his sister. He glared at me and mocked, “Hiding behind a woman and daring to make my sister wait. Among all the good for nothing men, you’re quite the character!”

Now it was my dàge’s turn to explode on the spot. Oh, no, the little sister exploded first. Without a second word, she threw lightning straight at Jin Zhan. As the future Thunder God, there was of course no way this lightning could injure him, but he was unprepared. His pants caught on fire.

Jin Zhan patted his pants to put out the fire. He wasn’t angry. Instead, he asked in surprise, “You actually have lightning powers, too.”

“I do!” Shujun shouted angrily, “You dare look down on my ѐrgē! How well done do you want to get zapped?”

Jin Zhan had no intention of competing with a high school girl. He looked at me and said in understanding, “No wonder you always hide behind people. Your dàgē is Jiang Shutian and your sister has the power of lightning. Your ability is just a blade of grass. There’s no reason for you to do anything.”

It’s a tree. Don’t look down on Jiang Xiaorong. Other than Dàgē, me, and you, Xiaorong is the strongest here.

Hearing what Jin Zhan said, Shujun extended her hand, and a bolt of lightning as thick as her wrist shot out. However, Jin Zhan didn’t even retaliate. He just gathered a ball of lightning in his hand and actually absorbed that bolt of lightning. He even mocked, “Your power is only enough to charge a cell phone.”

Those words made Shujun’s face flush bright red. She indeed charged household appliances the most with her power. She dropped her head. I couldn’t make out her expression, but the fists by her thigh gradually clenched tighter…

Ѐrgē wants to explode on the spot! You dare make my Junjun sad? Jin Zhan, how do you want to die, huh? You wanna bet that I won’t let you become the Thunder God in this lifetime? I’ll have my little sister become the Thunder Goddess!

I jumped up from the bed. Just as I was about to use Xiaorong to whip him, Jin Feng blocked me. Her action made Jin Zhan narrow his eyes and say in a dangerous tone, “What are you trying to do? Are you going against me for the sake of an outsider?”

You’ve only just arrived, and there’s already infighting? I was furious. Who cares what sort of tides are out there. We’ll deal with it ourselves. Jin Zhan, scram!

Jin Feng shook her head and said, “We’ve come to take refuge in another’s territory, yet you’re mocking his brother and sister. Gē, since when have you become so rude?”

Jin Zhan fell silent. Then, he turned his face away and admitted, “Yes, yes, I was rude.”

From those words, I actually sensed deep jealousy. It can’t be that Jin Zhan is actually jealous?

If Junjun said she was willing to wait for some man when that man kept coming up with reasons not to marry her—fine, I understand. I could entirely understand Jin Zhan’s feelings. If it were me, that man would already be declared dead. And it would be a death of getting pulverized into fine dust. Meanwhile, Jin Zhan just mocked me with some words. What a good temper!

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