Dominion’s End V5C8: Whose Powerful Troop Is This

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Dominion’s End Volume 5: Zhanjiang Garrison

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Whose Powerful Troop Is This—translated by Miaka_Mei (proofread by Arcedemius & EvlNabiki; C/E edited by Elkin, Simone & lucathia)

I was obediently tagging along with Scar and his troops, moving at a quick pace. Three kilometers didn’t sound like a huge distance, but compared to moving alone, it was a lot more difficult for a group of humans to be traveling in Lan City. After all, the bigger the target, the harder it was to hide. A whole slab would always be more appetizing than a morsel of meat.

Just like how the humans worked together to go to hypermarkets and warehouses, the aberrants would also team up to attack the humans’ base. But the vast diversity of aberrants and their mercurial temperaments meant it was hard for them to keep working together for long. It was a common occurrence for them to devour their own group or each other after they had polished off the humans.

It was probably because of this that humans were able to persevere until the later stages of the apocalypse. Otherwise, considering how tenacious aberrants were, how many humans would have been able to survive the initial stages of the apocalypse?

No matter how powerful Thunder God Jin Zhan or Ice Emperor Jiang Shutian was, without knowledge from their past lives, one of them would have ended up holing himself up in Zhongguan City, while the other would have lost his whole troop just for the sake of returning home.


As the leader of the group, Scar, continuously urged us on, I hurriedly increased my pace. These guys were moving pretty fast. Although their skills couldn’t be compared to the members of JDT, they had far surpassed an average person. Leaving that aside, we hadn’t encountered many aberrants along the way. Could it be that the Jin family has already cleared the perimeters up to three kilometers?

“How long have you guys been staying in Lan City?”


No Hero V8Epilogue: Character Introductions

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No Hero Volume 8: The End, the Beginning, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Afterword—translated by lucathia (proofread by Faren & J Tao)

The afterword contains spoilers for the plot. Please finish reading the story before coming to read the afterword. Thank you.

This volume should be named the volume of the Sun Emperor’s machinations.

From this volume, you should be able to tell that Luo Ye isn’t a big deal at all in the Sun Emperor’s eyes. Our great Sun Emperor only ever takes action for Ah Ye’s sake, especially now that Ah Ye’s thousand years are at stake. In comparison, Luo Ye is simply as unimportant as a single leaf to the Sun Emperor.

I wonder, as everyone read the book, were you able to guess just how many goals the Sun Emperor wished to achieve? Perhaps, after reading volume 9, you will discover even more goals.

The great Sun Emperor is very busy, so he wants to finish everything in one shot, giving the author a huge headache, too. I just want to yell: Are you done yet? Isn’t this enough? Just what else do you plan on doing?!

GOD V3C8: The First Arrow Starts the Battle

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 3: The End Begins

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: The First Arrow Starts the Battle—translated by lucathia (proofread by Xuan & elisa)

Shooting Star and Saiximili had no idea that they had just missed Alan by a hair. They were in a rush to return to White Feather Nation. However, on their way back, Saiximili abruptly paused and looked into the distance behind him.

Shooting Star kept running for a bit before he noticed that Saiximili had not followed him. He could only turn back to retrieve him. He glared at Saiximili. If this fellow dared to tell him that he wanted to rest or anything along those lines, he would render His Majesty unconscious with a single punch and then drag the other back by the hand. In any case, the only important thing about this guy was his hands. Every other place on him could be dragged across the ground with no problem whatsoever!

“The Sinner of Pride has been born.” Saiximili’s gaze was distant as he looked far away.

Huh? Shooting Star scrutinized Saiximili’s very vacant expression. His voice was enigmatic too. Could this be the real starseer mode?

The Stone of Pride has also appeared? Pride sounds difficult… Thinking of that, Shooting Star’s expression suddenly turned a bit strange. “Wait a minute! Don’t tell me that the Sinner of Pride you’re talking about is Alan?”

Saiximili woke up from starseer mode and nodded. “It is exactly that blue star.”

“Ahhhh, it really is Alan! We’re in deep trouble!” Shooting Star wailed, “That guy’s lightning magic was already off the charts, and now he even has a Stone of Sin. Sob, sob, sob! He’s gonna put me on a tight leash. This won’t do!”


Big and Little Sun Go Go 13: Happy Children’s Day

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 13: Happy Children’s Day—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su; C/E edited by lucathia)

The ball of holy light was only around the size of an egg, and it was not very bright either. However, when Charles’s eyes faced it directly, he felt an indescribable pain pierce through his eyes, as if, while in complete darkness, someone had suddenly shone an extremely large flashlight straight into his eyes. The brightness quickly made his head begin to hurt as well.

“Triggered first use of holy light: Attack dark creature.”

Hearing Will’s message, Elaro hurriedly stepped forward to block the holy light, and Grisia simultaneously retracted it as well. The two of them were extremely worried about the vampire’s condition.

“Are you all right?”


No Hero V8C10: King’s Game

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No Hero Volume 8: The End, the Beginning, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Beginning NO.10: King’s Game—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Mangomochi & Faren; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Where is Charles?”

Ah Ye’s hands were pressed against Ezart’s abdomen, restraining him against the wall. In addition, I had just personally caught sight of Ah Ye extending his metal fingernails.

He fiercely threatened, “If you don’t say it, I’ll tear your intestines out!”

Ezart grimaced in pain and ground out through clenched teeth, “I’ll say—say that the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life was getting to know a bastard like you!”

He dared to talk like that to Ah Ye?! I quickly glanced at Ah Ye, whose expression was as cold and unfeeling as before. However, his eyes had widened significantly, as if he was making a supreme effort to endure the pain…

“Ah Ye!” I hurriedly shouted, “I think he really doesn’t know. There’s no need to press him further.”

Ah Ye remained indifferent.

I gritted my teeth and commanded, “Dark Sun, I order you to release him!”

Ah Ye went rigid. I was starting to worry that he would choose to continue extorting him for a confession because of the supreme doctrine of “hunting down all my enemies.” This was not a part of my prepared plans. Ezart could not get pulled into this matter. He is the final insurance and cannot become involved!

Fortunately, Ah Ye chose to let go. As soon as Ezart was freed, he let out a cold snort and turned to leave with his arm clutching at his bleeding stomach.

“Where are you going?” Ah Ye asked.

Ezart viciously replied, “Going down to see if your bodyguards are all dead!”

Ah Ye stared at Ezart’s back. After a moment of silence, he said, “If you think knowing me is terrible, you can actually leave, Ezart.”

Ezart stopped in his tracks for a brief moment before continuing forward, not even turning his head as he huffed angrily, “Want me to get lost? Too late! Don’t even dream about it! You owe me so much, I’ll never let you weasel your way out!”

Ah Ye watched Ezart leave. Only when he could no longer see the other person’s figure did he turn to face me. “Gē, what exactly do you want to do?”

It’s here! I calmly answered, “Mainly eliminate Luo Ye, while using the chance to also force out the hidden strength of the Church and Elysees, particularly the latter. That butler’s family is too skilled at concealing themselves. I originally hadn’t paid them much attention, until I recently discovered that they were actually quite complicated.”

“Is that so?”

As I saw Ah Ye’s probing gaze, I suddenly felt my scalp go slightly numb. I immediately answered, “Of course! The fact that I have the adjudication squad was made public ages ago. How could I let them continue hiding their forces!”

Ah Ye calmly asked, “That’s not it, Gē. I meant to say, ‘Is that it?’”

I started, then showed an injured expression as I helplessly replied, “What else should I be doing? Are you suspecting me? Do you think I’d harm you?”

Ah Ye shook his head and stated, “Gē obviously wouldn’t harm me.”

“It’s good that you know that.” I’m always doing what’s good for you. Everything is for your sake, Ah Ye…

But right now, “letting Ah Ye trust me” was not a part of my plans either.

“That damn butler actually tried to kill me. Stay by my side for the time being. If he appears again—”

“I’ll kill him!” Ah Ye’s tone was so cold that I felt goosebumps form on my skin, and I once again wondered if I was truly gambling on too much this time.

An Te Qi, you’d better be successful. If you fail and let Ah Ye… I’ll seriously make sure you know what wishing for death means!