GOD V1C1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman

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GOD –The Beginning of the End– Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Faren; C/E edited by raylight)

It was a scorching summer day, the sun hung high in the sky, and the recent temperature was frighteningly unbearable. With this kind of weather, even gnomes, creatures that were dirty but highly adaptable to all kinds of environments, would rather starve than come out to hunt. Slimes, mucus type creatures that could be seen everywhere, had also completely vanished from the roads. Only under the cool shadows of trees could a few wiggling mucus entities be found. The temperature was so high that even the slimes had melted.

Furthermore, the sunlight was so strong that you simply couldn’t keep your eyes open. The high temperature made even the dirt roads look deformed, and the smell in the air could only be described as “stifling hot.” All of this would make any traveler feel unwell, yet there just had to be someone who seemed to think walking along this path wasn’t difficult enough. That someone just had to add off-key singing. The low tones were as jarring as having rocks banged against the ground, while the high tones were akin to having nails scraping across glass. No one would feel the least bit comfortable hearing that.

That person was leisurely reclining on a thick branch of a tree by the side of the road. He had one leg propped on the other in a brash fashion and his arms behind his head. His position looked very unstable, as if he were in danger of falling at any moment, but anyone who heard the completely off the rails singing coming from his mouth would start praying, “Please fall down already!”

“One ugly pig, another ugly pig, a third ugly pig. Shooting Star has seen so many ugly pigs…”

The frightening singing suddenly stopped, and the guy who called himself Shooting Star shifted his body. He was a boy who looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. A huge smile abruptly appeared on his goose-egg shaped face, and an extraordinary sparkle flashed across his large, round eyes that could only be described as cute. He had found his prey. All of these signs indicated—a certain someone, or a certain unidentified creature, was about to be in a great pinch.

And that was…


No Hero V5Prologue: Prologue

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Prologue—translated by Ever (proofread by Lala Su & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

I pulled the curtains of the French windows open. As the sunlight spilled in, I noticed that the curtains seem to have been changed. Where they had originally been silver-white, now they were purple. Could Melody have bought these curtains?

I had returned here just last night. Though the number of people living here had not changed, there were some slight changes in everyone. Mr. Bramble seemed to have more white hair; May had changed his hairstyle; Dell pierced three holes in his left ear and even wore earrings that glowed and changed colors, claiming it to be the latest fashion.

The changes in everyone reminded me that a whole year had truly passed, and that the young master’s lifestyle seemed to have changed drastically during that time.

I must admit that this really made me feel worried and uneasy. A fitting butler should always know his master’s schedule and lifestyle in order to serve him well, but I had been gone for a whole year. I could not help but worry about not being attentive enough in my service.


“Yes! Young Master.”


Update: December 2016

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December Chapters
  1. No Hero V5Prologue: Prologue
  2. GOD V1C1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman
  3. No Hero Side Stories 3: Volume Four Draft
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 5: Extra—Ziya's Left Eye
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 6: Extra—Secret Little Matters
  6. Dominion’s End V2C8: The Many Tales of the Town

Darn, I’ve been doing so well with getting the update post up by the 1st each month. Now the streak is broken! (It’s still the 1st… is some places!) There’s just a lot to announce this month, with some reminders to give. Hopefully next month, I’ll make it in time for the first again. Anyway, happy December. Hard to believe it’s already the end of this year.

This month, there will be no 39 releases, as we are actually now completely caught up with Legend of Sun Knight! We eagerly await the publication of 39 LSK V2. We hope it will be soon.

As of November, we have completed our translations of Magical Exchange. That concludes our translations of Romance RPG and its related side stories. \o/

Many of you have been waiting for this, and we are pleased to bring to you chapter 1 of GOD this month. We hope you enjoy this new project. Like we’ve said before, this is one of Yu Wo’s earlier works, but you can see a lot of her ideas and themes that she revisits in later works. She has been releasing a revised version of GOD in recent years, and that is the version we are working from.

We now have 4 volumes of No Hero done, and we embark on V5 this month with the prologue. You’ll also be seeing a translation of a draft of V4 that Yu Wo has shared on her blog. She had written a good chunk of the draft with fairly different events playing out before she decided it wasn’t working, and then she rewrote it completely. It’s fairly interesting to see what she had planned before the change~

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have some new ebooks! You can find pdfs for 39 Legend of Sun Knight V1, No Hero V4, and Magical Exchange on their respective pages here, here, and here.

Thanks to EliSan, we have an updated version of the epub for the Legend of Sun Knight side stories, which now includes side stories 1-19. You can find that here.

Next, it saddens us that there have been other sites copying and pasting our translations. Please know that we have not given ANYONE permission to distribute or modify any content from our site, and it disappoints us to see our rules disregarded. Our content is to stay only on our site, as we have a strict agreement with Yu Wo especially in the regards of ads/donations/revenue making. We DO NOT ask for donations, and we do not use any ads on our site. Please know that sites that are stealing our translations are both stealing our hard work and going against our agreement with Yu Wo, which could affect the permission granted to us to continue translating. As a reader, you can help by NOT using such sites. If you see our translations posted anywhere else, please know that they do not have our permission, and if they have a comment system, let readers who are using the site to read Yu Wo’s works know that if they wish to see the translations continue, they should avoid reading the translations there. Thank you!

According to November’s poll, it seems that many of you would like to borrow Aldrizzt’s mage clothes if you were to forget your own. How nice of Aldrizzt! I hope he has many spares. Carol’s red cloak was a close second. Surprisingly, Roland’s Hell Knight oufit was third. Are you all sure you want to wear a leotard? You can see the rest of the results here.

This month’s poll is about wishes! Happy December!

No Hero V4Epilogue: Character Introductions

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Character Introductions – translated by lucathia (proofread by Elisa & Arcedemius)

Xie Wei: Sunset City’s new captain of the police squad. He seems to have the support of an unknown force.

Father Yue: Yue ¬Gang’s father. Also the priest of the only church in Sunset City.

Krell: Avexila’s childe, a sixth generation vampire.


39—Legend of Sun Knight V1Epilogue: Afterword

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue—translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa & Arcedemius)

If things go according to plan, there should be three volumes of the spin-off, 39—a Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The plot will be like the main series. Each volume will have its own story arc but will be connected to the next volume. The series will proceed in such a manner.

However, since the ending of Volume 1 is related to the central idea of the next volumes, the story arc won’t be completely depicted until the next volumes.


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