Legendary Sun Knight Test

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As if finals weren’t enough, we have a Legend of Sun Knight exam for you this month, written by one of the PR! staff members (not lucathia. Lucathia is just the messenger). Deadline is May 31st.

Head over to the forums for more information.

Contest Description: The test contains 74 questions about The Legend of Sun Knight, with answers coming from all 8 volumes of LSK, the side-stories, and Unbeatable. Knowledge of 39 LSK is not required. More details can be found on the quiz page itself. The test will likely take up a considerable amount of time. Your answers will not be saved if you exit the page, so if you must leave, write your answers down somewhere so you can continue later. The test follows Prince Revolution! terminology. Be the person who answered the highest number of questions correctly to win. In the event of a tie, the person to have submitted their answer first will be the winner.

Grand Prize (Choose 1 from below):
1. Special sneak peek of 1~2 unpublished chapters depending on availability. The series we currently have chapters from are 39 Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, Dominion’s End, Romance RPG, Illusions-Lies-Truth, and GOD.
2. Request PR! staff to sing a song of your choice. Only some staff will be available. We’ll try our best~.
3. Snail mail from PR! including a limited edition poster of Neo and Aldrizzt, OR one LSK notebook, OR two LSK keychains, all pictured below.


39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C3: Secret… Part 1—The Debt Owed by Whom

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Secret… Part 1: The Debt Owed by Whom – translated by lucathia (proofread by Lala Su and Arcedemius; C/E edited by Raylight)

Today was the day of Teacher’s return.

Elaro was extremely happy. There were many questions he wanted to ask his teacher. Although he was very worried that Hungri would get punished, and that it might even result in him getting replaced, Elaro believed that his teacher would be able to prevent something like that from happening. Therefore, he was actually not all that worried that Hungri would be replaced.

Although he knew he should not rely on his teacher—after all, someone his age should already be assuming responsibility—Elaro currently had too many worries. That included Hungri, who didn’t want to see his face at all and was constantly avoiding him. The Judgment Knight Platoon was even helping Hungri avoid him. This gave Elaro quite a big headache. In addition, he was always busy with a lot of things whenever the Twelve Holy Knights weren’t at the Holy Temple, so he simply wasn’t able to think of any good solutions, or find time to discuss things with Hungri.

For example, Elaro was currently walking along the corridors of the palace. Only Dili followed behind him. Although he was already busy enough recently, if the king wanted to see him, he still had no choice but to set aside all of his tasks and go to the king’s court as quickly as possible.

When he reached the hall’s doors, Elaro smiled at the two royal knights guarding it. They did not smile in return, but Elaro wasn’t unhappy because of that. The royal knights had always been this way, and his teacher even claimed, “Originally, they were already as unyielding as rocks. After getting a good king, their hardness is now rivaling diamonds!”


Update: April 2016

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April Chapters
  1. No Hero V4C1: Rest in Peace, the Audiobooks are Back (April Fools Version)
  2. Dominion’s End V2Prologue: Behind the Door (April Fools Version)
  3. No Hero V4C1: Dragon Peace, the First Wind Blows Past
  4. Dominion’s End V2Prologue: Behind the Door
  5. Romance RPG V1C22: Part Twenty-two
  6. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C3: Secret... Part 1—The Debt Owed by Whom
  7. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C4: Lu Yang Part 3 – Qing Wei Gong
  8. Romance RPG V1C23: Part Twenty-three

Great news, we have a chapter ready for you already today, in time to post together with the monthly update. You’re in for a special treat, because this NH chapter has it all. Charles even gets to tease someone! Not only that, we know that some readers have been wondering how to pronounce the names and the terms, so we have helpfully narrated the entire chapter. We feel this is a great way to proceed with our future chapters. Furthermore, we have also heard your pleads about not having Dominion’s End always come last in the month, so this month’s it’s second! Enjoy~.

We’ve updated our footnotes so that they now pop up when you click on them. It should make reading footnotes easier.

Our lyrics contest has come to an end. Thanks for participating! We had a blast listening to all the songs and making our decision. It was a tough decision, and we all had our own favorites. But in the end, one winner was decided from voting, and one winner was decided by scores. The winning entries were the following:

Entry 20: Black by chestnut
Entry 11: It Can’t Be Just a Dream by zessy

Congratulations to our two winners. Their keychains are already on their way to their new homes. We recommend listening to all the songs over at the forums! There were lots of great submissions. Sing along~

Are you ready for our next contest? How well do you know The Legend of Sun Knight? Our next contest will start in May (if all goes according to plan). It’ll be a trivia quiz much like the No Hero one we held last November. In the event of a tie, the person to have submitted their answer first will be our winner. We suggest taking the chance to brush up on LSK in April. ;) One of the available prizes will be a limited edition Neo & Aldrizzt poster.

Last month, many people expressed sympathies for the poor baby spider, but there were more than 1000 votes, and the winning result went to “Ask Leaf to shoot it from 1000 meters.” 1000 meters, huh… I would be worried for your house. The rest of the results can be seen over here.

The new poll this month is: “Who do you most want to see wearing an apron?”

As always, do comment. It keeps us going. :D (Don’t leave Charles in the cold)

39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C2: My… Part 3—Companion

39—Legend of Sun Knight Volume 1

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2 My… Part 3: …Companion – translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius, Erro, C/E edited by Doza)

Using all his strength, Elaro rushed into the Judge’s Complex with Ludia in his arms. A bunch of people were crowded inside. They were all members of the Judgment Knight Platoon. They were huddled in a circle, so he could not see what the situation was like in the center.

“Out of the way!”

Only after Elaro’s shout did the holy knights ahead notice his arrival and hasten to open a path for him.

There were already three clerics casting healing spells. Based on everyone’s expressions, the criminal must have still been alive. Elaro relaxed a bit. He took large strides forward and placed Ludia right in the middle of the scene.

Before she had even been set on the ground, Ludia was already chanting an incantation for a healing spell. The Pope had always praised the power behind her healing spells. Even though she needed to use incantations to aid even her Minor Heals, the effect was so much better than what many other clerics could achieve when casting spells of the same level.

The three clerics wholeheartedly welcomed Ludia’s arrival, looking very grateful. However, they continued without a pause, laboriously casting healing spells. In no time at all, the originally dim Judge’s Complex was filled with pale yellow healing light.

As far as healing was concerned, Elaro was unnecessary. So he had the time to examine the situation.

The criminal lay encircled by the crowd. With the entire figure enveloped by the light of the healing spells, Elaro could not determine the condition of the injuries, so he dismissed them for the moment. He raised his head to look around, searching for the person he was more concerned about at the moment.

Hungri was standing to the side with his head lowered, watching the criminal silently.

He seemed to feel Elaro’s attention. When he raised his head, he found Elaro staring straight at him.


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