Big and Little Sun Go Go 39: Machine Gun Meat Attack

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 39: Machine Gun Meat Attack—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Damn it!” Grisia’s expression abruptly changed.

Elaro immediately scanned the area in all directions and asked, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”

“Char—Angel Umbra took our sweetheart phone!”

Grisia thoroughly felt like smacking his head several times. He had been too focused on the servant and master saying their goodbyes, so as a result, he hadn’t had the time to take the cell phone back—Wait, can I call the cell phone?

“Will, Charles took the sweetheart phone. Can I talk to him?”

Although Grisia asked, he wasn’t very hopeful. Otherwise, that unlimited G cell phone that specifically emphasized it could cross worlds would lose its significance.

Will’s response: “The sweetheart phone has already been returned to the system inventory. Other than the players asking for the Readers’ Support, summoned parties cannot take any items.”

Grisia was satisfied. As long as they didn’t mysteriously lose an item, that was fine.

“Oh no!”

This time it was Elaro who shouted. When he heard the words “system inventory,” he suddenly remembered something. Before they had split up in front of the guard tower, the meat bun had only been willing to return to the system inventory after he had tried very hard to soothe it, and Elaro had even promised that he would let it out again as soon as possible. But after his teacher had been attacked and they had summoned the pitiable child Ah Ye, he had forgotten about the meat bun.

He immediately called, “Will, I want to take out the meat bun.”

Grisia was just about to remind him when, in front of his eyes, a large stream of water hit his student, who now had an irate bun bouncing on his head.

Elaro spat out a mouthful of saltwater and helplessly began pacifying the meat bun.

Grisia saw little Ah Ye’s eyes go wide as he gaped while failing to stifle a laugh. Enjoying the mischief, Grisia said, “Angel Ela, congratulations on running out of dry clothes to change into.”

With great difficulty, Elaro made his reparations, promising to find lots of delicious things for the meat bun before it was appeased.

“What is that?” Little Ah Ye curiously watched the meat bun.

Grisia himself very much wanted to ask that question too. Back then, the readers had picked this bun for them. Don’t tell me it was to see Elaro’s wet body? He invented, “This is an angel’s pet. It is called ‘Meatbun.’ Aside from crying, it is useless.”

Meat-bunbun is furious! Meatbun’s Machine Gun Meat Attack!

Seeing countless black shadows shooting his way gave Grisia a great scare. He even thought that they were bullets, or something similar, and reflexively used holy light along with an Earth Shield to protect himself. As a result, however, Grisia watched as clumps of pink, meat-colored things stuck to the Earth Shield.

What the heck is this? It looks like this attack has no power…

Elaro hurriedly soothed the meat bun, but it was completely useless. Meatbun spat in Grisia’s direction with everything it had.

Expressionless, Grisia simply sent a fireball toward his student. In any case, Elaro needed to be dried off. Then, everyone began to smell the savory scent of meat coming from the Earth Shield. It was a pity they didn’t have time to catch the meat clumps; once roasted, the delicious-smelling pieces of meat lost their adhesive properties and fell from the shield’s surface.


O.K. In addition to crying, this meat bun can spit meat! Even though it has eyes, cries and gets mad, it’s still food?

Seeing that little Ah Ye was staring at the roasted meat on the ground, Grisia said without hesitation, “Let’s roast meat to eat.”

As for where the meat had come from, he was treating Meatbun as a food anyway. Eating food spat out by another food is completely normal.

However, in the end Meatbun was no longer willing to spit out meat. No matter how Elaro tried to persuade it, it was no use.

Grisia side-eyed Meatbun. “Is the bun as useless as we expected?”

Machine Gun Meat Attack!

Having eaten and drunk his fill, and after strolling down a large street full of aberrants, little Ah Ye hugged Meatbun as he gazed at the starry sky.

“Do you like stars?” Grisia stroked the child’s head.

Little Ah Ye shook his head and said, “No, the blue sky is prettier than when it’s dark.”

Grisia choked a little. He really wasn’t very good at amusing kids!

The eight hours were nearly up, and Grisia’s heart ached. The place the child was locked in was surely awful, but in the end, there was nothing he could do. He softly asked, “Ah Ye still doesn’t want to go back, is that right?”

Little Ah Ye hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, “I want to go back and wait for Gēge to pick me up. He’s definitely going to come.”

“Mm. Your brother will definitely come for you. Angel Umbra knows everything. His words are the absolute truth.”

Hearing that, little Ah Ye suddenly hugged Grisia.

Grisia hugged the child back. With his small face beside Grisia’s, little Ah Ye quietly said, “Angel Sia’s hair is gold like Gēge’s. It’s pretty.”

So that’s it. Grisia was finally able to solve the mystery of why the kid liked him more than Elaro. It’s because my hair’s a more brilliant gold than Elaro’s!

Elaro reminded them, “Ah Ye, don’t be scared. We’ll call you every three days.”

Little Ah Ye smiled and gave an “Mm.” But in his heart, he distinctly felt that he was just dreaming. How could the angels from a dream really call him?

But that’s O.K. The “sweet dreams” Doctor An Te Qi talked about are really great! I hope all I have are sweet dreams later too. The best dream would have Angel Sia, Angel Ela, and Angel Umbra…

Then he became a beam of light, passed through the water mirror, and returned to his own world.


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