Eclipse Hunter V3C4: Prison of Love

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Four: Prison of Love—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Xuan; C/E edited by lucathia)

The four of them half escorted, half forced Ri Xiang Ye to go home. It wasn’t long after, that Ri Xiang Yan came home via the secret tunnel. As soon as he entered the living room, he found his little brother curled up on the sofa with his eyes red from crying. Elian had brought over a basin of clean water and was trying to wipe away the bloodstains that had run from Ri Xiang Ye’s knee down to his calf.

As soon as he saw Ah Ye’s tears and blood-streaked calf, Ri Xiang Yan was both heartbroken and furious. His heart ached because of Ah Ye’s tears, and he was furious because even under his protection, Ah Ye had suffered once again. No matter if it was the people who abducted An Te Qi or even his own careless self, they all deserved to die!


At this moment, Ri Xiang Ye realized his brother had returned. He suddenly stood up and threw himself into his older brother’s arms, crying as he said, “Gēge, An Te Qi-bàba. H-he’s been taken!”

Ri Xiang Yan nodded. He pulled out a handkerchief and tenderly wiped away his little brother’s tears as he soothed, “Ah Ye, don’t worry. An Te Qi will be back soon.”

“Gēge, I’m fine.” Ri Xiang Ye forcefully brushed away his tears. “Gēge, don’t worry about me. Hurry and save Bàba.”

“Relax. Bill is already searching.” Ri Xiang Yan frowned. It really wasn’t too difficult of a search. It was very likely that the people who had taken An Te Qi had been sent by Bai Lian Yue. He was the only one who could have possibly discovered An Te Qi’s existence during the past few modified human incidents.

Who would have thought that as soon as he had become a little soft-hearted toward Bai Lian Yue and wanted to go easy on him, a huge incident like this would happen? The Sun Emperor let out a cold chuckle. Had he become too soft recently? Soft to the point that people had forgotten how the Sun Emperor’s ruthless reputation had come about? Hehe…

Elian and the others felt their hair stand on end from watching the Sun Emperor icily laugh. They quickly and quietly told Ah Ye, “Ah Ye, go hug your brother so he quits laughing like that.”

“Oh?” Ri Xiang Ye didn’t quite understand. What’s wrong with Gēge’s laugh? He often laughs like that… But since everyone was saying to do it, Ri Xiang Ye still obediently went to hug his brother.

Just as expected, the hug really did divert Ri Xiang Yan’s attention. The sneer on his face instantly vanished as he gently smiled and rubbed his little brother’s head. He warmly said, “Don’t worry. I have informants everywhere in this city. No matter where they run, they won’t be able to hide from me. Just be good and wait at home for news, O.K.?”

After Ri Xiang Ye heard those words, he hesitantly asked in a small voice, “Gēge, I can help. Last time, I also…”

“Last time?” Ri Xiang Yan smiled brilliantly as he asked, “You mean the time when you had An Te Qi and Bill hide the fact that you ran off to exterminate the modified human laboratory from me, and I very nearly sent the two of them off to the afterlife?”

“…” Everyone observed a moment of silence for the two souls.

Ri Xiang Ye lowered his head, almost not daring to look his brother in the eye.

“Don’t worry, Ah Ye.” Ri Xiang Yan calmly said, “I’m not called the Sun Emperor for nothing. No matter who it is, I won’t let them off this time. They’ll be annihilated until there isn’t even a sliver of them left.”

“I don’t want people annihilated. I just want An Te Qi-bàba back…” Ri Xiang Ye replied softly.

“I’ll have Bill place An Te Qi’s rescue as the number one priority.”

Ri Xiang Ye could only nod, but he was still extremely worried. The way he saw it, Gēge was always trying to shoot Bàba to death. Their relationship never seemed to be very good, and it didn’t seem at all like Gēge would try very hard to save Bàba.

“Ah Ye, stay at home. I’ll send people to guard here.” Ri Xiang Yan put his hands on his little brother’s shoulders. He gravely said, “This time, you are not to go running around outside. I forbid you from using Dark Sun’s identity again to go kill people, and you absolutely are not to get hurt again. Do you understand?”

Even though he had just been thinking of sneaking out to save An Te Qi, under his older brother’s stare, Ri Xiang Ye had no choice but to nod and agree.

“I understand, Gēge.”


Eclipse Hunter V3C3: Struggling Between Ruthlessness and Sincerity

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Three: Struggling Between Ruthlessness and Sincerity—translated by Trespasserby

Why haven’t Ezart and the others gone to warn Dark Sun yet?

Elian was silently worrying. Dark Sun had already signed one, maybe two hundred photos. Even someone more vigilant than him would have dropped their guard by now. Also, the Principal was really quite cunning. As soon as he noticed the situation in the plaza, he had immediately notified Elian and Death and had them hide and wait in the line to carry out their ambush.

Elian looked at his surroundings. He and Death weren’t the only ones around. Many Elite Combat Class students were lying in wait. They were all there to surround Dark Sun and keep him from escaping. It looked like the Principal had really invested a lot into this attempt.

“Please sign this for me!”

Death had reached the front of the line where Dark Sun was. Dark Sun remained expressionless as usual. Death was beaming as he made his request, and he handed the huge autograph board and pen he was holding to Dark Sun.

Death wants to attack Dark Sun while he’s giving his autograph?


Eclipse Hunter V3C2: Simulation, Reality, Death

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter Two: Simulation, Reality, Death—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by elisa & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Ri Xiang Yan held the black box of memories in his hands. His little brother Ah Ye, being the good child that he was, had gone off to sleep a long time ago. The office had been completely silent for some time when at last, there was the sound of a sigh.


“Yes, Sun Emperor.” Kyle was still waiting on the phone. He was never the one that pressed the button to end a call.

“What should I do?” Ri Xiang Yan held the sparkling crescent necklace. It dazzled before him, like the smile of his first love had.

“I do not know.” Kyle still did his duty and did not provide a reply. He understood very well that this was not a business matter that required his response, and that the Sun Emperor also did not really want him to answer. He was posing the question to himself.

“Ugh! This matter has gone on for so long already, and he’s also hated me for so long. He’s not going to simply forgive me just after hearing a stupid reason like that, right?” Ri Xiang Yan idly spun the crescent necklace around and around.

Kyle quietly waited on the other end of the call.

“As for the revenge thing, just punish him a little. Don’t bother with ousting him anymore.” Ri Xiang Yan listlessly said, “I owe him that much.”


Then Ri Xiang Yan pressed the button to end the call and stared at the crescent necklace in his hands for a long time. In the end, he placed it back into his box of mementoes and placed the cover of the box back on. But seeing the box whole again, he couldn’t help gazing fixedly at the black, finely detailed box again and lightly stroking the rubies on top.


Ri Xiang Yan closed his eyes and slowly leaned back into the chair. He murmured, “If māma hadn’t died or if you didn’t hate Dìdi, wouldn’t that have been great? We would have definitely been a happy family… Unfortunately, ‘what ifs’ have absolutely no meaning.”

He put away the box, sparing it no further attention.

Dominion’s End V6C1: The God of Many Eyes (April Fool’s)

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“Xiao Yu!”

As I came back to the base, Auntie came running over in a panic. Before, sprinting this fast would have left her out of breath. But with the crystals making her and Uncle grow younger and younger, she was hardly breathing harder than usual by the time she reached me.

“I can feel something very, very large behind the base, deep underground. Just yesterday it was so small, I thought it was a wild rabbit in its burrow. But after all the typhoons, it’s become massive! And it has yet to stop growing…”

What a pain. I was expecting aberrants to fall from the sky, not come from underground! I asked Auntie, “Can you sense where it is now?”

She shuddered, but still nodded as she said, “I can… It hasn’t moved from the garden. It hasn’t stopped watching us since I noticed it. I think… It sees more than I can.”

I started giving orders, “Tell Zheng Xing to excavate it swiftly. Everyone else, assemble in the garden and prepare for battle!”

As everyone grabbed their gear, I charged into the garden to see… A giant brown, lumpy mass. Throughout its surface, eyes of all different sizes blinked and stared in various directions. Some eyes were in clusters, like clumps of bubbles.

A voice rang through my head.


All eyes fixated on me, including the eyes of the other members of the Zhanjiang Garrison.

“What a lousy deal! I can already see the past and present and I’ll get to see the future soon enough!” I retorted back. “Everyone! Attack! Go for the eyes!” The eyes are usually the weakest point, right?

As expected, with so many weak points, the aberrant died very quickly. Shujun looked at its corpse with pity. “If it could see the future, then didn’t it know it was about to die?”

I began slicing open the corpse to pull out the evolution crystal, and found smooth, white flesh that leaked a milky juice. I realized, “It’s an aberrant potato! There are probably smaller seed potatoes still buried in the dirt! Dig them out before they grow back.”

As everyone dug frantically, aided by Auntie pointing out where the potatoes were and Zheng Xing moving the earth the get the deeper potatoes, Shujun began walking around with a basket for everyone to drop the potatoes into.

Several baskets later, she happily said, “We have so many potatoes, I can make mashed potatoes, potato chips, hash browns, blanched matchstick potatoes, French fries, potato curry, latkes, potato bread, cholera, rosti, potato farls, Spanish tortilla, potato ice cream, potato salad, potato pie, baked potatoes, leek and potato soup, aloo gobi, potato casserole, potato fritters, fish and chips, tater tots, papet vaudois, vinegar potatoes, gnocchi, shepherd’s pie, roasted potatoes, potato dip, hurricane potatoes, potato skins, ratatouille, potato pancakes, hassleback potatoes, colcannon, scalloped potatoes, Korean potato pizza, funeral potatoes, boxty, poutine, twice-baked potatoes, three earthly treasures, potato knishes, pierogis, nikujaga, aligot, potato burgers, steamed potatoes, aloo masala, and we can also use them to practice throwing grenades!”

After several days of eating potatoes…

I picked up a potato croquette that was as round as my waistline and wailed, “I think I’m starting to turn potato-shaped!”

Potato-shaped potato croquette potato potato recipe

  1. Get a lot of panko breadcrumbs (does not have to be made with potato) and put them on a pan on a hot stove with a sploosh of oil. I’ve never tried this, but I bet you could use crushed up potato chips instead.
  2. Stir the breadcrumbs until they’re brownish and toasty. Add some pepper and salt here or back in step 1. Just do it at some point so it won’t be super bland.
  3. Cook some ground meat or something you can pretend is ground meat in a pan until it’s brown.
  4. Mix in your leftover mashed potatoes with the ground meat. If you don’t have leftover mashed potatoes, then:
    -1. Boil a bunch of potatoes or steam them or sous vide them or microwave them until you can squish the potato pieces with a fork or potato-masher tool.
    0. Mash the potatoes until they’re a tolerable level of lumpiness. Add in stuff like salt and pepper and herbs and garlic powder if you don’t like bland potatoes.
  5. Make the mashed potato and meat mixture back into a potato shape.
  6. Coat the potato-meat-potato in flour.
  7. Coat the potato-meat-potato in a beaten egg. Or if you’re too much of a wimp to beat an egg in a fight, you can use a flour-water batter instead.
  8. Coat the potato-meat-potato in the brownish-but-hopefully-not-as-toasty-hot-so-you-don’t-burn-yourself breadcrumbs.
  9. Air fry the potato-meat-potatoes (called “croquettes” from here on after) for 10 minutes (600 seconds) at 400F (200 C).

    Longer, less succinct recipe here:

No Hero V9C4: Merciless

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No Hero Volume 9: Endless Days

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The End NO.4: Merciless—translated by Trespasserby, Ever & Raylight (proofread by J Tao; C/E edited by lucathia)

Enemy: Lv. 1 in command, Ri Ji Yan, intends to harm the highest priority master. Eliminate!

Analysis of highest priority master’s condition: sorrow, rage, pain.

Lv. 2 in command has approached the highest priority master. Threat level low. No danger determined.

On standby.

“The higher-ups ordered a microchip installed in Ah Ye’s head to suppress his humanity, leaving behind only a robot that will obediently follow orders. Your little brother places your safety as the highest priority. Even if you command him to stop protecting you, it’d be useless.”

“I didn’t have a way to rescue him. All I could do was persuade those theorists that perhaps their employer would prefer to have a bodyguard with emotions. Also, if eliminating Dark Sun’s humanity negatively affected Dark Sun’s judgment, then what? So an alteration was made to the microchip, to include the option for retrieval in the settings…”

Change in the highest priority master’s mood. Analysis uncertain. Searching for additional examples to make a determination.

“So, give Dark Sun the command! Tell him to stop suppressing his humanity and emotions. Let him recall his memories. Ah Ye will remember you, his gēge, even though a brother like you took so long to get here!”

“Ah Ye.” The highest priority master spoke. “Stop suppressing your emotions. I don’t want to see you like this. You are my dìdi, not a robot bodyguard!”

Command received.


Initiating action: Cancel emotion suppression setting. Processing…

Warning: Emotion suppression is classified as a core setting of the microchip and is unable to be changed. Unable to follow command.

The highest priority master has issued the command. Following the command has highest priority.

Unable to follow command. Following the command has highest priority. Unable to follow command. Following the command—changing core setting. Attempting to restart.

“Ah Ye!”