Eclipse Hunter V4C3: Sorrowful Anger

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 4: Truth and Lies, Separate Worlds

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Three: Sorrowful Anger —translated by Trespasserby

Dark Sun stopped in the doorway to the Principal’s office. By now he wasn’t dressed as a well-behaved schoolboy anymore, but wearing a red shirt, jeans, and of course, a visor that covered his face.

He politely knocked on the door.

Immediately from behind the door came an unusually enthusiastic shout. “Dark Sun? Come in, come in!”

Dark Sun entered the Principal’s office, being even more on his guard as soon as he did so.

The Principal wasn’t alone in the office. There was actually at least twenty people inside. One person, who happened to have their back to Dark Sun, sat in front of the Principal. Everyone else was standing in two rows.


Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C4: Home, Part 1—Reunion Dinner

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 5: The Fallen, Jiu Ge, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Home, Part 1—Reunion Dinner—translated by lucathia

“Lu Le came here with me back then.”

The moment Master Ah Lu spoke, everyone’s attention was drawn back.

Lu Le wasn’t surprised to hear this. When she was young, she had gone everywhere with Master Ah Lu to slay demons. Countless places. She couldn’t remember them all.

Later on, she had met Liu Yishi and learned of many strange and dangerous cases abroad. She had accompanied him in solving several major cases. Finally, she consulted Lao Jun and thus began her long stay out of the country.

Taiwan was a relatively safe country. Even when there were spirits acting up, most Taoists could easily get rid of them. However, since the Lu family had Lao Jun’s favor, they should go above and beyond.

Recently, the cases her son ran into were getting more and more dangerous. Is this the result of incidents exploding after accumulating for too long, or is someone stirring up trouble?

Lu Le frowned. At first, she had wanted to quickly unravel what was happening around her son so she could leave the country and continue solving cases. Each and every case she had accumulated was appalling.

Now, her plan remained the same, but it might take longer.

“Were we the ones who solved the case?”

Lu Le didn’t have much of a recollection of the apartment, but if Master Ah Lu were to tell her how the case had been solved, she would definitely be able to remember. If we were the ones who got rid of something huge like that, then could the devil have specifically targeted my son for revenge?

“No, both of us were out of town at the time. When we hurried back after receivin’ the news, the case was already solved. The entire room was charred black, yet the fire hadn’t spread outside the room. The woman who survived said that their daughter was burned to death within’ and a great master hadn’t exited either, sacrificin’ themselves.”