Big and Little Sun Go Go 54: The Slight Smile Begins to Show Its Power

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 54: The Slight Smile Begins to Show Its Power—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by lucathia)

Will: “Hua’s Seeds: three seeds that have been blessed by Hua. As long as the seed touches soil, a large vine will grow. The kind of vine that can move, will hit people, and is super huge. Be careful: don’t plant the seed where you plan to go. The vine does not make a distinction between friend and foe. A note: only under special conditions will the vine listen to your commands.”

Grisia picked up Hua’s seeds and took a look. The seeds were pretty large, about the size of the joint of a finger. The item had a surprisingly large breath of applications, although he didn’t know what the special condition was supposed to be—Wait, Hua’s seeds?

Hua… Flower…? Grisia looked at Elaro. Hanging by Elaro’s chest was a leaf-shaped pendant. If he remembered correctly, the description for that item had something to do with a flower?

“Will, could you repeat how to use the ‘Leaf Clan’s Artifact’?”

Will repeated, “Leaf Clan’s Artifact: possessing this token will grant you the aid of the Mother Flower. The bearer will be automatically healed when seriously injured. Can be used up to three times. Please note, if you’re killed in an instant, only God can save you. The Flower will simply give up on you. Under special circumstances, the number of uses can be increased.”

Elaro said in shock, “Were the seeds blessed by ‘Hua’ actually blessed by ‘the Mother Flower’?”

Grisia felt that this was very likely. He placed the seeds into the system inventory, saying, “If both items have something to do with flowers, maybe we can figure out what the special circumstance is. But when we plant the first seed, we have to remember that it won’t take orders, or we’ll end up being attacked instead.”

Elaro nodded. Teacher had always been very cautious and prudent. He always said things like if victory wasn’t assured, retreat back to the Holy Temple and bring back enough reinforcements to crush the enemy with their armor alone.

“Excuse me, Teacher Grisia. My time is almost up. I may abruptly disappear very soon.”

Seeing that the other two had just about finished speaking, Hungri stiffly bade them farewell. Even though he was facing a tiny teacher, he still felt nervous. After all, ever since he was young, he had heard people call Teacher the most perfect Sun Knight. When he later discovered all the hidden truths… His admiration only increased!

Grisia looked toward Hungri. It hadn’t been too unexpected that Elaro had chosen to call upon Hungri. Elaro had always been unrivaled in his swordsmanship, and he rarely needed to rely on other people in combat. On the other hand, he needed more help in the form of advice.

Grisia nodded and said, “Elaro actually trusts you quite a lot.”

Hearing that, Hungri burst out angrily, “He doesn’t trust me enough! He only ever says he went on a mission after he’s been found out. Or when he’s been injured!”

“Elaro is very prone to being injured.”

Grisia was also aware of this, but he didn’t ban Elaro from going on missions. After all, most of Elaro’s missions were combat related. Was he supposed to ban Elaro from combat just because Elaro was getting injured? Even Judgment would block him from giving an order like that.

“I’ll be relying on you in the future to look after him.” Grisia was about to pat Hungri on the shoulder when he realized he wasn’t tall enough to do so. He retracted his hand silently.

Hungri almost wanted to laugh, but absolutely didn’t dare to. His face contorted so much that it turned red, and he looked like a blushing girl.

Elaro ended up being the one to dryly smile.

Grisia pulled out Meatbun. With the same mental preparation required for putting on a lacy pink dress, he said, “Little Ah Ye, say hello to Meatbun before you go. You really liked holding him when you were little.”

Defying expectations, Meatbun didn’t cry this time. As soon as he was brought out, he bounced up and down on Elaro’s head, very much at home there.

Ri Xiang Ye hesitantly said, “But Meatbunbun won’t remember me anymore, right?”

In fact, he didn’t remember much about Meatbun. But he still couldn’t resist reaching out for the Meatbun on Elaro’s head. It was so round and chubby that it looked really nice to hold!

Meatbun’s watery blue eyes fixed on Ri Xiang Ye for a while. Shortly after, Meatbun hopped into Ri Xiang Ye’s arms. Meatbun enthusiastically burrowing into Ri Xiang Ye’s embrace caused Ri Xiang Ye to laugh nonstop.

Grisia was stunned. He grabbed Meatbun to give to Liola, which resulted in Liola getting smacked by Meatbun and Meatbun immediately jumping back into Ri Xiang Ye’s arms.

Does he really remember Little Ah Ye? Grisia felt that maybe the Meatbun’s IQ was higher than he had previously thought. Maybe Meatbun really had some use after all. They just hadn’t discovered it yet.

“Huh?” Hungri suddenly felt something was off. He shouted to Elaro, “You have to come ba—”

He wasn’t able to finish speaking before he turned into a beam of light and shot into the water mirror.

Even though Hungri wasn’t there anymore, Elaro still nodded and promised, “I will come back.”

Ri Xiang Ye reluctantly handed Meatbun back to Elaro and said, “My time’s almost up.”

“We’ll have other chances to meet.”

Ri Xiang Ye smiled and nodded. But in the final seconds before he left, his expression suddenly changed. He shouted, “The thing next door has awoken. Number 004. That’s—”

The door slammed open before he even finished speaking. Ri Xiang Ye turned, his silvery hair exploding outward like blades rushing toward the uninvited guest who had charged in. In the instant that the blades of hair were about to pierce, Ri Xiang Ye’s body turned into light, and he faded into the water mirror.

Elaro rushed forward. Liola chose to stand in front of Grisia to protect him.

Grisia immediately pulled the magic staff out from the inventory.

Oddly, at this point in time, Will’s lofty voice rang out. “Congratulations to the players. This is the fourth time the livestream has surpassed two hundred shares. The bronze spinner may be spun once.”

  • Sacred text: A holy spell can be prerecorded on the pages. Even if the user is unable to use holy magic, as long as they hold the text and read out the spell, the spell can be used exactly as it was at the time of recording. The power of the spell is the same as it was originally registered. 10 pages.
  • Teleportation: Special ability. Instant movement within a short distance. Can be used once a day. Distance is within 10 meters. Can be leveled using evolution crystals.
  • Privilege of the First Log-In: Congratulations on being the first player to log into the game. A random bonus will be assigned. Select one among weapons, defensive items, or special items.

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