Big and Little Sun Go Go 40: The Sun Knight Who Learned to Check His Watch

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 40: The Sun Knight Who Learned To Check His Watch—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Elaro took a deep breath to calm himself and tried hard not to think about the bitter experiences Ah Ye would face after returning.

Seeing his student brooding over it, Grisia smiled and said, “Maybe in the future, we’ll go to Charles’s world and see Ah Ye all grown up. Who knows how he’ll look? Based on what Charles said, his young master is completely flawless. But I think that the little guy isn’t going to be that great when he grows up. At most he’ll only get 95 points!”

Hearing that, Elaro also smiled as the tension dissipated.

“Teacher, what should we do now? Harvest evolution crystals?”

Elaro assumed that his teacher wouldn’t want to waste the remaining fifteen hours for which he’d still be an adult.

Grisia thought a moment, then said, “Let’s go back to the guard tower area and check on the situation. If we have a chance, we can finish your concealed weapons mission. There’s still four hours left in the day. We still have one Players’ Summon that we’ve yet to use. Even if the situation is quite unfavorable, the three of us definitely should be able to escape.”

Even if the enemy has guns, I’ve got Earth Shield! Here come the bullets, so summon Georgo to block them, perfect!

Elaro nodded, the pair using the Spell of Flight and Elaro’s own two feet. Not even an hour had passed before they arrived outside the guard tower. They were shocked to find that there had been huge changes to the guard tower’s surroundings. Several cars were parked outside the military base and a large group of people were standing and sitting outside the perimeter wall. Next to the wall were a few people holding guns and keeping order.

The two of them hid and watched. One after another, cars came by with lots of people getting out from them. Some of those people had guns, while others looked like they were regular people. Their eyes were full of yearning as they looked at the large gates, dearly wishing that they could enter the military base.

Seeing that, Grisia’s eyes lit up. This is definitely a good chance to blend in and sneak inside!

It was a pity that he had knocked out four cars of people and that his appearance had been exposed—Wait, the person exposed was a sixteen-year-old version of me, not an eight-year-old!

Grisia looked at his watch and carefully calculated the times for summoning and his transformation. If he waited until tomorrow morning at eight, his form would revert…

He said to Elaro, “Let’s wait until I revert, then we’ll sneak into that group of people and go in.”

Elaro felt that this wasn’t a bad plan. Although they would lose the help of his teacher’s magic, it was certainly better than charging straight in. In addition, he would be bringing along a small child, so it would be easier to gain people’s trust.

Grisia proceeded to say, “For now, we’ll go somewhere nearby with aberrants around to activate the Players’ Summon and see what condition the person who’s summoned is in. Will often doesn’t tell us things clearly, like with the time we summoned Charles’s young master, but it was the little Ah Ye who arrived…”

If they were in a desperate situation and they summoned tiny Lesus, Grisia would really vomit blood out of anger.

“Let’s first see if there’re any problems with the summoning. Then they can help us beat up aberrants and we can level up your invisibility.”

Elaro nodded to indicate that he understood. But he was curious as to who his teacher would summon. It was probably someone they wouldn’t need too much, since a specific person could only be summoned once every ten days.

Staring at his watch, Grisia thought long and hard as he planned, “Furthermore, tomorrow we’ll have a new chance to use the Readers’ Summon. We’ll summon them two hours early to see if it’s a person who can help or not, and then, if there aren’t any problems, the three of us will sneak in.

“For now, once we go someplace nearby with aberrants, remember to look for opportunities to use up today’s invisibility and check that there isn’t anything wrong with it.”

Elaro nodded. He understood the plan. He knelt down extremely naturally, then Grisia climbed onto his student’s back, also extremely naturally. The two of them chose a shop by the street to temporarily stay in.

Using a fireball to burn the aberrants inside to death, Grisia muttered, “If invisibility still doesn’t level up, I’m asking Will for a refund!”

As Elaro dug out the crystals, he asked, “Teacher, who do you want to summon?”

“I’ll let you choose.” Grisia didn’t really care who it would be, but feeling like that wasn’t quite right, he hurriedly said, “Just not Earth or your younger sister, or anyone you think we might especially need.”

Elaro thought and said, “Then, I’ll summon—”

“Congratulations to the players. This is the first time the livestream has surpassed two hundred shares. The bronze spinner may be spun once.”

Another spinner? Grisia was very pleasantly surprised. He had thought that once they had moved onto the bronze spinner, spinners wouldn’t be so easy to come by.


  • The Dragon Emperor’s Heart: This heart is dangerous. Taking a bite will greatly increase your magical capabilities, but there is a chance of being controlled by a nameless entity. After eating it three times, the nameless entity will have a 100% chance of seizing control.
  • Voodoo Doll: When you’re mad, hammer nails into this straw doll to vent! No matter where you stab on the straw doll, as long as the straw doll is injured, the other person will feel the same kind of pain but won’t suffer any physical injuries. Can be used three times.
  • Red Cloak: A scarlet cloak. As long as you are wearing it, everyone will have the feeling that you are strong. During melee combat, there is a low probability that you will understand how to use the cloak’s original owner’s combat skills. Can be worn for 12 hours in each world.


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    Oh wow! The emperor ghost from Kill No More who bummed around in his descendants bodies for dozens of generations!

    …..Leafs venting doll?!

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  2. ArmadaTW

    The Voodoo Doll would be hilarious; imagine Grisia thinking about Leaf’s unhealthy habit. Personally, I’m hoping they get the Red Cloak; I think this is the first time a Female Warrior item is shown in this series.

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    Please! CLOAK! Gimme, gimme! I need the 38th and 39th, but mostly the truly a reincarnation of the most useless aspects of Silvester, to wear the cloak!
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      Oops. There should have been hyphens, or no ‘a’ in that statement. Ya’ll get what I meant.

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