Big and Little Sun Go Go 41: Level Up

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 41: Level Up—Translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Will’s message: “Congratulations to the players for receiving the Red Cloak.”

Immediately, Grisia asked, “For the twelve hours it can be worn in each world, does that mean it has to be worn for twelve continuous hours or can it be worn on and off, for an accumulated total of twelve hours?”

“While activated, it can be put on and taken off. The time the players wear the cloak will be recorded and accumulated toward twelve hours.”

“Will the cloak have an effect on me?”

Will’s response: “This item will have an effect on the player.”

Grisia issued an instruction, “Elaro, wear it. I’ll see how effective it really is.”

Elaro unfurled the cloak behind him, then draped it over his shoulders.

Even though a Western-style suit and scarlet cloak, plus the bun on top of Elaro’s head, made for a very poorly coordinated combination, Grisia still inexplicably had the feeling that the red cloak made Elaro look very formidable, as though he could take someone’s head as soon as he drew his sword. Only the mightiest of people would dare to wear such an eye-catching color.

Elaro looked down at the cloak, feeling like absolutely nothing at all had changed. He asked, “Teacher, is there a difference?”

Grisia frowned and said, “Yes. You look like an obnoxious sword-fighting expert.”

“… Teacher, I already am a sword-fighting expert.”

“An obnoxious sword-fighting expert on the level of Lesus and Roland put together.

Teacher Lesus plus Teacher Roland added together? Are there really experts that skilled? Thinking about it, Elaro draped the cloak on his teacher. He then felt like he was facing the demon king. The demon king may have had golden-hair, but he seemed to have both his teacher’s shameless despicability and the demon king’s unscrupulousness. There’s nothing more terrifying!

“This item really is both bizarre and dangerous. It’s a good thing we don’t have strange items like this where we’re from.”

Grisia took off the cloak and put it into the system inventory. Currently, they had no use for it.

“Let’s activate the Players’ Summon.”

Elaro nodded and said, “I want to summon Fey.”

This was outside of Grisia’s expectations. He had thought that Elaro would summon Hungri; after all, Hungri’s combat abilities weren’t as powerful as Elaro’s, and he wouldn’t be a big help in their current situation. Under these circumstances, summoning a Judgment Knight to explain the situation they were in should be the Sun Knight’s first choice.

The water mirror appeared, but even after a moment, no one came out.

Grisia patted his student. “Say a few words to convince him to come over. Your Twelve Holy Knights really aren’t so gullible that they would believe anyone. It’s one of their good points.”

Elaro shouted, “Fey. It’s me, Elaro. I need your help.”

The water mirror rippled and Fey walked out. As soon as he saw Elaro, he took off his monocle, wiped it, and put it back on before carefully scrutinizing Elaro and Grisia. In despair, he said, “It really is you! I was still hoping that the situation really wasn’t this bad. It would have been better for me to be tricked than you two truly having been trapped by some hellish system. How am I supposed to explain this to Hungri when I get back?”

Elaro didn’t even have time to explain before Fey mournfully said, “Hungri is the one who always causes small problems, but the one who causes a big problem every time is you, Elaro. Could the Judgment and Sun Knights not follow this division of labor so meticulously?”

Elaro suddenly understood why Hungri would shout that he wanted to kill Fey all day.

Grisia expressionlessly said, “Did you summon this chatterbox because you thought being forcibly sent to other worlds to complete missions wasn’t already annoying enough?”

“…” In a rare instance, Fey was speechless. He’d really never heard the Sun Knight speak like this before. An expressionless Teacher Sun Knight is kind of scary…

Elaro explained, “Fey’s attack range is very far, and he’s very nimble, so he’s perfect as my support. In addition, Teacher, you requested I summon someone we would not need in the next ten days.”

“Mm, he’s useless all right.” Grisia nodded , agreeing.

Fey felt very wronged. “Oh, should I have decided not to come? I missed sleep to come support the Sun Knight in the middle of the night, but I’m being snubbed as useless.”

Grisia was certain there was nothing wrong with the person they had summoned. This was indeed Moon’s student. He wasn’t even the Metal Knight, yet he had a tongue this sharp. At least Metal usually wouldn’t cause people to choke in fury when he spoke; it was just when he was being completely honest that he would especially infuriate people.

He irritably said, “Let’s start harvesting evolution crystals so he won’t be opening his mouth to talk again.”

The fact of the matter showed that Elaro made the right choice. With Fey standing next to Grisia, not only could he use his whip to support Elaro, he could also keep watch on their surroundings to prevent aberrants from mounting a sneak attack on Grisia. The three of them were astonishingly efficient, and the number of evolution crystals they had increased astonishingly quickly as well.

When it was time for Elaro to wash and eat the crystals, he didn’t forget to stuff Fey’s face with barbequed meat first.

One hour later, just before Fey was about to leave, he despondently said, “Elaro, you really have to come back. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck here! Otherwise, Hungri will get so mad he’ll die on the spot. Then we’ll have no Sun Knight or Judgment Knight!”

Your words are so foreboding! Grisia resisted the urge to electrocute him. This wasn’t his Moon, so if someone should hit him, it should be Elaro.

Elaro smiled and said, “When you return to the Church, you’ll see me again.”

He hadn’t forgotten that Will had said when the missions were over, he and his teacher would be sent back to their original time and place, without even a second having passed.

As for not making it back, Elaro would never let something like that happen.

After seeing off Moon, the teacher and student pair continued to harvest crystals without any plans to rest at all. Even if they were to rest, they would wait for Grisia to change back first.

Before too long, the two of them heard the sound of Will’s notification.

“Special ability Invisibility: Can stay invisible for ten seconds. At the current level, this can be used once a day. Can be leveled up with evolution crystals. Ability has leveled up.”

  • Can stay invisible for ten seconds. Can be used three times a day.
  • Can stay invisible for three minutes. Can be used once a day.
  • Can stay invisible for one hour. Can be used once a day. During this period, touching or attacking any living creature will immediately dispel the invisibility.


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