Big and Little Sun Go Go 42: These Two People Are Actually

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 42: These Two People Are Actually…—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Hearing the results, Grisia quickly glanced at his watch. It was almost midnight. He immediately shouted, “Elaro, you still have ten minutes to try using invisibility!”

When he was done shouting, Elaro disappeared from where he had been. No matter how wide Grisia opened his eyes or how bright the holy light he emanated to illuminate the surroundings was, he couldn’t see anyone.

When Elaro reappeared, he was standing behind his teacher. He patted his teacher on the shoulder.

Grisia turned around, shooting off lightning as he did. Fortunately, Elaro had trained in combat since he was young. With a well-timed backbend, he dodged the lightning. As he turned and looked back, he saw the lightning fell a large tree. At that moment, Elaro made a firm resolution: while his teacher was sixteen -years-old and holding onto that staff, he would definitely be a model student who never scared his teacher.

Grisia lowered the staff and calmly asked, “How many crystals did you eat total before you leveled up?”


Grisia frowned and muttered, “Thirty crystals to level up isn’t a huge issue, but I have the feeling that next time, it definitely won’t just take thirty crystals. It’ll probably need a much larger number, too.”

He attempted to ask, “Will, how many crystals have to be eaten to level up Invisibility again?”

“The answer to this question is not in the system.”

It didn’t work after all. Grisia felt that he could already guess with one hundred percent certainty which questions Will would or wouldn’t answer. He calculated the time and said, “Elaro, you should sleep. I’ll take watch. Tomorrow when I turn small, we’ll sneak into the base and for that, we’ll primarily be relying on you. So, you should get a good night’s rest to make sure you have enough energy.”

At first, Elaro didn’t sleep very well. After all, every now and then he would hear the sounds of lightning and aberrants’ miserable shrieks. Later, though, he unexpectedly grew used to it. He even felt rather relaxed listening to it. There wasn’t a single aberrant his teacher’s lightning couldn’t deal with. If there was, another burst of lightning would come.

He slept until dawn. The instant the first ray of sunlight fell on Elaro’s body, he immediately opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a pair of big, azure eyes looking at him. Long, golden hair hung next to a fair-skinned cheek. With the sun shining down, it was dazzlingly brilliant.

Seeing his student’s dazed expression, Grisia cocked his head and asked, “Aren’t you always wide awake as soon as the sun shines on you?”

Elaro immediately sat up and said, “I’m awake.”

Seeing his sixteen -year-old teacher’s stunning beauty first thing in the morning, Elaro felt full of energy and couldn’t be more awake.

The two Sun Knights began their morning routine and spent an hour on freshening up. Elaro put on the plainest white T-shirt and jeans. Grisia was wearing shorts, since he was waiting to turn small before wearing children’s clothes.

When the time came, Elaro saw the Pope’s Veil appear on his teacher’s head. Then, his teacher’s silhouette gradually shrank until he became a child. However, the child underneath the veil didn’t move. It scared Elaro into immediately removing the veil as he yelled, “Teacher, are you O.K.?”

The child toppled forward into Elaro’s arms.

Elaro cradled his small teacher. Although he felt that his teacher was breathing very steadily, he uneasily shook the child. The child unhappily rubbed his eyes and muttered, “So loud. Quiet. I’m trying to sleep.” Then, he buried his head in Elaro’s shoulder and refused to lift his head again.

Elaro didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that the child was too tired from staying up all night. He put the children’s clothes on his teacher. Seeing that he really wouldn’t be able to wake his teacher up, he thought for a moment and decided to give up on the Readers’ Summon. First, he’d go over to see what the situation was before figuring out what to do.

Elaro carried the child and headed in the direction of the guard tower. But halfway there, several cars caught up with them from behind. The cars even stopped, and the people called out to Elaro.

A few gun-toting soldiers disembarked from the cars. They were initially on guard around Elaro, but seeing that he was carrying a small child, their hostility mostly vanished.

“Are you trying to get to the shelter?”

Elaro nodded. He already saw that the biggest vehicle held many ordinary citizens, and this fit well with his teacher’s plan of sneaking in by blending into the crowd.

The soldiers arranged for him to sit in the biggest vehicle. Elaro’s blond hair and blue eyes attracted a lot of attention. He intentionally walked to the very back to sit down so he could clearly see the entire situation in front of him.

The person next to him was a woman. There was mistrust all over her face, but upon seeing the child, her heart softened and she quietly asked, “Is this your younger brother? Fleeing with such a little kid with you couldn’t have been easy.”

Elaro was about to respond¬—

“Detected the readers’ wishes. Ten points will be awarded if players follow along with the false backgrounds the readers choose. For every person who buys the sob story, an additional ten points will be awarded.”

  • A young father renounced his inheritance of a large family property for the sake of love, traveled the world over, and married in a distant land. Not expecting the pain of losing his love during the apocalypse, he could only flee with his child, brokenhearted.
  • Their parents having turned into aberrants, an older brother was forced to face powerful aberrants to save his younger brother. He personally killed his aberrant parents with his own hands and has been deeply remorseful since. Meanwhile, his younger brother asks about Mama and Papa every day!
  • The older sister of a sibling pair that had faced the world together since they were young joined her husband in the afterlife after getting into a car accident, leaving behind their only son. Her younger brother had no choice but to take on the heavy burden of raising a child into a man, even though he had no idea how to raise a child. Despite the never-ending conflicts between the two, both younger and older boys had to face the apocalypse. They became each others’ sole supports.

Why are all the story options so complicated? Elaro had originally planned on just half-heartedly saying something at random…


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  1. Hans

    Will Elaro eventually get bent by his own teacher or became a pedophile by falling in love with Charsia?😆😆

  2. ArmadaTW

    So I don’t think it’s very clear; was the selected choice from last chapter turning invisible for 10 seconds three times?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Oh huh, yeah it’s hard to tell from the chapter itself. I went back to check. It was the second option!

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