Big and Little Sun Go Go 38: The Author’s Birthday

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 38: The Author’s Birthday—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Readers selected Reward: Whenever they lose consciousness or are under anesthesia, they will have pleasant, sweet dreams. Up to N times.”

Hearing this result, and even knowing that the readers would choose the reward, the three of them still let out a sigh of relief. If there was even a sliver of a chance that a penalty would be given to the child, there was no way they could really relax.

As expected, Grisia wasn’t able to fly for too long. The staff’s bonus was for lightning magic, not the wind element, after all. He was even considering whether to summon someone he knew, like Aldrizzt, to continue flying, but as soon as they touched the ground, the child’s belly made a loud noise.

So everyone looked for a patch of grass without any aberrants to have a picnic—even if there was an aberrant, it would be shot down by Elaro. This ensured that the child wouldn’t have to see such a horrific thing and avoided turning this beautiful dream of angels into a monstrous nightmare.

“My name is Ri Xiang Ye. Gēge and Doctor An Te Qi both call me Ah Ye. Angels, do you have names?”

Little Ah Ye drank the milk powder that had been rehydrated into milk. Next to him was a large array of candies and cookies. He asked, “There’re three angels! Are all of you angels?”

Grisia pointed in the order of himself, Elaro, and Charles, saying, “I’m Angel Sia. He’s Angel Ela. And that’s Angel Umbra.

Little Ah Ye looked at the three of them, nodded, then said, “Angels can’t say their real names? If Ah Ye becomes an angel, then would I be called ‘Little Angel Ye’?”

“…” Grisia felt like his previous experiences of amusing children weren’t of much use here. Really, he was just trying to hide Charles’s name. After all, the two of them would meet in the future, so it would be best if Ah Ye didn’t learn Charles’s actual name now. Otherwise, if it ruined their master-servant meeting and their lives changed, that would be terrible.

“Young Master, you absolutely will not become an angel!” Just a hero.

Charles really didn’t want to hear the tiny young master say that he wanted to become an angel. It really didn’t have good implications.

Little Ah Ye bit a cookie and nodded, “Mm. Ah Ye can’t stay here to be an angel. I have to go back to wait for Gēge, even though Gēge still hasn’t come…”

“He will come.” Charles said, with no room for argument. Although the Sun Emperor would arrive somewhat late, he truly did still go to save his little brother.

Little Ah Ye raised his head to look at Charles and vigorously nodded, saying, “Mhm! Gēge will definitely come to save Ah Ye!”

Grisia was showing off all sorts of magic to the kid, watching little Ah Ye exclaim again and again with, “No way!” or “I can’t figure it out!”

During this time, Elaro had no choice but to repeatedly head out to deal with aberrants who got too close. As soon as he was done hacking the aberrants to death, he would turn around with a big brotherly smile across his whole face, fearing that the small child’s beautiful angel dream would turn into a nightmare about monsters.

However, little Ah Ye watched him with two shining eyes, happily saying, “You’re so agile!”, “I want to learn that move,” and “Can you do that again? I don’t get it yet.”

Charles couldn’t help laughing. It looks like the young master has been a combat fanatic ever since he was small. This much really never changed.

Looking again at his watch, his smile faded without a trace. He didn’t want to leave, wanting to continue to stay with the young master, but the time had still come.

Charles looked toward Grisia and Elaro and spoke a very cautious request, “My time is almost up. For the next four hours, I will have to trouble you to take care of the young master.”

“Don’t worry! Elaro immediately said, “We’ll protect your young master.”

Grisia promised, “We definitely will not bring him into danger.”

Whatever about the mission. I’ll push it to the back of my mind for now. It’s just eight hours, not much of a delay at all.

“What’s happening, everyone?” Little Ah Ye observed the situation, puzzled.

Charles knelt down so he was face-to-face with his young master, and said, “Ah Ye, I have to go back now.”

Little Ah Ye’s expression changed in an instant. He lowered his head with an “oh,” and quietly asked, “Then does Ah Ye have to go back too?”

Charles was about to say, You still have four hours—

“I don’t want to go back.” Ah Ye lowered his head and looked at his hands. Tears fell, drop after drop, and were caught by the metal hands. “My hands hurt. Doctor An Te Qi said my feet would be next. Every day, it hurts so much. My whole body hurts…”

Charles tightly hugged the child.

“I know. I know it hurts very much. But, Young Master, please, you must hold fast. Your brother will come rescue you. In the future, you will have many friends, and I will be waiting for you in the future, too.”

“Ah Ye will wait for Gēge!” Little Ah Ye raised his head and said resolutely, with streaks of tears on his face. After saying that, he asked, not comprehending, “Why will Angel Umbra be waiting for me in the future? Will you take me flying again? By then, maybe Ah Ye will be able to fly too! We can fly together!”

It seems that no matter how old the young master is, he is always looking for someone to go flying with him! Charles helplessly said, “Angel Umbra can’t fly, so I have no way to take you flying.”

Hearing that, little Ah Ye was a little crestfallen.

“But I will be together with you. Until eternity.”

Hearing that, little Ah Ye’s eyes lit up. He enthusiastically nodded and said, “O.K. Then you have to come!”

“Of course. “ Charles said, smiling. Actually, I am already accompanying the young master.

Grisia and Elaro were watching the servant and master make their promises and say goodbye when they suddenly heard Will’s announcement.

“It has been detected that today is the author’s birthday. Sending the present ‘Unlimited G Cell Phone: With Restrictions.’ The number can be bound to someone the caller knows. One call that can cross worlds can be made every three days. Each call will be half an hour.”

The author’s birthday. The system actually sent a present. Just what exactly is ‘The Author’ an author of? Grisia’s mind was full of questions. Author. Readers…

Elaro explained to Charles about the cell phone the system had sent.

Charles almost immediately looked at the two of them. Even before the plea left his lips, Grisia shouted, “Cell phone, bind to ‘Ri Xiang Ye’.”

Charles looked at the two Sun Knights, greatly moved. He gave them a butler’s formal salute, then, soon after, turned into a ray of light and shot into the water mirror behind him.

Little Ah Ye watched with wide eyes as Angel Umbra disappeared.

Grisia tugged on the child’s hand and smiled, saying, “It’s O.K., Ah Ye. You’ll see Angel Umbra again in the future. Want to come with Angel Sia and Angel Ela and go window-shopping?”

Ah Ye raised his head, with a big smile unfurling.



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