Big and Little Sun Go Go 37: Ri Xiang Ye

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 37: Ri Xiang Ye—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

After a mere moment, the familiar water mirror appeared once again. Grisia had wanted to discuss with Charles and call out to the readers, but he was too late. All he could do was wait for the results to be announced.

The three of them waited anxiously, Grisia especially. He couldn’t quite tell; would the readers would choose Charles’s young master, or perhaps, Pink, who he was familiar with? It probably wouldn’t be that Guiliastes, right?

But it’s hard to say. Maybe that guy with the ridiculously long name is really useful and the readers will pick them for me.

A small silhouette walked out from the mirror. Grisia almost thought it was Pink, with her child’s body. It wasn’t, though. The child’s hair was a very unique silvery white color.

Grisia and Elaro first noticed the child’s hands, which were impossible to ignore. Those hands shone with a metallic sheen, and although they had the shape of normal hands, they were far from the hands of a real person.

Elaro dubiously asked, “Is this child human?” Or is it the same as a lich residing inside a body?

“Of course the young master is human!”

Instantly, Charles’s expression changed and he quickly rushed over. The child suddenly lifted his head to look at him, but had no other reaction. Inky black eyes coldly regarded him. If Charles dared to draw one step closer, those metal arms would likely demonstrate their capabilities.

Seeing this, Charles didn’t come any closer, not wanting to rashly provoke his young master. He hadn’t at all expected to see such a small young master. Those hands hadn’t even been covered with synthetic skin and the mechanical arms were exposed. For a small child to have those metal arms…

“This is the young master you keep talking about?”

Grisia was astonished. Based on Charles’s previous descriptions, that “Young Master” shouldn’t have been a kid. He had even thought this must be that “Guiliastes” person.

“Yes… And no.” Charles, still unable to look away from the young master, explained, “This is the young master’s appearance as a child.”

He had certainly already heard—so many times—about that period of childhood where his young master had been trapped in a laboratory and modified. He had not thought he would actually see this child or that it would be so heartbreaking .

Elaro anxiously asked, “What happened to his hands? Is he hurt? Will using holy light to heal them work?”

Hearing the word “hands,” Ri Xiang Ye visibly pulled his hands back behind his body. In contrast, however, he stonily asked, “Who are you? How did you take me away from the laboratory?”

Charles initially was a little worried that the young master was already “Dark Sun.” Fortunately, although the tiny young master had a cold expression, he couldn’t help hiding his hands and a confused expression would occasionally flash across his face. He clearly wasn’t in Dark Sun mode.

“Young… Ah Ye.” Charles attempted to lower the young master’s guard. “You can use various methods to ascertain this—this place is definitely not the world you are familiar with.”

“The Internet is completely inaccessible?” Ri Xiang Ye looked up at the sky. Though he was confused at first, he was ultimately captivated by the azure sky and couldn’t tear his eyes away from it.

He murmured, “Is this a dream? Am I asleep? Or under anesthesia from the surgery…”

Charles couldn’t help but walk forward, seeing that the tiny young master no longer objected. He could finally do what he had wanted to since he first saw the little young master: he reached out and held the small child close as he softly said, “This is a dream.”

With only eight hours, it would be better to let Young Master treat this like a dream instead of being resistant or skeptical the whole time.

Hearing that, Ri Xiang Ye blurted out, “Is this the ‘sweet dream’ that Doctor An Te Qi talks about?”

He suspiciously asked, “Then, who are you? Are you the angels that Doctor An Te Qi mentioned, who will take me away someday? I would rather leave with Gēge, but he still hasn’t come…”

The small child sounded very aggrieved.

Grisia raised an eyebrow and said very matter-of-factly, “We are called by different names in every world. What would you say makes someone an ‘angel’?”

Ri Xiang Ye immediately pointed at the sky and said, “An angel would take me up to fly in the sky, and we would leave the laboratory forever! That’s what Doctor An Te Qi said.”

Flying can’t be any easier! Grisia was currently holding onto a magic staff, so although he couldn’t fly for as long as Aldrizzt, a short flight wasn’t a problem.

“Then yes, we’re definitely angels!”

Grisia lifted up his staff and extended a hand toward the child.

“Come. You are about to fly with an angel.”

Ri Xiang Ye reached out his hand. The fair-skinned hand and the metal hand was a jarring contrast. The child couldn’t help but want to hide his hands again, but Grisia grabbed hold without letting go, then pulled the child in close. Using the Spell of Flight, he directly took them into the sky.

“We’re really flying!”

Ri Xiang Ye was now convinced this was a dream. An angel was soaring in the sky without any flying equipment. If this wasn’t a dream, then what was it?

“You really are an angel!”

“But of course.”

Grisia stuck to his story that he was an angel. Anyway, the God of Light lived up in the sky. Angels were basically beings that flew in the sky, so they were basically envoys of the God of Light, so they were basically Sun Knights. There really weren’t any problems with this naming scheme!

Charles watched the two of them chatting merrily from behind and quietly said, “Elaro, I have a request. Please ask the readers for support.”

Elaro understood that Charles wanted to give little Ah Ye a reward, but he hesitantly said, “There is a possibility that it will be a penalty.”

Charles smiled. “If even I was able to obtain a reward, I believe that the readers will not punish the little young master.”

That’s true. Elaro looked at the people before him laughing happily—one big, one small.

“Readers’ Support: Give the summoned party a reward or penalty.”

  • Reward: Whenever they lose consciousness or are under anesthesia, they will have pleasant, sweet dreams. Upper limit of uses is number of likes divided by 100.
  • Penalty: Whenever they lose consciousness or are under anesthesia, they will have terrifying nightmares. Upper limit of uses is number of likes divided by 100.


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  1. Kamui

    Well, slightly better than right after the chip operation, but can I still say I am not too surprised? Oh well, maybe the good dreams are what helped Ah Ye through all those surgeries?

  2. Gandire Alea


    That said, I think Yu Wo wanted us all to see Ah Ye as a child.

  3. Andi

    AAAHH, how many uses does he get?? T_T Also, this is not the pitfall I expected. I suspected it was going to be the Ah Ye from more recent chapters who would have… Immediately sent Charles “home”.

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Wow! I overshot my predictions for when they pulled him and GEEZ Yu Wo hits hard!

  5. MaplePanda

    Oh my heart. I didn’t expect to see little Ah Ye. He’s so precious~~~ I don’t think the fanbase would have selected to give him nightmares. May he have many sweet dreams

    • Kamui

      Who could bear to do so? Among those who read Yu Wo’s works, who would DARE to do so? I don’t care if certain characters are only figments of imagination, I couldn’t withstand the imaginary consequences of penalizing Ah Ye…

  6. skyofcrimson

    Ri Xiang Ye reached out his hand. The fair-skinned hand and the metal hand was a jarring contrast. The child couldn’t help but want to hide his hands again, but Grisia grabbed hold without letting go, then pulled the child in close.

    This had me in tears. Not only was it for the precious little Ah Ye (the seven years of hell inside the lab) had given him some hope for a sweet dream, but the way Grisia held his hand closely without a care in the world really reminded me of Charlotte back when they were kids. I’m sad now…

  7. Hans

    Did they just cut off ah ye’s perfectly fine pair of hands to replace it with steel hands🥺🥺

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