Big and Little Sun Go Go 36: The Second Readers’ Summon

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 36: The Second Readers’ Summon—translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Xuan; C/E edited by lucathia

“Side quest triggered: become the God of Light’s first holy gunner! Equip a firearm, load the magazine, and fire your first shot. Reward: 10 points.”

The instant Elaro touched a gun, it triggered a side quest.

With Charles present, this mission really wasn’t too difficult, proportional to it being only worth ten points. However, they still spent almost two hours on the guns.

The main focus of that time was spent letting Elaro practice ways to block bullets. Firing the gun itself was secondary. Firing a few rounds to finish the mission was good enough. After all, their marksmanship would not be particularly good with only this short time to practice, and they didn’t have enough bullets anyway.

“Guns are decently strong, but the speed they can shoot is just way too fast!”

After the experience of being strafed by gunfire, Grisia was fully aware of how fearsome guns could be. If he did not have Light Shield and the Shield of Earth, he would have been shot down…

Calm down, calm down. Elaro is very strong, and we have items that can preserve our lives. Nothing bad will happen!

While Elaro was busy blocking bullets, Grisia was not idle either. He pulled out the Crystal Ball of Divination. Thinking about it, there were not a lot of active quests right now, so the Crystal Ball of Divination would most likely give them a hint about the main quest.

“Will, I would like to scry.”

As soon as Grisia finished speaking, he saw the crystal ball change, with an image appearing inside… That looks like… A rectangular metal box?

He stared at the crystal ball for a long time but there really wasn’t anything else. Just the metal box.

What the hell is this? I don’t get it at all!

“I made a mistake. Maybe I should let Charles look at it. He understands this world better, so maybe he would understand…”

Just as he was beginning to regret, Grisia suddenly thought of another problem. He frowned as he asked, “Will, can Charles use the Crystal Ball of Divination?”

“Items’ special abilities are only able to be used by the players.”

Okay, I don’t have to feel bad about it then. Grisia could only try very hard to describe the metal box to Charles.

This time, Charles had no idea either. He could only guess, “Perhaps it is a box that contains the secrets behind the base of operations? Even if we cannot guess what it is currently, it is no matter. We will infiltrate first, then perhaps when we see the actual thing, we can figure out what it is.”

He paused for a moment, then said, “However, considering how many people you knocked out by the guard tower, I am afraid this is not a good opportunity to infiltrate.”

Grisia knew that but he really wanted Charles’s assistance for this. In addition, there was no guarantee that the second summoned person would be as cooperative as Charles. Even if the readers helped to pick them, what if all three choices were awful?

“Having you to help us will be a huge difference. Taking that into account, do you still feel that we shouldn’t sneak in now?”

Thinking, Charles said, “The current era has many forms of surveillance unimaginable to you. Furthermore, they had just been ambushed right outside their base of operations. This is when they would be the most on guard. Unless you were planning on directly charging in, killing everyone along the way to enter, I would not recommend going in right now. Even if I were to help, this would not be an easy task.

“If my young master were here, this would be much easier. He would be able to directly hack into their surveillance systems and bring you inside without anyone the wiser. However, I am unable to do that.”

After hearing Charles’s explanation, Elaro also reasoned, “Teacher, we have one month’s time. We don’t have to insist on going right now.”

Grisia nodded in agreement, then said, “Will, I want to activate the second Readers’ Summon.”

Faced with Charles and Elaro’s astonished looks, Grisia explained, “In any case, I don’t intend on going in. We might as well take advantage of the fact that Charles is still here. First, we’ll see what kind of person the second Readers’ Summon is and find some patterns. Maybe if the new person and Charles are from almost the same world, Charles can help us persuade the other person to help us?”

The other two suddenly understood.

  • Guiliastes
  • Ri Xiang Ye
  • Pink

There’s Pink?! Grisia was somewhat dumbstruck. How powerful is Will? Although, he wished it had been Scarlet instead.

He was about to ask the readers to help pick—

“Young Master!” Charles cried out.


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  1. ArmadaTW

    I really hope it’s Gui. A Dominion’s End / No Hero / LSK / 1/2 Prince quadruple crossover would be so amazing!

    • Kamui

      Yup. I want Gui too. Not only would his general IQ be indispensable, I could do with some hilarious interactions between Grisia and Gui. Also, let’s face it, that econd option just…I feel the honorable author has some not so honest intentions.

  2. 15B

    Of course I want Ah Ye! But it’s just too convenient he’s showing up right after Charles said how useful he’d be…

    But more Ah Ye! There’s never enough!

  3. Jasae Bushae

    That hinting at a pitfall in the hash tags…The vote will go to Charles young master but it will be him from some point during Eclipse Hunter I predict

    • Mizuhino

      That’s definitely my thought. Ah Ye being an Ah Ye who doesn’t know Charles…. Or what if it was the later Ah Ye from the time when they can’t be together? He might only cause trouble in that case. Or a really early Ah Ye from before his brother found him… It’s too late for him to use the veil!

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