Big and Little Sun Go Go 35: The Demon King Shows Off

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 35: The Demon King Shows Off—translated by J Tao (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Suddenly, there was a strange noise in the distance. Grisia had never heard anything like it and immediately retreated behind some trees that were off to the side. Soon, he saw some carriages… No, these are cars!

Grisia had listened to Charles’s explanation of cars and at the time had thought it was a pity that the roads were too crammed full of them. Otherwise, driving a car to the guard tower would have been much faster.

So that noise is the sound a car makes. It seems like they move pretty quickly too—how can something that big actually move without horses? Is it a type of magic exclusive to this world?

Grisia pondered these questions, furrowing his brow. When the cars came near, he pulled his entire body back behind the trees, to make sure that he wouldn’t be seen.

However, this was followed by a thunderous noise, and Grisia nearly jumped out of fright. In an instant, the trees that he had been hiding behind were split almost entirely into pieces.

Light Shield!

Grisia threw up a Light Shield as soon as he realized that something was wrong, managing to use it to protect himself before the trees had been entirely destroyed.

Although he had the Light Shield, Grisia could still feel the shockwaves from the attacks, and he was in blinding pain from head to toe.

Fortunately, Grisia was no longer in the body of a child; he could endure this level of pain. He added a Shield of Earth in front of him, and only then was he somewhat relieved. He watched as a pile of stealth weapons shorter than even a finger covered the ground in front of his eyes—No, these things make an absolutely deafening noise. There’s no way these could be stealth weapons!

Just one round of these tiny weapons had managed to nearly exhaust the Shield of Earth which was quickly fading, forcing Grisia to recast the spell over and over again.

At that moment, a roar resounded from the middle of the motorcade, “Ceasefire!”

That deafening noise stopped, and Grisia released the breath he had been holding. He had already become an expert in holy light by the time he was sixteen, but he was really unable to say how long he would have lasted under such dense attacks.

No one came down from the motorcade. Instead, only a strong beam of light shone over, so strong that Grisia was forced to squint. Someone used an unknown means to amplify their voice, shouting, “You’d better be ready to talk. Identify yourself, and make sure to include where you came from and everything about your abilities.”

Grisia concentrated on taking stock of his opponent. There were four cars and fifteen people inside them.

Although his sensing ability was not too strong at the moment, with the bonus from the staff, it was still possible for him to identify the number of people there were.

“I am…”

He raised the staff.

“The Sun Knight!”

A huge surge of electricity comparable to a tidal wave swept toward the cars. After several explosions from the cars, the entire motorcade quickly fell silent.

Grisia approached the enemies on the ground, very carefully making sure that they had all lost consciousness. Even if they were awake, though, they were so severely injured that they would be unable to move. Only then did he let down his guard. He couldn’t resist looking at the Sinner of Pride’s Staff. To tell the truth, even he was a little intimidated.

Although he had been somewhat angered by being attacked and interrogated about his origins so inexplicably, wasn’t the added bonus from being angry while wielding the staff a little too much?

The lightning he had released while learning magic with Aldrizzt had not nearly been as powerful as it had been this time…


Elaro had hurried over as soon as he had heard a commotion coming from where his teacher had been. He had decided to return immediately, terrified that he wouldn’t make it in time.

But Teacher was Teacher after all, and even if he was only sixteen years old, he was still a sixteen-year-old Demon King.

Seeing that Grisia was unharmed, to the point that he had even defeated four cars of people, Charles was both relieved and amazed by Grisia’s offensive power. He hadn’t thought that Grisia’s strength would compare to Elaro’s, even if he had aged up to sixteen years old.

Urgently, Charles said, “People will certainly come over immediately. We must leave this place before further discussion.”

Hearing this, the three immediately began to relocate.

Once they had reached a quiet area, Grisia began the necessary apologies. “I wasn’t being careful about revealing my location, and I let them find me.”

Charles shook his head and said, “That is not your fault. They had infrared sensors, so there was no way for you to hide.”

Neither Grisia nor Elaro understood.

Charles began to explain. “This kind of equipment will allow you to detect body temperatures, leaving you with no way to escape detection.”

Beginning to understand, Grisia replied, “So it’s this world’s sensing ability?”

“Fortunately, the encounter was not without reward,” Charles smiled, raising two guns and several magazines of ammunition. “Before we left just now, I quickly searched the first car. This is a perfect opportunity for you two to familiarize yourselves with firearms.”


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  1. Kamui

    Hmm, wonder what age the youngest Demon King was? Seems even more dangerous if they are young…

  2. 15B

    … I guess I shouldn’t have been worried? Or maybe I should be worried for the enemies who’d be facing Gun Knights instead of Sun Knights.

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