Big and Little Sun Go Go 34: Brilliant Sun

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 34: Brilliant Sun—translated by J Tao (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to the players for receiving the SLR camera and Pope’s Veil.”

Grisia didn’t waste any time after receiving the Pope’s Veil and immediately put it on his head. Moments later, he felt his height grow and heard a tearing sound…

The polka-dotted pinafore dress followed in the steps of the cherry top of being reduced to rags within a day.

***System black screen separator***

Grisia could only change into the white shirt and jeans that Elaro was wearing, letting the student wear the suit instead.

However, this set of clothes did not quite fit Grisia. The waist on the jeans was so big that it would immediately slip down, even while the pant legs were already dragging along the ground. Fortunately, Charles was there. This vampire was able to pull out a needle and thread from his vest pocket and use his blood ability to form a pair of scissors. With a few snips and flying movements from the needle, it only took five minutes to modify the too-big pants into a pair of cropped wide-leg trousers.

After he finished modifying the clothes, Charles began to closely examine Grisia. The way the little girl—little boy looked after growing up was not entirely outside of his expectations. He had brilliant golden hair; sapphire blue eyes; and bright, fair skin. Such a beautiful and noble appearance would not at all lose to his young master’s.

Of course, his young master also would not lose; rather, each of the pair had entirely different natures when it came to their appearances. Charles’s young master gave off a cold and clean feeling, while Grisia…

While thinking of an appropriate adjective, Charles suddenly looked toward the sun, which was so brilliant that people could not look directly at it.

Although he was merely sixteen years old, with the baby fat visible on his face still giving him a childish appearance, Grisia’s bearing was entirely on par with Elaro’s, who was standing beside him. It was as if this person had been born to be elevated in the sky.

“Thank you.” Grisia sighed, and said gratefully, “You’ve really helped us quite a lot.”

This person’s smile and gratitude truly makes one feel overwhelmed with undeserved praise! Charles sighed. A real holy knight truly did stand out from ordinary people. It would be very difficult for his own world to produce people like Grisia and Elaro.

Smiling, Charles replied, “Although this outfit very much does not fit your bearing, at least it will not hinder your movements.”

Hearing this, Grisia resentfully grumbled at the system, “Will, this item has a fundamental issue! If I had wanted to urgently transform into a sixteen-year-old in the middle of battle, wouldn’t I have to fight wearing rags? Surely this wouldn’t suit your livestream!”

“If there does not seem to be suitable equipment when the player transforms, it will be understood that appropriate clothing from the inventory will be equipped. However, the player has already chosen to personally cancel this setting.”

Did such a thing happen? Ah! It was that time with the bunny pajamas that irritated me to death, Grisia realized. So the issue really was my own fault!

“I’d like to change it back to the original settings.”

“Settings have been changed.”

Grisia raised the Sinner of Pride’s staff, and an arc of electricity began to surround it entirely. The strength was much stronger compared to before, when he was eight years old. At last, he was no longer a child that had to be protected. This feeling is certainly not bad!

Charles had been interested in Aldrizzt and Grisia’s magic this whole time, as it was a power that was very infrequently seen in his own world. Even if there were some mysterious powers that seemed quite like magic, they would not so clearly be creating lightning.

“I had assumed that holy knights are like Elaro, using a sword in close-combat battle. I would never have thought that you can also use magic. It seems that the stereotypes about holy knights from movies and novels cannot be trusted.”

…No, your stereotypes are correct, Elaro silently replied in his mind.

“Let’s go over, then,” Grisia reminded them. “Elaro, don’t forget that you still have a side quest of using concealed weapons to complete.”

“Considering that you no longer need my protection, I will go first to scout the path ahead,” Charles suggested.

Grisia asked in response, “Oh? And what about what you said about not fighting?”

“Since there are only six hours left, I thought it might be good to enjoy myself a bit more, so as to not have any regrets about my rare adventure experience.”

The vampire smiled as he retreated into the darkness.

“This ability to hide in the dark is actually quite impressive.” Grisia began to give his student orders. “Elaro, follow him. Take any opportunity to use your stealth weapons to dispatch of our enemies, but you must not be discovered! Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”

Elaro nodded, right hand carrying a short knife and left hand holding concealable weapons between the fingers. He began to quickly follow after Charles.

Grisia decided to stay where he was, since he was not as proficient at hiding himself in the darkness as the other two. Besides, the staff’s area of attack was too great, which would likely alarm everyone in the surrounding area.

Next, the split parties of the big and little suns will experience…

  • Grisia, who stays at the origin point, is discovered by an enemy patrol.
  • Unable to handle the enemy patrol quietly, Elaro and Charles alert the enemies within the base and get surrounded.
  • Elaro and Charles successfully deal with the enemy patrol and go back to sneak in with Grisia.


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  1. ArmadaTW

    Wow, giving the readers a chance to control the actual plot; this is interesting! I feel like they’ve gotten so many good items recently, so I think it’d be good to add a little drama by selecting the option with the enemies surrounding Elaro and Charles. Having them successfully deal with the enemy patrol might be a faster way to advance the plot though.

  2. Kamui

    Hehehe, Please to the first option since Elaro and Charles are the ones with the phones, but I guess the second is fine too in that case.

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