Big and Little Sun Go Go 33: The Guard Tower

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 33: The Guard Tower—translated by J Tao (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to the players for receiving this piece of important information about the current world: the deadliest number. The hint is as follows: 013.”

The two sun knights were still listening attentively and waiting for the rest, but Will ultimately spoke no further.

“Just a number like this?” Grisia said, surprised.

Elaro quickly related the circumstances around the special spinner wheel to Charles in full detail.

Drawing on his knowledge of movies and books he had seen before, Charles speculated, “According to the eyewitness’s information, ‘those people’ were capturing those who were about to turn into aberrants, and bringing them back to a ‘base.’ This was most likely to perform observations, or perhaps experiments, on them. Perhaps this number is a serial number for experiments… wait!

“Your main mission is, ‘No one knows he will become the future king of aberrants’,” Charles said, an idea having suddenly come to him. “Perhaps the number 013 is the experiment serial number of the ‘king of aberrants’?

With pure sincerity, Grisia asked, “Will, may the target of the next Readers’ Summon be Charles again, please?”

Will’s response: “Request denied. The Readers’ Summon is decided by the readers from a set of random options. Players do not specify the outcome.”

What a quick rejection! Shouldn’t you check what the readers want before deciding?

Quickly, Grisia urged the other two, “Let’s hurry then, Charles has little time left! Ideally, we’ll be able to find those experimental labs before he has to leave this world.”

I feel like those statements are phrased rather unluckily, Charles thought, unsure whether to laugh or cry, but ultimately didn’t dwell on the point. After all, vampires were considered cursed creatures to begin with, if you thought it through. Why bother worrying about bad luck?

As they hurried along, Grisia asked his student, “You’ve already eaten ten crystals. Has the invisibility power evolved?”

“Will hasn’t said anything, but maybe we have to use it to find out.”

One use per day… Elaro didn’t particularly want to use it up like this, and then be unable to use it for the next twenty-four hours.

“Wait…” Grisia suddenly felt like something was wrong, and promptly asked, “Will, you said the invisibility power can be used once per day. Don’t tell me it resets at midnight like the rest?

“It does.”

We wasted an opportunity to test it. The two sun knights were speechless. When Will had said that they had one use per day, they had incorrectly assumed that it would need twenty-four hours between uses—after all, someone using magic or battle aura needed to rest afterward to recover them. What kind of power would reset at midnight, used or not?

It looks like we need to be more careful with the explanations of these powers in the future, and make sure to ask insightful and thorough questions. Grisia absolutely did not want his student to need a power in the middle of a battle only to find that it had reset.

After Aldrizzt had flown them for an hour and a half, Elaro and Charles had to hurry along for five more hours, taking a break to rest for an hour in the middle.

Grisia was sleeping for the whole journey. According to him, a child’s body was really unable to stay awake… which was true this time!

Finally, at daybreak, the trio caught sight of that huge guard tower, as well as the wire netting and enclosures surrounding it.

“Could this be a military base?” Charles was surprised by this discovery.

Will announced, “The players have found ‘the base of those people.’ Update to Main Quest ‘No one knows he will become the future king of aberrants’: Discover the ultimate secrets hidden within the base.”

Just as I expected, the main quest has been updated. Grisia frowned, looking at his watch. Charles only had about six more hours left in this world. They had to hurry and enter the base—

“Congratulations, players. Thirteen livestreams have been shared over one hundred times, and prizes have now been awarded ten times. The spin limit for the novice spinner wheel has been reached; the bronze spinner wheel will now activate. From now on, the number of shares must surpass two hundred in order to activate the spinner wheel.”

Grisia’s face changed, and he promptly shouted, “Wait, but we’ve only spun the wheel ten times! You can’t just invalidate the three left over!”

“Since the previous three spins coincided with International Book Day and the three-for-one special information spinner, these spins did not activate the spinner wheel upgrade. To compensate the players, a special novice spinner will be activated. Players, please select five items from the spinner wheel choices that have previously appeared. The readers will then choose two items from the five choices to be given as rewards.”

“Why are there only two rewards for three spins?”

Grisia wanted to argue diligently for a third reward, although he was rather satisfied with being able to pick five previously unselected spinner wheel rewards. There was just too much uncertainty surrounding the items from the spinner wheel, after all.

But Will refused to acknowledge him. “Would the players please select five items?”

Grisia’s arguing was fruitless. He could only go find Elaro and Charles to discuss options that had previously appeared, finally settling on five items.

  • The Pope’s veil: wear this veil to turn into a beautiful young man! Age up or down to sixteen years old for three days. Can be used once in every world and upgraded under special circumstances.
  • Unbreakable egg: This palm-sized egg has an unimaginable capacity! Can contain a player, NPC, or any other organism in sleep mode within the egg for up to three days. While they are in the egg, self-recovery will be at a maximum. Egg can be placed into the inventory, along with any organisms inside.
  • Xiao Ai / Virtual lover console: Even while dating, one must study well, as requested by parents. This system has a built-in, basic encyclopedia and will assist the player with common knowledge of a new world right away. However, if you don’t court her well, you’ll have a disastrous falling out, and you will know what it’s like when your girlfriend gets angry.
  • SLR camera: Come take a picture! The photo may capture past or future events; don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to tell which, a timestamp will be found in the lower right corner of each photograph. Can take three pictures in each world.
  • Crimson Snake Whip: One swing of this whip at an NPC, and you may receive this NPC’s devotion at an 80% success rate. Please note that following a failure, the NPC’s hostility toward you will rise to that of a mortal enemy. May only be swung once in each world.


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  1. ArmadaTW

    Thank you PR as always for the new chapters!

    The Pope’s veil, if I understood the description correctly, seems like a no-brainer for Grisia or a summoned player to use. The other items could be useful as well, but being able to turn “Little Sun” (or a politically adverse guest in a particular world) into a 16-year-old seems much game-breaking in comparison

    • Kamui

      But a 16 year old Sun can’t really be much stronger? I am surprised the veil can only be used once per world though…

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