Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C1: The Novices Debut, Part 1—Deceptive Story

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 5: The Fallen, Jiu Ge, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Novices Debut—Deceptive Story—translated by lucathia

Slay Teeth Debris: Where are you?

Grand Duke Jiang is Fishing: Jiu Ge. Didn’t I just tell you that I have to help my boss look after the bookstore this afternoon?

Slay Teeth Debris: Ah, I just want to check that you arrived safely and haven’t accidentally fallen into some barrier dimension.

Grand Duke Jiang is Fishing: …I really wish I could properly stay on Earth.

That’s difficult! Lu Yang put away his cell phone and pressed the doorbell. He glanced backward, making sure there was no movement from the door across the hall.

The door in front of him opened. A vampire who was no less handsome than the angel smilingly said, “Welcome, please come in.”

Lu Yang really wanted to properly stay on Earth himself, but he was forced to fly to Mars.

“You’re answering the door in broad daylight. Aren’t you afraid people will see through you?”

Even without Jiang Ziya’s eye, Lu Yang could see many flaws. Such reflective eyeballs. They must be glass? What if I wasn’t the one who knocked, but rather the mailman or the neighbors?

House Keeper smiled and stepped aside, explaining at the same time, “Mistress does not wish to answer the door, and I have not run into any substantial troubles answering the door thus far. People always assume they are the ones who have seen incorrectly, or pass it off as a fashion choice.”

The moment Lu Yang stepped inside, he saw a young, blond man dressed in gorgeous priest robes holding a glowing book. He continuously gestured with his hand, the signs he made with his hand greatly resembling those of Lu Yang’s father. Oh, right, Hold Keeper just started learning exorcism from my father last week.


Eclipse Hunter V3C6: Dangerous Thinking

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Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Chapter Six: Dangerous Thinking—translated by Trespasserby

It was a night where the moon was hidden behind black clouds. Most of the city was dark and silent except for the occasional dog’s bark and voices from somewhere that mixed among the lights and sounds from one or two cars whistling past.

A garbage truck was parked in an alley between two tall buildings. Garbage overflowed from it, and mice had torn into the bags. The ground was littered with trash tumbling in the wind, unacceptably dirty. Fortunately, few people frequented the alley. Both walls were lined with rundown metal doors that seemingly hadn’t been opened in ages.

In this seemingly coalesced darkness, one of the metal doors opened noiselessly, as if opened by a ghost. It seemed inconceivable that this dilapidated, rusted metal door didn’t make a single sound as it opened, even more silent than an automatic door.

It would have been enough to stir doubts in someone’s heart that maybe what had opened the door was one of the ghosts of the city?

But the next moment, a person wearing a red, tight-fitting shirt and a silver visor came out from behind the door. He was even carrying a large bag on his back. The outlines of firearms could be faintly seen through the lumps in the backpack.

This person clearly wasn’t a ghost, but his movements were so graceful and silent that he wasn’t too different from a spirit.

The man slowly closed the door. After he turned his head slightly to survey the surroundings, he began to think.

According to the Morse code, the rendezvous would be in three days. In that case, where could he go for now?

He had to find a place where he would not be found. So he wouldn’t be able to use his credit card to stay at a hotel. Even if he didn’t use his credit card, staying in a park wouldn’t work either because as long as it was public, he would definitely be found!

He really didn’t have a lot of choices, and he hadn’t gone to many places before. Apart from home and the Sun Alliance headquarters, he had only gone to school. Naturally, he could cross off the first two options so that left… I guess it’s just school?


GODV4C1: Currently Sick, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 4: The First Duel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: Currently Sick, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Minthe)

“Philo is too kind. He might not be able to harm Doom, if Doom is that boy.”

A somewhat cold voice came from a dark corner.

A figure stood there, the upper body completely concealed in shadow. After saying those words, he stepped out from the shadows, slowly making his way beside the window. The sunlight streaming in through the window discomforted him a bit. He lifted his right hand to his eyes, while his left hand held a thick, exquisite book. The hard, stiff, black book seemed to reflect the owner’s character perfectly.

The owner of the book had a unique appearance. At a glance, his silver hair and somewhat dark skin might make one think him to be a cousin of the elves, an evil dark elf who lived belowground but had trespassed aboveground. However, no matter if it was his stature or his round ears, both indicated that he was indeed a human and not a dark elf.

Even though his mother had cried out with “demon” upon seeing his red eyes at birth and thrown him to the ground, never willing to look at him again, that was not important.

Since the moment he was born, he had already understood his identity—he was a starseer who would foresee the future.

A starseer had a mission more important than anything else—finding his guide, and then accompanying him until the end, even if that “end” was the end of the world.

“Xixiuliye, you’re rushing things again.”


Big and Little Sun Go Go 33: The Guard Tower

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 33: The Guard Tower—translated by J Tao (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to the players for receiving this piece of important information about the current world: the deadliest number. The hint is as follows: 013.”

The two sun knights were still listening attentively and waiting for the rest, but Will ultimately spoke no further.

“Just a number like this?” Grisia said, surprised.

Elaro quickly related the circumstances around the special spinner wheel to Charles in full detail.

Drawing on his knowledge of movies and books he had seen before, Charles speculated, “According to the eyewitness’s information, ‘those people’ were capturing those who were about to turn into aberrants, and bringing them back to a ‘base.’ This was most likely to perform observations, or perhaps experiments, on them. Perhaps this number is a serial number for experiments… wait!

“Your main mission is, ‘No one knows he will become the future king of aberrants’,” Charles said, an idea having suddenly come to him. “Perhaps the number 013 is the experiment serial number of the ‘king of aberrants’?

With pure sincerity, Grisia asked, “Will, may the target of the next Readers’ Summon be Charles again, please?”


Big and Little Sun Go Go 32: International Book Day

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 32: International Book Day—translated by J Tao (proofread by Xuan & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

The meat bun’s tears seemed unending.

Though it was a strange object beyond imagination, Elaro would often go out on missions and see many odd phenomena. Besides, it was just a meat bun, and one that was crying terribly pitiably at that. It didn’t look the least bit threatening.

With a white and plump bun body and two big, blue, glistening eyes, the meat bun actually looked pretty adorable.

“Shh, don’t be scared.” Elaro patted the bun as gently as he could, though he was a little worried as to whether the methods used to comfort a child would work on a meat bun.

The meat bun’s waterfall of tears slowly began to shrink, until only the tears on its face were left. Although it was still crying, its mood had obviously improved. Upon seeing this, Elaro put even more effort into comforting the meat bun.

Grisia silently watched his student, who took unexpectedly proper care of the meat bun.