GODV4C1: Currently Sick, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 4: The First Duel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: Currently Sick, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Minthe)

“Philo is too kind. He might not be able to harm Doom, if Doom is that boy.”

A somewhat cold voice came from a dark corner.

A figure stood there, the upper body completely concealed in shadow. After saying those words, he stepped out from the shadows, slowly making his way beside the window. The sunlight streaming in through the window discomforted him a bit. He lifted his right hand to his eyes, while his left hand held a thick, exquisite book. The hard, stiff, black book seemed to reflect the owner’s character perfectly.

The owner of the book had a unique appearance. At a glance, his silver hair and somewhat dark skin might make one think him to be a cousin of the elves, an evil dark elf who lived belowground but had trespassed aboveground. However, no matter if it was his stature or his round ears, both indicated that he was indeed a human and not a dark elf.

Even though his mother had cried out with “demon” upon seeing his red eyes at birth and thrown him to the ground, never willing to look at him again, that was not important.

Since the moment he was born, he had already understood his identity—he was a starseer who would foresee the future.

A starseer had a mission more important than anything else—finding his guide, and then accompanying him until the end, even if that “end” was the end of the world.

“Xixiuliye, you’re rushing things again.”

Compared to the person who had spoken before, the voice that drifted over this time was quite gentle and lighthearted. Upon hearing it, one could not help but feel that this person was trustworthy.

That person faced the window. Although his face could not be made out, his posture was elegant, giving off a noble impression. Moreover, he had casually placed his hand behind his waist and slightly tilted his head, as if he was ready to give a listening ear at any time, making him appear both graceful and approachable.

The red-eyed man who had been addressed as Xixiuliye merely stayed silent without a word. Even though the person by the window had spoken with a voice as soft as a breeze, he knew that his guide had grown a bit angry. His guide usually called him Xixiu, so whenever his guide used his full name, it often indicated he was angry.

However, even if Fylost was angry, he wouldn’t do anything to his starseer.

Seeing how Xixiuliye appeared unbothered, with the attitude of “what can you do to me,” Prince Fylost began to smile lightly. He had spent a considerable amount of effort before he had been able to encourage Xixiuliye to become a bit more human, when he had used to be a starseer who had been more dead than alive.

“You’re just being too impatient, Xixiu. Are you afraid that the Guide of Doom will find his starseer?”

Xixiu remained silent. He had never met the other starseer before, but just like how he had understood that he was a starseer the moment he was born, he also knew from the start that there was another starseer out there. And that person was his archenemy!

“Won’t it be better that way? If we finish off my archenemy too easily, won’t that be such a mockery, having such a useless opponent? My opponent must have some capability, in order not to drag down the quality of this fight. Don’t you agree, Xixiu?”

The prince laid both elbows on the windowsill. He tilted his head up to enjoy the breeze blowing in through the window. He appeared so relaxed that it was as if he was making small talk instead of discussing something that involved the future of the world.

“As long as you win against him, nothing else matters,” Xixiu answered simply.

The prince asked in some curiosity, “I’ve never understood. Why are you so adamant about winning? We haven’t even figured out the true meaning behind Doom and Existence.”

Even though Doom sounded bad, Fylost would never take it purely at face value, but he didn’t plan to lose this divine game either.

“I don’t know.” Xixiuliye’s gaze sharpened. He closed the book in his hand with a hard smack and emphasized, “I don’t know, but Fylost, you must not lose!”

Fylost answered with some exasperation, “Xixiu, ever since you met me, have I ever lost before?”

“Never.” Xixiuliye shook his head.

Fylost sighed theatrically, “Then, tell me, how many times must I win for you to have some faith in your own guide?”

For a rare moment, emotion flickered across Xixiuliye’s red eyes.

“When you win against Doom!”

The prince rested his chin on one hand, while the index finger of his other hand slowly tapped on the windowsill in a rhythmic fashion. The room was so silent that even the sound of breathing was nearly absent. There was only the tap, tap, tap sounds of the finger. As it continued, even one’s heartbeat would unconsciously match the rhythm of the tapping, speeding faster and faster…

The finger abruptly stopped, and the listener’s heartbeat seemed to stop along with it. Soon after, however, came the sound of a gentle, relaxing voice, allowing the listener’s heartbeat to return to a gentle beat that felt rather soothing.

“Fine, in order to alleviate Xixiu’s worries, I will send another sinner to investigate.”

If a regular person heard the prince come up with a compromise like this, they would probably be moved to tears and fall to their knees to thank the prince for his help; however, Xixiuliye understood that Fylost wasn’t doing this to help him.

In fact, ever since the prince had heard of the name Doom when he was only ten years old, he had never forgotten this enemy of his.

“Tell me now, Xixiu.” The prince turned around, a small, gentle smile on his face. “Which sinner should I send?”

Xixiuliye glanced at Fylost indifferently. His guide always liked to ask questions like this one when he clearly knew that a starseer could only illuminate the guide’s path and would not make any decisions.

The starseer dutifully entered the universe of stars to illuminate his guide’s future path.

Xixiuliye opened the thick black book in his hands—No! Instead of saying he opened the book, it would be more accurate to say that the book flipped open by itself. Xixiuliye held the black book with both hands, while the pages of the book flipped on their own without any wind. Page by page, the pages flipped as if there were no end…

The red-eyed starseer narrowed his eyes, light from countless stars reflecting in his red eyes. His voice was hollow and distant, as if coming from the starry sky.

“The future leads to three branching paths. One path has already been abandoned. The ‘first’ of the remaining paths will produce sweet fruits, while the ‘second’ will be a deadly viper.”

After saying the prophecy, Xixiu reverted back to his cold manner. He thought about the prophecy from just now. A normal person would choose the first path, right?

The prince turned back to the window and began tapping his finger again…

Finally, the corner of his mouth lifted handsomely, and he slowly said, “Then, let me send my archenemy a deadly viper. I hope my archenemy won’t disappoint me.”


Shooting Star rubbed his already bright red nose. Then, he pulled the quilt on him even tighter around himself, until only a contented, goose-egged shaped face could be seen. Following that, he dragged the quilt behind him and slowly ambled along like a tortoise.

“Shooting Star!”

Bai Saya hurriedly ran over. Seeing Shooting Star stagger, he quickly extended a hand to prevent Shooting Star from using the palace corridor as his bed again. That would only worsen Shooting Star’s condition.

In response to this, Bai Saya actually blamed his companion for once. Saiximili had really been too much, allowing them to sleep on the floor for the entire night. It was fine for Bai Saya. He was a swordsman with a healthy body, and he had often slept directly on the floor anyway, but Alan was a mage with a weak constitution, and Shooting Star was just a kid.

However, given how much of a ditz Saiximili was, telling him off about it was probably useless. If Bai Saya were ever to faint again, he would have to make proper arrangements before he hit the floor.

“Let go.” Shooting Star struggled, wanting to escape from his pet.

Bai Saya berated him, “You’re so ill right now. Why aren’t you resting obediently on the bed?”

Shooting Star was totally wronged. He pouted and complained, “But I’m so, so, so, hun… a-a-achoo! I’m so hungry!”

Bai Saya smiled helplessly and asked, “Didn’t we just bring over a ‘pot’ of porridge?”

“Something like porridge isn’t enough to… a-a-achoo… fill me up!” Shooting Star had only been trying to say a single sentence, but several sneezes interrupted him. After he finished speaking, his entire face fell, and he said, nearly about to cry, “Being sick sucks so much. I don’t want to be sick!”

It’s not like you won’t be sick anymore just by saying you don’t want to be sick. Bai Saya helplessly comforted him, “There’s nothing you can do about being sick. Alan is also sick. I think the two of you probably fell sick because of suffering from Encroaching Death and lying on the floor for an entire night. You’ll get better after a few days of rest.”

“Use your stone’s healing power and make it so I won’t get sick!” Shooting Star stubbornly patted the hilt of the sword hanging by Bai Saya’s waist.

You’re at it again. Bai Saya sighed and explained again, “Roth’s power is limited. His healing power can’t be used to cure sickness. You should obediently go back to bed—”

“I’m hungry!” Shooting Star interrupted Bai Saya’s reminder. He had not forgotten that his main reason for coming out here was to find something to eat.

“I got it. I’ll bring porridge over later.”

“I don’t want to eat porridge. I want meat!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll bring meat porridge over later.”

Shooting Star was led all the way back to his bed. In order to make it more convenient for Bai Saya to look after them, Alan was also sleeping in the same room, just a different bed. Seeing Shooting Star get escorted back, Alan rolled his eyes tiredly. Then, he turned to go back to sleep.

“Alan, I’m bringing porridge for Shooting Star. Do you want some, too?” Bai Saya helped Shooting Star with his blanket as he asked Alan this question.

“I just ate porridge. I’m not hungry yet.” Alan’s muffled voice came from the quilt.

At Alan’s response, Bai Saya asked in worry, “Alan, are you still feeling very unwell?”

Since Alan was an elf whose nature was light, the dark element was really too detrimental to his body. Even with the injuries on his body healed, it was still a fact that he had previously been injured. On top of that, he had lain on the floor for an entire night while his body had already been weakened, causing Alan’s illness to worsen. In comparison, Shooting Star just had cold symptoms, while Alan had been unconscious for a long time, giving Bai Saya a huge scare.

“I’m much better now. Don’t worry too much.” Alan knew how much his own companion liked to worry. He quickly pulled his head out of the blankets to explain.

Bai Saya let out a sigh of relief and nodded. “Then, rest well.” After that, he turned to tell Shooting Star, who was bundled up in the blankets, “Shooting Star, you have to be quiet. Don’t disturb Alan’s rest, and you’re especially not allowed to make a fuss about wanting to touch his hair.”

“I’m also sick! Xiao Bai is being unfair!” Shooting Star angrily stuck his head back under the blankets and ignored Bai Saya.

Bai Saya smiled helplessly as he shook his head. After that, he left the room, about to go off to make meat porridge for Shooting Star. A patient should eat food that is easy on the stomach, yet Shooting Star made a big deal about wanting to eat meat. Sigh! I’ll have to spend some time to cook the meat until it is mush. I can also conveniently feed Yaya with the mushy meat porridge. Now that he had thought of Yaya, he wondered if Saimi was properly taking care of her.

Bai Saya grew more and more worried as he thought about it. He quickly shut the door, pulled over an avian, instructed him to go to the kitchen to make meat porridge, and went off to find Saimi and Yaya.

Back in the room, Alan stared at the ceiling with no plans to continue sleeping. Instead, he was waiting for a certain someone to complain loudly. Only after waiting for three minutes did he look toward Shooting Star’s bed.

Strange, usually when Shooting Star is throwing a tantrum, it wouldn’t even take a minute, let alone three minutes, for Shooting Star to make it into a huge deal. Why is he still silent after three minutes have already passed?

Alan did his best to prop himself up. Looking at Shooting Star’s bed, he could only see a lump in the blanket that was wiggling around, with a quiet whining occasionally coming from it.

Is this his newest way of throwing a tantrum? Alan was a bit doubtful.

Seeing the wiggling turn into thrashing, Alan was extremely worried, but he also felt that they couldn’t allow Shooting Star to throw tantrums all the time. He sat on the side of bed, unsure about what to do, until he heard sniffling from the blanket. The elf was so alarmed that he jumped off of the bed and had to bear with his bout of dizziness. He rushed beside Shooting Star’s bed and pulled the blanket away.

Shooting Star was curled up, both hands hugging his head. He thrashed and whined, “Ughh! I don’t want to be your archenemy! How about I directly bow out? I surrender! Sob, sob, don’t set a viper on me…”

“Shooting Star?” Alan looked doubtfully at Shooting Star. Is he having a nightmare? Seeing the boy on the bed thrash more and more violently, he worriedly shook Shooting Star.

“Shooting Star! Wake up. You’re having a nightmare.”

“Don’t set the viper on me!”

Shooting Star yelled and sat up abruptly from the bed, his forehead hurtling right toward Alan’s nose. Fortunately, the elf was nimble and used a pose that nearly made him pull his back to narrowly escape the heavy blow to his head. But as Alan maintained this pose with much difficulty, Shooting Star suddenly pounced on him and hugged him tightly. Alan, whose back was already at a ninety degree angle, got bent back even further…


An odd expression came over the elf’s face.

“Alan! We have to hurry and leave. Someone is about to set a viper on me. And there’s this ice cube man with red eyes too. So scary!”

Shooting Star hugged the elf around the waist as if his life depended on it, crying and yelling at the same time.

Crack, crack!

The elf’s face, which had already been pale, turned even paler. His voice was weak as he said, “Shooting… Star, h-hurry and let go. M-my back…”

Huh? Shooting Star lifted his head to look.

“Xiao Bai! Xiao Bai! Oh no! Alan is foaming at the mouth. My golden haired pet is about to die!”

“So, you dreamed of two people. One has red eyes and dark skin. He was also holding a book, and his name is Xixiuliye. The other person had his back to you, so you couldn’t see his face, but you heard the guy holding the book call him Fylost?”

As Bai Saya helped Alan massage his back, he asked Shooting Star details about his dream.

“Yeah, yeah, tha’s it!” Shooting Star said unclearly around a mouthful of meat porridge.

Saiximili abruptly stood up. “A guy holding a book? It has to be him!”


Yaya, who had been placed on the bed, copied Saiximili’s reaction, looking like she wanted to stand up but couldn’t. She called out in a soft, childish voice.

“Has to be who?” Bai Saya asked in confusion.

Saiximili said as if it were a matter of fact, “Of course it has to be my archenemy, Existence’s starseer!”

“How do you know it’s him?” Shooting Star swallowed the porridge in his mouth and narrowed his eyes as he asked.

Saiximili declared, “Gut feeling!”

Shooting Star, Bai Saya who was in the middle of giving a massage, and the elf who had pulled his back all stared in great doubt at the avian who was using his gut feeling to assess the situation.

“Don’t you go doubting my gut feeling!” Saiximili clarified with some frustration. “I’m a starseer! A starseer’s gut feeling is the most accurate. That guy holding the book has to be Existence’s starseer. I can’t be wrong about it!”

Shooting Star made a face and asked, “Then, use your gut feeling and tell me why I dreamed of Existence and his starseer?”

“Uh…” Saiximili pondered over it and said, “My gut feeling isn’t telling me anything now.”

“Then, can your gut feeling tell you whether or not I dare to beat up a king?” Shooting Star narrowed his eyes warningly at Saiximili.

Saiximili immediately hid behind Bai Saya. He didn’t need to depend on his gut feeling for that. His body’s reflexive response to that was enough of an answer.

Bai Saya, who was being treated like a shield, could only smile helplessly. He helped Saiximili change the topic. “Shooting Star, let’s put aside Existence for now. What should we do about Philo and the others?”

“Even though I had the guard captain hold them off for now, making up a story about how they discovered the odd situation when they were investigating the enemy faction and rescued them on the way, what should we do now?”

“Then just have the guard captain chase the two of them out. After all, they were enemies of White Feather from the start. You can just chase them out.”

Shooting Star answered unhappily. Xiao Bai wouldn’t allow him to kill Philo. If Philo was allowed to stay, he might discover that Shooting Star was the Guide of Doom. I might as well chase them all away. Out of sight, out of mind!

Bai Saya nodded. That would be for the best. He really didn’t know how to face Philo. Not only did he not dare to admit that he had lied, that his true gender was that of a man, he also didn’t want to continue being treated like a girl…

Speaking of Philo, Alan only then remembered and quickly asked, “Other than Philo and Pisce who were rescued, what happened to the beasts in the army after all of that?”

Bai Saya and Saimi exchanged glances and fell silent.

By now, Alan was no longer able to pay attention to his back injury. He used his hand to prop himself up, and he used his slender, beautiful eyes to stare fixedly at Bai Saya. He asked in disbelief, “Don’t tell me, they’re all… dead?”

“No, more than half fled,” Bai Saya quickly explained.

More than half? The elf’s eyes widened. Then, what about the other half?

Bai Saya fell silent again for a long while. He admitted with a sigh, “The army in the center of the spell wasn’t able to escape in time. Not even corpses were left behind. Now, other than tents where the encampment used to be, only charcoal is left.”

The elf was stunned into silence by this news. Just like that? So many lives, yet all that is left is a pile of charcoal?

The elf sank into his grief. Even though he had not actually heard the cries of the beasts on their deathbeds, he too had been caught in the midst of the curse, mired in so much pain that one could long for death. However, he had Bai Saya who had come to rescue him, while the beasts had no choice but to die from the pain…

Once he thought of that, the elf slammed his hands over his ears, as if that could prevent him from hearing the wailing coming from the depths of their hearts.

To the side, Shooting Star scrutinized Xiao Bai and Saimi’s expressions. Both were strange. Xiao Bai’s face was full of remorse, while Saimi had turned his head away, as if this had nothing to do with him.

Something is really fishy! Shooting Star narrowed his eyes. There’s definitely something these two aren’t saying!

Come to think of it, ever since they had returned to the palace, Shooting Star hadn’t seen Dan. Could these two things be related?

“Was this the handiwork of the Guide of Existence?” The elf dropped his hands from his ears. His tone was frigid. Compared to the intangible apocalypse, having countless lives extinguished right before his eyes infuriated the life-loving elf a lot more.

“I don’t think so!” Shooting Star deduced logically, “Stench shouldn’t know that I was in that army. Even Philo didn’t know you’re a sinner on Doom’s side, so how could Stench have known I was there? How could he have immediately made such a frightening curse like Encroaching Death happen?”

Besides, Encroaching Death, a dark elemental spell, should be magic that only demons knew how to cast.

An odd expression came over Shooting Star’s face. Magic that only demons know how to cast? Dan had also disappeared. Even though Dan was a warrior and didn’t have the capability of casting a high level spell like Encroaching Death, Dan had an uncle called Ice Chess, and that person was a mage over a thousand years old!

“Did Ice Chess come here?”

Shooting Star asked with an odd tone as he scrutinized Bai Saya and Saiximili’s expressions. These two guys were both the types whose thoughts showed on their faces. Even if they didn’t answer, Shooting Star could figure out the answer from their faces!

When they heard what Shooting Star had just said, Bai Saya and Saiximili’s expressions both changed abruptly. Finally, after Shooting Star lifted his eyebrow in an “I knew it” fashion, Bai Saya at last admitted, “Ice Chess did come here. He wanted to take Dan away, but Dan wasn’t willing unless he finished the battle…”

“So, Ice Chess said he would take care of the battle! Am I right?” Shooting Star concluded decisively.

Damn Ice Chess! Sure, taking care of the battle is great, but can’t you save us from the army first before you begin the massacre? That damn mage had almost killed Alan and him along with the rest!

“So, the one who extinguished so many lives was Ice Chess? Yet, none of you did anything to stop him from carrying out the massacre?”

Alan clenched his fists, his expression furious. Precious lives! All because Ice Chess wanted to take Dan away. For such a simple reason, these lives were extinguished?

“We didn’t know Ice Chess would do that.”

Bai Saya lowered his head, guilt heavy in his heart. He wished he had figured out that Ice Chess had planned to use such a method. Even if the one he planned to slaughter was the enemy faction, he would not allow Ice Chess to carry out a massacre.

Alan shouted furiously, “Demons! As expected of demons, they have no respect for life at all. Just, just for the sake of taking away one half demon, he can do something as cruel as massacring thousands of lives!”

Hearing Alan’s words, Shooting Star began to have doubts. For the sake of taking away Dan, he killed the entire beast army?

With Ice Chess’s power, he should know that the Fischer Merchant Guild had humans among them, and at least a few of them must have high positions. His actions would definitely infuriate the Fischer Merchant Guild, and he would easily be found out. After all, a spell like Encroaching Death was really too big of a clue.

The Fischer Merchant Guild has more power than the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild too. Isn’t the cost too great for Ice Chess to do something like this? There had to be a simpler, less conspicuous way to take Dan away.

I feel like there’s something else going on? Shooting Star had a foreboding feeling about it.

“Sorry, Alan, this happened because I didn’t realize earlier that Ice Chess’s way of taking care of things would be like this.”

Bai Saya apologized dejectedly. Even though he had mentally prepared himself for it, knowing that many people would die in a war, this way of dying wasn’t something that only Alan couldn’t accept. Bai Saya couldn’t either. This was pretty much a bloodbath!

“Ah, ah? Bzz bzz!”

Yaya turned her head, using large, pink eyes to stare at Alan. She blinked her large eyes in expectation. Every time Alan yelled angrily, his next step would often be zapping Shooting Star with lightning. However, with no lightning showing up for a long time, the little angel was very dissatisfied, having waited a long time for the lightning. Her small, rosy lips formed a pout.

“Yaya, I’m sorry. Did I scare you?” Alan lowered his head to look at Yaya, believing he had frightened her. He quickly consoled her.

Scare her? An odd expression came over Shooting Star’s face. Would this little angel who is neither afraid of heaven nor hell ever be scared? She’s just waiting for you to get angry and zap me with lightning, you know? Look at her. She’s pointing at me and shouting bzz bzz!

“Yaya, don’t be scared,” Alan comforted her and patted her on the back.

“Bzz.” Yaya’s plump hands kept pointing at Shooting Star.

However, Alan just continued comforting her and had no intention to zap Shooting Star with lightning.

After Yaya’s lengthy “bzz’ing,” she still didn’t see any lightning and could only glare at Shooting Star resentfully. The latter gleefully made a face at her, but his contorted face actually made the little angel burst into giggles.

Alan glared at Shooting Star for the face he had made and then told everyone, “You should all leave. If there’s anything else, we can talk about it later. I’m going to coax Yaya to sleep.”

Everyone got blasted out by the elf who was poor in both health and mood.


What’s that noise? Bai Saya lowered his head to look, only to see Shooting Star squatting outside the door too, and he was even holding his bowl of porridge in his hands. Bai Saya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “W-wait a moment, why did Alan throw you out, too? Aren’t you sleeping in the same room? I’ll speak with Alan about it.”

He was about to knock on the door after he said that.

Shooting Star swallowed the porridge in his mouth and waved his hand to stop Bai Saya. He said, “Wait! I wanted to discuss something with you two first anyway.”

“What is it?” Bai Saya asked in some confusion.

“Isn’t it about time to leave?” Shooting Star stared fixedly at Saiximili and said, “We finished fighting the battle. Saimi, you’re my pet now, so you’ll come with me, right? If you still won’t come with me, I’ll cut your hands off and take them with me!”

Saiximili quickly hid his hands behind his back and explained, “I’ll definitely go with you. I’m your starseer!”

“You mean pet!” Shooting Star corrected.

“What’s the hurry? Saimi’s nation hasn’t completely recovered yet.”

Clearly, Bai Saya was much more worried about the nation than its own king.

However, Shooting Star asked Bai Saya a question in return. “Let me ask you, when Dan was taken away, he should have known that Alan and I were among the beast army, right?”

Bai Saya nodded. “Yes, he knew.”

“Then, why didn’t he stop Ice Chess from casting Encroaching Death?” After saying that, discontent welled up within Shooting Star. He could only stuff his mouth with porridge and chew the rice vehemently, as if the porridge were Dan and Ice Chess.

Bai Saya was stunned. Dan clearly knew that Shooting Star and Alan were among the beast army, yet he had allowed Ice Chess to cast such a cruel spell against the army. Does this mean that he wants to kill Shooting Star and Alan?

Saimi’s expression, however, indicated that this was “normal.” He said, “Demons are a race who have never cared about the lives or deaths of other races. He probably did not care at all whether or not you and Alan would also die from the spell. There is nothing strange about that.”

Really? Shooting Star continued stuffing his mouth with porridge, but he didn’t agree with Saimi’s words. If he and Alan had really been killed by the spell, Bai Saya, Dan’s checkmate and his only care, would definitely be infuriated. Instead of risking the danger of angering Bai Saya, why didn’t Dan wait for Alan and him to leave the army first? Or, why not come and get them away from the army himself first before having the spell cast?

The worst case scenario came to mind. Does Dan…

Want to get rid of me?

As for his reason, there were many possibilities. The one that was the most likely was that Shooting Star would endanger Bai Saya.

I’m so innocent! The “serious Xiao Bai” is the main culprit! Shooting Star had only ever caused small troubles with his willfulness, but when Xiao Bai got serious, he always caused huge trouble!

Shooting Star pouted and said, “Everyone’s wrongly accusing me!”

Bai Saya and Saiximili could only exchange glances at that and didn’t know how to respond. In the end, Bai Saya tried asking, “Shooting Star, if we are to leave White Feather Nation, where do you want to go?”

Shooting Star hesitated before saying, “The Eastern Continent. There are no sinners there, and no Prince Fylost…”

Shooting Star couldn’t help shivering. He recalled that scary dream and gulped several times before he could continue speaking. “That place is the territory of the elves. Even if Dan wants to get rid of me, it won’t be easy.”

“Dan, he…”

Bai Saya wanted make justifications for Dan, but Shooting Star rolled his eyes at him and superficially said, “Fine, fine. If ‘Ice Chess’ wants to get rid of me, he’ll definitely get scrutinized by the elves the moment he reaches the Eastern Continent. He’s a thousand year old demon, after all. He’d probably even get surrounded and chased away, so it’ll definitely be safer for us on the Eastern Continent.”

“How about I read the stars for you to see what will happen depending on which continent you choose?”

Saiximili suggested excitedly. He even readied his crystal ball.

“Nah, no need! If I had to put my trust in a blundering starseer like you, I’d rather carve North, West, South, and East onto a dice and decide that way!”

A-a dice is better than me? The king’s confidence was dealt a heavy blow. With his beloved crystal ball in hand, he walked to a corner, squatted down, and used his wings to wrap himself into an egg, planting himself right in the corner.

“Saimi, Shooting Star is just joking.” Bai Saya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he called out, “He already made a decision, so there’s no need to read the stars about it.”

The king instantly transformed from an egg into a person. “So, you have already decided on your path. Then, I won’t read the stars to help you decide.”

No one asked you to! Shooting Star rolled his eyes at him and gulped down the last mouthful of porridge. He jumped up. As if he were a hero about to slay a dragon, he gave a spirited battle cry, “Once Alan recovers, we’ll depart immediately for the Eastern Continent—to escape for our lives!”

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