Big and Little Sun Go Go 32: International Book Day

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 32: International Book Day—translated by J Tao (proofread by Xuan & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

The meat bun’s tears seemed unending.

Though it was a strange object beyond imagination, Elaro would often go out on missions and see many odd phenomena. Besides, it was just a meat bun, and one that was crying terribly pitiably at that. It didn’t look the least bit threatening.

With a white and plump bun body and two big, blue, glistening eyes, the meat bun actually looked pretty adorable.

“Shh, don’t be scared.” Elaro patted the bun as gently as he could, though he was a little worried as to whether the methods used to comfort a child would work on a meat bun.

The meat bun’s waterfall of tears slowly began to shrink, until only the tears on its face were left. Although it was still crying, its mood had obviously improved. Upon seeing this, Elaro put even more effort into comforting the meat bun.

Grisia silently watched his student, who took unexpectedly proper care of the meat bun.

“Congratulations to the players for receiving the Sweetheart Phones.”

Sweetheart phones? Grisia thought. After listening to Charles’s explanation of how the phones could be used, he felt that this prize was not bad. Although he had no plans to operate separately from Elaro—reason being one of them was a child added on to the fact that being separated from each other would simply be too dangerous—who knew what kinds of unexpected situations might arise and force them apart?

Holding the two phones in his hands, Grisia suddenly had a burst of inspiration, and stuffed one of the phones into the pocket of Charles’s vest. Although he and Elaro couldn’t act separately, Charles certainly could! It was hard to say whether they might need to use the phones soon, and with this, all they had to do was make sure to take back the phone before Charles left.

Charles didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he also didn’t take the phone out of his pocket.

“Teacher, no more issues here, the meat bun has already stopped crying,” Elaro said excitedly.

Grisia tacitly refused to comment on the sight of his student’s head supporting a meat bun, instead suggesting, “You should switch outfits. You’re soaked to the bone and dripping water. Remember that easy-to-move-in white shirt sitting in the inventory? Take those clothes out and put away this sweetheart phone.”

Elaro did so. Although the white T-shirt was much more conspicuous at night than the skin-tight black outfit, at least it wasn’t dripping wet.

Checking the map, Charles looked for a road marker. Elaro didn’t waste any time either, dealing with aberrants in the surrounding area and collecting evolution crystals

Initially, Elaro had wanted to put the meat bun back into the inventory, but as he reached out to grab it, he simultaneously coaxed it in the same voice he used to soothe children. “Your big bro here’s going to go fight some aberrants, and it’s going to be super dangerous. How about you wait in the inventory, and then when I’m all done, I’ll let you out again?”

Immediately, the meat bun’s two eyes started to glisten with tears. It jumped back up on top of Elaro’s head and refused to come down as though it were a matter of life or death.

“You can understand what I’m saying?” Elaro wondered out loud. He had assumed the meat bun was something similar to a pet, and had not expected it to actually understand human speech.

“Why don’t you take it with you into combat?” Grisia suggested. “It could actually be useful. After all, it’s what the readers picked. It can’t actually just be a pet, right?”

And so, Elaro took the meat bun with him to fight monsters.

Grisia split his time between looking for a signpost with Charles and looking in Elaro’s direction to make sure his student hadn’t encountered any issues. It was then that he heard a prompt from Will.

“It has been detected that the readers are currently celebrating International Book Day. A special spinner wheel will now be implemented. Players may spend the unused spins they have currently accumulated—a total of five—to receive important information about this world. Three spins may be exchanged for one piece of information, selected from three random options. Readers will decide which piece of information will be obtained.”

Grisia furrowed his brows, thinking back to the important plot information they had received before, when Elaro had hunted down the evolutionary crystals. Back then, they had received an upgradeable invisibility skill. If they could receive key plot information now, who knew what kind of prizes they might be able to obtain.

The readers will probably help us pick the most important choice from these three random pieces of important information, right? Grisia thought. Without hesitation, he yelled, “Stop!”

  • The face lover really bet their life for that face
  • Searching for the deadliest number
  • This option really is unimportant


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