Big and Little Sun Go Go 31: Meat Bun

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 31: Meat Bun—translated by J Tao (proofread by Xuan & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to the players for obtaining the Sinner of Pride’s Staff.”

Staff obtained! Grisia clung to the wooden staff, which was rather big and unwieldy for a child. He even had to use both hands to hold it. That said, a child’s form had very little mobility to begin with anyway.

Having successfully received what he had wanted, Grisia once again confirmed that the readers truly were on their side. He found this latter piece of information even more reassuring than the staff itself.

Grisia raised the staff and got to the heart of the matter. “Aldrizzt, hurry and teach me all the lightning magic there is!”

Hearing this, Aldrizzt steeled himself. He said, “I’m not too familiar with lightning magic, so teaching you ‘all the lightning magic there is’ is impossible. While I do have some knowledge of intermediate and low-level lightning magic, I only know a couple of high-level techniques, and very roughly at that.”

Grisia replied unhappily, “In the early days, I had heard that you were not very familiar with wind magic, and that it was only because Teacher Neo had pushed you that you learned the Spell of Flight for his convenience. I had also heard that you were not familiar with psychic magic, and now you say you’re not familiar with lightning magic. So tell me, mage, what kind of magic are you familiar with, then?”

… Ah, I suddenly feel some resentment coming on, just like—just like what happens during my daily interactions with Neo! You two really are teacher and student! Aldrizzt thought.

With a placid expression, Aldrizzt said, “Hell’s Fire can cook people crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Do you want to learn how?”

“…No, I’ll give you thirty minutes for the lightning magic course instead.”

Grisia decided to give up on his plan to have Aldrizzt there while they took the meat bun out; learning lightning magic first was quite urgent.

Thirty minutes for a crash course on mastering lightning magic, what else can I say? All I can do is begin class…

Grisia focused on listening to the course on magic, accompanied occasionally by flashes of lightning, until Aldrizzt abruptly turned into a beam of light and shot into a water mirror that had suddenly appeared behind him.

Grisia stared for a moment. Only then did he realize that the time had reached midnight.

He thought about the two life-saving items the pair now had: the Leaf Clan’s artifact and the author’s room. No matter how strange or strong the meat bun was, if at all, it could not be so bad as to leave them no opportunity to even just preserve their lives.

Seeing the child reach out his arms, Charles naturally lifted him up, almost getting knocked in the face with the staff.

“Stand further away,” Grisia said, tapping the vampire with the staff.

“Elaro, protect yourself with Light Shield… with battle aura.”

Grisia remembered at last that his student’s battle aura was far stronger than his light shield.

Only after Elaro had completely finished his preparations did he shout, “Will, take out the meat bun.”

When he had finished, a huge shadow suddenly appeared in the sky. Grisia was startled. The meat bun was this big?


Elaro hadn’t needed his teacher’s warning, and had long since leapt away from the area. However, the range of the shadow was too big, and he still… was drenched to the bone. He was lucky to be a trained fighter with a stable lower center of gravity, or else he would have been washed away by the initial stream of water.

Grisia had long since begun sending out holy light in quick succession, shouting urgently, “Elaro, is the water hot? Or corrosive? Are you okay?”

Elaro felt the water on his face. Confused, he said, “No, it’s just ordinary water, though it’s a bit salty… Could it be seawater?”

If it’s just salty, there shouldn’t be anything wrong. Grisia relaxed. He stared silently at the top of Elaro’s head, where there was a meat bun with eyes. The two eyes really were not decorative after all; they were currently crying without reserve. Two waterfalls of tears spouted down from the top of Elaro’s head.

At this moment, Elaro also realized that something was off and felt his head. As he touched the meat bun, he reflexively pinched the elastic bun exterior. The meat bun’s waterfall of tears instantly grew to splash onto his face.

Elaro suddenly realized why the water was salty.

“Commencing release of the gift package: Readers’ likes have surpassed one thousand; dispatching small gift package. Players, please continue your efforts!”

  • Skeleton key: Can open anything with a keyhole. May be used once in each world.
  • Super-concentrated peppermint oil: So cooling it will numb your brain. Applying it to the temples will resolve various abnormal mental conditions. May be used three times.
  • Sweetheart phones: This pair of phones for sweethearts can only communicate with each other. Each time a new world is entered, the battery will be automatically recharged to full. When the battery runs out, all that can be done is to find the other sweetheart and have them hold their partner’s phone in their hand to recharge it. The stronger the love, the fuller the battery.


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