Big and Little Sun Go Go 30: Take out the Meat Bun—Wait, Spinner First

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 30: Take out the Meat Bun—Wait, Spinner First—translated by J Tao (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

Elaro looked at the words “personally created by the Demon King” from the description of the crystal doll, and couldn’t help looking at the expression on his teacher’s face. Surprisingly, the latter looked quite calm, without an expression of much shock.

“Congratulations to the players for receiving the Author’s Room and Cursed Smile. Please designate which player will receive which prize.”

Grisia furrowed his brow. The author’s room was a shelter that could be used for an hour each time, and three times in each world at that, so it was pretty good. However, there was too much uncertainty for the cursed smile to be practical, so why had the readers chosen it?

After Charles’s explanation, Grisia had just barely understood the uses for the other two options—the virtual game helmet and the SLR camera. Although the utility of the virtual game helmet was not very clear, at least there was still the camera as an option. Similarly, though the photograph would capture a random timeframe, at least it was far more useful than the cursed smile…

Perhaps the readers are not as cooperative as I had thought? Grisia thought hesitantly.

Thinking hard about the prizes at hand, Grisia felt that the readers were most likely still on his side; after all, obtaining the author’s room could be considered to be in line with his request. As for the cursed smile, it could have been that the other two options were not any more clearly advantageous, so the readers felt that they could take or leave them.

“Will, give me the cursed smile, and Elaro the author’s room.”

“Teacher!” Elaro protested.

“Don’t argue, your reaction time is much faster than mine. If a crisis occurs, then your speed will be perfect for opening the room and pulling me inside.”

Elaro stared for a moment. There didn’t seem to be any flaws in Grisia’s analysis, but up until this point, Elaro had obtained all of the more useful items and abilities. Clearly, something must be off.

“Aldrizzt, have you rested enough?” Grisia asked.

Aldrizzt nodded. He hadn’t exhausted his energy in the first place, so he had only needed to rest a bit to recover.

Checking the time, Grisia found that there were less than thirty minutes for Aldrizzt to stay in this world. He had to act quickly. Reaching his arms out for the vampire to pick him up, almost as though this were a habit, Grisia gave directions to his student. “Elaro, take the meat bun out of the inventory, but don’t forget to cast light shield as protection first—”

“Congratulations to the players. For the sixth time, the livestream has been shared more than one hundred times. You may turn the spinner wheel one time.”

Grisia’s words were suddenly interrupted. He and Elaro couldn’t help the surprise on their faces. How is the spinner wheel activating so quickly in succession?

Seeing the pair’s expressions, Charles tried to ask, “Is it the spinner wheel again?”

Grisia nodded with complex emotions.

Charles smiled. “It appears that your livestream is quite popular. This will help you gain more items.”

Although what he said was not wrong, Elaro felt that it also meant that there were a lot of readers watching them, all the time…

Even the Sun Knights who were used to presenting an ever-smiling demeanor were starting to feel self-conscious and uncertain about what actions and expressions were best.

“Stop!” Grisia felt that there was no need to think about whether he or Elaro should be the one to yell stop. In just a moment, maybe they would be able to spin the wheel yet again?

  • Punishment, in the name of the God of Light: Shout, “Transformation: Judgment Knight!” and in a flash, your hair will turn black, your eyes will turn black, and your clothes will turn black in a three-piece black set. Your attack power and speed will increase, while your defense and recovery will decrease. Both players may use this ability, though each player may transform only once in each world. Transformation lasts twenty-four hours each time, and cannot be terminated early.
  • The Sinner of Pride’s Staff: The player holding this staff may receive a 50% bonus when using it to cast magic. Whenever the wielder is angry, their magic power will increase further; lightning magic receives a direct 300% bonus.
  • Unbreakable egg: This palm-sized egg has an unimaginable capacity! Can contain a player, NPC, or any other organism in sleep mode within the egg for up to three days. While they are in the egg, self-recovery will be at a maximum. Egg can be placed into the inventory, along with any organisms inside.

Grisia immediately shouted. “The staff! Please, give me the Sinner of Pride’s staff!”

Elaro silently lifted his head to look to the heavens. He had definitely not heard his holy-knight teacher want a staff.


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  1. Andi

    Ooh, so the author’s room WAS 3 times per world. I totally thought it was just 3 times across all worlds lol. This makes a lot more sense.
    I would totally give Grisia the staff (because he asked for it). The last part with Elaro looking to the skies thinking how he totally didn’t hear his holy-knight teacher want a mage weapon had me cackling.

  2. kamui

    Never thought I would see the day when not only did Grisia see the need for a staff, he openly demands it.

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