Big and Little Sun Go Go 29: A Bunch of Turns on the Spinner Wheel

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 29: A Bunch of Turns on the Spinner Wheel—translated by J Tao (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations. Players have obtained the Crystal Ball of Divination.”

Grisia held out his hand to receive the crystal ball. It was not too small, about the size of his palm. He thought for a moment. They didn’t really need a hint for the current mission, so he put it directly into the system inventory.

“Our time is limited, so let’s hurry and hit the road!”

As soon as he heard this, Aldrizzt immediately began to use the Spell of Flight at full output, and a gust of wind lifted the whole group high into the air. Furrowing his brow, Aldrizzt said, “Grisia, this world does not have enough of the elements for magic, and we are traveling with several people. I doubt I will be able to continue for more than two hours.”

Grisia nodded in understanding. “Then, as far as you can take us will be enough. No need to overexert yourself, just put us down when we’ve gotten close. Also, there are still a few things I need your help with before you leave,” he said.

“No problem.”

Aldrizzt took no particular issue with Grisia summoning him to help with various things. Besides, Grisia and Elaro’s situation looked somewhat difficult, so he wanted to help where he could.

“Charles, which direction do we go now?” Grisia asked.

Although Charles had pointed the way earlier, they had traveled some distance by foot and by air already, so their path forward had likely shifted significantly.

Upon receiving Charles’s directions, Aldrizzt said not a word more, and simply flew the group in that direction at high speed.

At that moment, Elaro astutely noticed that Charles had widened his eyes slightly, as though he were not quite used to being at such a height.

“Charles, are you doing all right?”

Charles’s laugh was somewhat strained as he said, “Yes, I am all right, though I am somewhat unused to means of flight where there is nothing to stand on beneath your feet.”

Puzzled, Grisia asked, “When you fly, is there usually something to stand on? What would you stand on?”

Charles nodded. Well, for one, you would stand on the floor of the plane… Thinking it over, he decided he may as well use this free time to explain airplanes and modern flight to the two Sun Knights, as well as other contemporary technologies.

After an hour or so, the group landed to rest, primarily to give Aldrizzt some time to catch his breath.

“Congratulations to the players. Shares of the livestream have surpassed one hundred for the fourth and fifth times. The spinner wheel may be turned twice more.”

“Elaro, you should say stop this time,” Grisia said.

Grisia felt like something may or may not have gone wrong with the luck that the God of Light was giving him. Although what they had received on his turns were not necessarily useless, they all seemed somewhat strange.

  • Cursed smile: One flash of this smile, and all who see it will be in huge trouble! The nature of the curse is random, and will take effect within ten minutes of seeing the smile. Effects may range from tripping on flat ground to even meeting the God of Light! Can be used three times in every world.
  • SLR camera: Come take a picture! The photo may capture past or future events; don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to tell which, a timestamp will be found in the lower right corner of each photograph. Can take three pictures in each world.
  • Virtual game helmet: A very expensive gaming helmet, worth every cent. Comes with 100,000 units of virtual currency, base equipment, and one piece of upgradeable equipment when used.

“Ah, so it doesn’t only give out weird things when I’m the one who says stop.”

Grisia felt rather satisfied.

While the first pointer on the big spinner wheel was slowly coming to a stop, a second spinner wheel appeared.

“Stop!” This time, Grisia could yell stop with total confidence.

  • Crimson Snake Whip: One swing of this whip at an NPC, and you may receive this NPC’s devotion at an 80% success rate. Please note that following a failure, the NPC’s hostility toward you will rise to that of a mortal enemy. May only be swung once in each world.
  • Author’s room: This space can never be intruded on. Natural and man-made disasters alike are blocked from this room, and even the God of Light must knock before entering. Lasts one hour, may be used three times.
  • Crystal doll: A crystal doll personally created by the Demon King. May be used to make a wish three times in each world with a success rate up to 50%; the more difficult the wish, the lower the odds.


7 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    ….Grisias own smile is an item?!
    Noooo idea what the camera is from
    …..That virtual helmet would be very brokenly useful on a certain world. XD Though…Utterly useless anywhere else

    The whip sounds very familiar though I can’t recall why…
    Ah, the Illusions, Lies, Truth world. ^.^
    Grisia made a doll?! O.o

    • Andi

      He did indeed! If I recall correctly, I think the doll is made of gems of pure dark element. And it even has souls stuffed inside of it. Certain liches that he didn’t want running wild anymore.

  2. Andi

    That cursed smile… all I can think of is the sinister grin Grisia gets on his face when he’s planning 3x pay back. As for the cursed doll.. is that just Pink? Straight up Pink. 50-50 chance she’ll grant your wish for a lollipop or ask you to barter your soul depending on her mood. The author’s room sounds pretty convenient, but it can only be used 3 times ever. Plus, our duo is more likely to do speed runs for points so being stuck in there for an hour could mess with time limits… As for that whip, thanks to Metal, Grisia already has some practice with a whip… but that 20% chance of making mortal enemies is pretty daunting. I think my votes are the camera and the doll. Those feel like they have the best odds of enhancing a speed run style conquest.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Well, the authors room can be used three times per world which isn’t so bad
      I can imagine it being useful if they need to stop for lunch

  3. ArmadaTW

    So according to Aldrizzt, the Go Go version of Dominion’s End world “does not have enough of the elements for magic”. I wonder if that means there is some god that bestows wind magic upon that world, for which not many people worship. Would the black fog and red meteor shower then be events granted by gods vying for power and worshippers by bestowing abilities to certain individuals?

  4. 15B

    I hope they picked the author’s room! It sounds so useful to pull out in case they’re about to have a catastrophe.

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