Big and Little Sun Go Go 28: Aldrizzt

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 28: Aldrizzt—translated by Simone (proofread by Arcedemius & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

“The readers guessed Lesus Judgment. The special quest failed.”

Elaro looked at his teacher.

“…” Grisia was speechless.

The familiar, huge water mirror appeared again. The mirror’s surface rippled, and a dark-skinned elf with white hair and long ears stepped out. He was frowning, his expression skeptical and cautious.

“Elaro, you guys are really here!”

He cried out in surprise as soon as he saw Elaro. However, when he noticed the golden-haired, blue-eyed little girl, he asked, confused, “Charsia, how can you be here? Where’s your father? Didn’t ‘Will’ say Grisia was also here?”

Grisia angrily said, “I am Charsia’s father!”

Aldrizzt stared at him with wide eyes and stammered, “G-Grisia?”

“It’s me.”

Grisia simply admitted, after which he emphasized with a stern expression, “Aldrizzt, after you go back, you absolutely cannot tell my teacher I wore these kinds of clothes. Remember, don’t say a word!”

Aldrizzt laughed and repeatedly promised he wouldn’t spill the secret to Neo.

“I didn’t expect all of this to be true.”

Concerned, Aldrizzt said, “At first, I thought I was dreaming, or worse, had encountered some powerful being, but that ‘Will’ explained your situation too clearly. I was a bit worried and agreed to come here to have a look.”

These words reminded Grisia of the rules of the Player’s Summon. The person the player summoned could refuse to come. It seemed he had to take this into account when he activated it again.

“Will, if the person the player summons refuses to come, could I talk to them?”

“The player’s request is received. Determining the readers’ wishes. Please wait a moment.”

Turning toward the empty sky, Grisia looked up, pressing his palms together, a pleading expression on his face.

Again, Aldrizzt stared at him with wide eyes.

“This is Aldrizzt, and this is Charles. He helped us understand this world.”

As they waited for Will’s response, Elaro introduced the two of them to each other. The vampire seemed very curious. The elf’s appearance was truly unique, after all.

“Hello, I’m Aldrizzt. I’m a dark elf.”

At this point, Aldrizzt already no longer avoided mentioning his own race, even if the other person might be wary of him because of that.

Charles smiled and said, “Hello, I am Charles Endelis. I am a vampire.”

Startled, Aldrizzt said with a smile, “As expected, Grisia’s companions are never surprised by my race.”

Charles didn’t think there was a difference between the dark elf or holy knights, as both were characters he would only encounter in a novel. That was, holy knights who could emit holy light, of course.

“The request is granted. If the person summoned by the player refuses to come, the player has ten seconds to talk with them.”

Ten seconds… Very well, though ten seconds was pitifully short, Grisia was sure he could summon his companions. Whoever dared to refuse would hear about it when he got back!

Aldrizzt curiously asked, “Grisia, why did you choose to summon me? Were you afraid Neo wouldn’t come?”

“I think Teacher is planning to fly straight to the guard tower.”

Elaro had already met the dark elf Aldrizzt before. His teacher had introduced them, and in the early years Aldrizzt had even helped him with a mission before, so Elaro knew instantly why his teacher had chosen to summon him.


Grisia rubbed his forehead. Though it would have been frightening if the unknown readers had read his mind, it was even more of a shame that the time Aldrizzt could stay was shortened by an hour.

With three hours of flying, they might have been able to reach the guard tower directly!

With only two hours remaining, it was hard to say.

“So I’m a magic scroll for flight again?”

Aldrizzt jokingly said, “You teacher and student really are made from the same mold.”

Just as Grisia wanted to speak, they heard an announcement from Will.

“Congratulations to the players. For the third time, this livestream has been shared more than a hundred times. The Spinner Wheel can be turned again.”

Hearing this, Grisia and Elaro were amazed. We can spin the wheel again?

“What is it?”

Puzzled, Aldrizzt looked at the two suddenly showing such surprised expressions.

“Another Spinner Wheel reward!”

Elaro was thrilled. We might receive something useful again!

“This time I’ll stop it.”

Grisia could feel the protection of the God of Light. His luck couldn’t be too bad. Last time was a misunderstanding for sure. That meat bun might become very useful!


  • Crystal Ball of Divination: Can give the player holding it a hint on the current quest. If multiple quests are active, a random hint will be given. The hint will be correct, but whether it’s understood depends on the perception of the receiver. Can be used three times in every world.
  • Xiao Ai / Virtual lover console: Even while dating, one must study well, as requested by parents. This system has a built-in, basic encyclopedia and will assist the player with common knowledge of a new world right away. However, if you don’t court her well, you’ll have a disastrous falling out, and you will know what it’s like when your girlfriend gets angry.
  • A picture of the Jiang family: Can summon a grieving phantom of an ice ability user. Will strike with a large-scale ice attack that makes no distinction between you or the enemy, with a chance of disrupting space-time and directly closing this world and opening the next. Can only be used once every world.

… Next time, better let Elaro call stop.


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    • Jasae Bushae

      I believe it was mentioned that they can appear in the same world but at different time periods. Such as popping up in Eclipse Hunter era or in No Hero era. Or even arrive at say, volume 1 of 1/2 prince and then later pop up during volume 8 just to use examples

  1. ArmadaTW

    Woohoo, I totally called it! ^_^

    Is the Crystal Ball of Divination from Kill No More? I can’t seem to recall it from any of the PR translated series. Xiao Ai would be the most interesting and helpful choice; I’d be really surprised if people don’t choose that one.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Such good reasoning!!

      I think the crystal ball might be from GOD. Saiximili uses one. Is there also one in Kill No More?

    • ArmadaTW

      Oh right, I forgot about Saiximili’s crystal ball. I’ve never read Kill No More, so I wouldn’t know.

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Darn! I was wrong! XD
    Also wow, im amazed people guessed Judgment

  3. Andi

    I was right! :D
    But the collective reader base was wrong! Oh noo, haha. Poor unloved Aldrizzt.
    Also, that AOE attack from the phantom of the ice emperor sounds terrifying. So the options are a temperamental AI encyclopedia, and crystal ball that gives a lottery roulette of hints, and a cursed photograph. I wonder what they will get!

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Personally im liking the personal lover console as that would be quite useful. (Im guessing the one from eclipse hunter?)

    Though I suspect the photograph will win

  5. kamui

    What even is that final option? It’s terrifying!! Don’t summon the grieving dead!

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