Big and Little Sun Go Go 27: The Player’s Summon

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 27: The Player’s Summon—translated by Simone (proofread by Arcedemius & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Side quest updated: Choose between guns or concealable weapons. Use a concealable weapon to defeat ten enemies armed with guns. Reward: fifty points.”

Fifty points!

This was the first time Grisia and Elaro had heard such a large number.

Grisia immediately said, “Charles, we need guns!”

Puzzled, Elaro asked, “Teacher, the quest mentions we need to use a concealable weapon.”

Grisia glared at his student and scolded, “Use a concealable weapon to defeat ‘enemies armed with guns.’ Charles has told us so much about how powerful guns are. Not knowing anything about guns, you’re still planning to defeat enemies armed with them? Is that how I taught you?”

Hearing this, Elaro was frustrated by his own carelessness. He kept forgetting they were not familiar with this world. He might as well go and gather more stealth weapons. When he could carry no more, he put them all in the infinite backpack. After going through the supermarket and the military goods store, the weight of the backpack had increased substantially. Even Elaro had started to consider what they should keep and what they could discard, fearing it would otherwise affect the upcoming ten-hour-long journey.

Estimating the weight of the backpack, Elaro had no choice but to take out a large machete, putting even more concealable weapons inside instead.

Charles thought for a moment and said, “Rather than spending a lot of time looking for guns, we had better head straight to the guard tower. I believe there will be guards patrolling outside. Based on what the witness said, they should be carrying guns. The number of people on patrol should not be too high. If Elaro uses a concealable weapon to defeat them, he can both complete the side quest and take their guns.”

Grisia agreed, “That’s a good idea. We should go. When we get to the first floor, there’s one more thing we need to do first before we leave…”

“Wait, where are you going? Don’t leave us—”

The group of people rushed toward them, afraid the three of them would make a run for it, all sticking as close to them as they could.

Grisia turned his head and smiled, asking sweetly, “There are so many monsters to kill outside. We are going to finish them off. Do you want to come too?”

The people felt a chill in their hearts seeing such an angelic, cute child smile and talk about killing monsters at the same time. They weren’t afraid, however. He was still a child; he might not understand what killing monsters meant.

Then the golden-haired man next to him drew out a knife with an actual swishing sound. As he moved it, they couldn’t even see the blade. He nailed even more stealth weapons into the wall, showing he was no ordinary person.

They’re really going to kill monsters?

The people gradually retreated. They wanted to follow these formidable people, but to go outside to kill the infinite number of monsters out there would be truly mad. Then again, the fair-haired man wasn’t an ordinary person, constantly talking about this religion of Light, and he’d even said he was a knight…

Grisia held out his hands so the vampire could pick him up, like it was something he’d done countless times before.

“Elaro, let’s go.”

Grisia urged his student to leave quickly. Once these people made up their minds, some would really be courageous enough to follow them, which would be a hassle.

Charles took the lead, directly using the emergency staircase. With a smile, he said, “I am still wondering if holy knights have to save the people or not.”

Grisia said matter-of-factly, “We’ve led them towards food and weapons. If they cannot survive like this, then after Elaro and I leave when our quest is finished, they’d still go and meet with the God of … they’d still die.”

Charles thought this was reasonable, and pondered it carefully once more. To leave after letting these people gather supplies was indeed better. If during this period of time they had gotten used to relying on Elaro, they truly wouldn’t be able to survive after the two holy knights left.

When they reached the hall on the first floor, Grisia took a deep breath and said, “All right, we don’t have much time, now we—”

Go on as fast as we can?

Elaro began to adjust his breathing.

Grisia shouted, “Activate Player’s Summon!”

Both Charles and Elaro were stunned.

Grisia frowned and grumbled, “I didn’t think we’d spend so much time here. I didn’t want to summon anyone today, but instead make our way to the guard tower as fast as we could first, and only use the summon after we receive the next step in our main quest. The reward of the Children’s Day quest ‘You Have To Play With Me’ doubled the summoning time. The person we summon can stay for two hours, which should have been enough to complete the main quest. But in the end, it’s already almost eleven o’clock.”

Grisia had been conflicted, but after considering it many times over, he still made the decision to summon “him” for two hours, before it became midnight. After midnight, they could still summon someone for an hour. This way would be the most worthwhile.

“The player activates the Player’s Summon for the first time, triggering a special quest: let the readers try and read the Sun Knight’s mind! If the reader guesses which person the player chooses to summon, it will extend the time the summoned party can stay by one hour. Do you choose to activate the special quest?”

Grisia froze. Would the readers be able to guess who I want to summon?

Do the readers actually know which people I know?

This system is indeed remarkable. Perhaps we really will be returning to our own world to complete the quest later on…

With a hint of apprehension, Grisia still made the obvious choice, “Activate.”

“The special quest starts now. The player cannot speak nor give hints. Let the readers begin to guess which person the player wishes to summon.”

  • Lesus Judgment
  • Neo Sun
  • Elmairy Leaf
  • Aldrizzt
  • The Pope
  • Pink

That’s too many options!

Grisia almost rolled his eyes. The usual number of options for a reward wasn’t this many.


5 Responses

  1. Jasae Bushae

    Oooo~ I love this! I wonder if I can guess….

    Not Pink. Pink is trouble and I can’t see Grisla calling her to help in this sort of situation…..Gosh, I wonder how her abilities would interact with the monsters of Dominions End….

    NEVER NEO! While Grisla adores his master above all else, I suspect he would be far to afraid of Neo to ever call for him.

    And certainly not the Pope. If they needed to pinch a penny until it bleeds I could see it, but this is not exactly the right problem for him.

    Of the remaining options this gets trickier….

    Aldrizzt has two very nifty transportation abilities which make him ideal. And teleportation would allow him to get to the tower quickly and easily. That said, im not sure if hes who Grisla would think of……

    Judgment is Grislas best friend and most trusted confidant. And certainly someone quite capable and competent. That said if im to be honest…Im not sure that there is not much he could contribute to this particular situation that either Charles or Elaro couldn’t accomplish.

    So im going to guess Leaf since hes established to be quite fast, and his archery abilities would easily allow him to take care of guards quickly and promptly even if they were armed with guns. Heck. Leaf with a gun would easily accomplish that side quest.

  2. Moe_Ronn

    Well, they already got some meat shields, so they either need more offensive power or healing. With the worry about guns, it’s more likely that he would pick ranged than melee. So I’d narrow it down to Elmairy, Aldrizzt, the Pope, and Pink first.

    They’ve got some decent Holy Light abilities already though, and it’s also not so good for Charles, and he might be worried that arrows won’t beat guns, so I think I’d narrow it down more to Aldrizzt and Pink.

    I think he’ll go with Pink since she’s immortal.

  3. Gandire Alea

    There is an issue of who Grisla wants and who we want. To be honest, I want to see Neo Sun there. I wonder, as he is a sun knight, could they use him as a sun knight substitute to become small??

  4. ArmadaTW

    Wow, this one is interesting. I thought the obvious choice would be Lesus, but some of these other people would really make sense for the current predicament.

    I can’t imagine the Pope or Neo would be the one he had in mind though; they’d waste too much time and provide little support. Leaf and Lesus could help if he wanted absolute loyalty, but I don’t think they’d have much to offer with Charles and Elaro already there. They’d really need a competent magic user for a gun fight, so I’m guessing Aldrizzt would be the one he had in mind.

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