Big and Little Sun Go Go 26: Armed to the Teeth

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 26: Armed to the Teeth—translated by Simone (proofread by J Tao; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations, the players obtained the Leaf Clan’s Artifact.”

A leaf-shaped pendant appeared in Elaro’s hands. The leaf seemed like an unassuming, authentic leaf, but when he touched it, he discovered that it bore a kind of illusion that made it only seem like a real leaf.

Of course Grisia was elated to have received an object that could automatically treat serious injuries, but presently, he and Elaro both looked somewhat puzzled. Elaro hesitantly asked, “‘The Pope’s Veil,’ is that referring to our Pope?”

Grisia chuckled. A veil, a beautiful, sixteen-year-old young man, who could it be but our Pope?

Elaro paused for a moment, then asked, “Teacher, the next worlds we go to, could—
could our world be a possibility?”

Grisia considered it and said, “Perhaps it is possible.”

Though the pair really couldn’t imagine what the situation would be at that time, at least it would be their own world. Compared to going to an unknown world, returning to their own world would be much better, and all of their companions could help them complete their quests.

“Quest completed and Spinner Wheel reward obtained.”

As Elaro explained to Charles what had happened, he asked, “Have you heard of the Leaf Clan or the Mother Flower?”

“I have not heard of them.”

Charles shook his head.

“It seems this Leaf Clan’s Artifact doesn’t belong to your world. We don’t know what the special circumstances are.”

Elaro felt it was a shame they could only use it three times. It would be great if they could fulfill the special circumstances and further increase the number of uses.

Grisia said, “Elaro, you should wear this Leaf necklace.”

Elaro frowned and for once opposed his teacher. “Teacher, you should wear this necklace, I am strong enough to defend myself.”

Grisia said disapprovingly, “Charles is still here. With his speed, who can hurt me? As the one in charge of fighting, you’re the one who should wear the life-saving artifact.”

Truly, give him an inch and he wants a mile!

Charles couldn’t help but laugh. However, it was clear that Grisia was relying on him based on what he had said, so it didn’t upset Charles, and only put him in a good and humorous mood.

Faced with his teacher’s non-negotiable expression, Elaro could only put on the necklace, though he silently decided that as soon as Charles left, he would immediately give the necklace to his teacher.

They finished plundering the supermarket for supplies and went upstairs to look for leather pants. Not only did they have to finish off the leftover aberrants, they also had to learn about all sorts of things. All of it took quite a lot of time.

Grisia looked at his watch. He hadn’t realized it was already nine in the evening. There was no choice but to urge them onward. In this world, there were truly too many things he and Elaro didn’t understand. If they hadn’t had Charles to teach them, they would never have been able to make sense of it all.

“Found it.”

Charles walked out through a smashed display window, holding a black jacket and pants. Grisia and Elaro stared at him. Aren’t these the leather pants we’re looking for?

As Elaro put on the whole set, he promptly received the system announcement that the quest was completed, and they gained ten points.

After completing the leather pants quest, Grisia immediately said, “Let’s go to the guard tower.”

“Wait, let’s go in here first.”

Charles smiled and said, “Luck is on our side. This is a military goods store.”

Though Grisia was getting a little anxious, he knew Charles wouldn’t suggest this without good reason. The eyes of the group of people following them lit up as soon as they heard military goods store. When he saw that, he knew that they couldn’t go on before going into this store.

Inside the store, Elaro managed to arm himself from head to toe. He fastened a tactical belt around his waist to which he could easily attach his energy dagger. He hung another dagger across his back and switched to real combat boots.

“That looks good.”

Elaro was dressed in all black and fully armed. He looked like he’d fully equipped Metal’s outfit, giving him the appearance of someone who could not be trifled with. Unexpectedly, it looked pretty good too, and it would also increase Elaro’s stealth.

Charles regretfully said, “As expected, there are no guns.”

Elaro crouched down and put a few throwing knives in the holders that came with the belt.

“Can you use stealth weaponry?”

Charles truly didn’t see many people use these kinds of weapons. Even the young master didn’t use them often, unless he didn’t have a gun at hand. After all, stealth weapons couldn’t compare with the power and speed of guns.

Elaro casually threw one of the knives. The small blade buried itself straight into the wall.

Is that a decorative wall or a solid one?

Judging by the sound, Charles decided it was the latter. Perhaps he should re-evaluate the combat skills of a holy knight.

For the benevolent Sun Knight to be as familiar with concealable weapons as the back of his hand, Grisia had always pretended not to see it, and truly hadn’t “seen” it in any case. He would definitely never admit he’d once suggested to his student to seek out Metal for this.

“Side quest triggered: Choose between guns or concealable weapons.”

  • Use a concealable weapon to defeat ten enemies armed with guns.
  • Use a gun to shoot ten enemies standing at a distance of over ten meters.

#DoYouAllRememberChoosingThe”YouHaveToPlayWithMe: TheNextPartySummonedByThePlayerWillStayForALongerPeriodOfTime”?

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    Well, if they use a gun with rapid fire and a lot of ammo, the could defeat 10 enemies at over 10 meters away…

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