Big and Little Sun Go Go 25: Spinning the Wheel Again

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 25: Spinning the Wheel Again—translated by Simone (proofread by J Tao & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Side quest updated: To be able to eat your fill during the apocalypse is such a blessing!

It’s even better to eat something you like. Please find player Elaro’s favorite food.”

“We need to find Elaro’s favorite food.”

As Grisia said this, he and Charles immediately looked at Elaro.

Confused, Elaro said, “I’m really not picky.”

Grisia shook his head and said, “No, Will said that there is no quest that is absolutely impossible to complete. There must be something you like to eat the most.”

Elaro frowned as he thought it over. Perhaps I have preferences, but I really can’t say if there’s something I like to eat the most.

Charles smiled and suggested, “My young master is also not a picky eater, but he prefers calorie-rich food. His favorite food is most likely the barbequed meat he and his friend Ezart fight over when they eat at that particular barbeque place.”

Hearing that last sentence, Elaro really was reminded of a memory concerning food.

“Actually, I’ve had a similar experience. It was on Shuis’s birthday, which we always celebrate together with Valica’s. As an orphan, Valica doesn’t know his birthday. I asked Absenplum to help prepare a big meal, but he had to go home to attend to some business. So, he just made some soup and told me to add the meat and vegetables and boil them when I wanted to eat.”

Thinking back to that time, he said with a smile, “These two kids were making a ruckus while eating. They both wanted to put meat into my bowl, but neither wanted the other to put in more. Still, when there was only one piece left, these two actually calculated how many times the other had given me a piece. They finally figured out that Shuis had given me one piece more than Valica, so he let Valica put in the last piece.”

Hehe, why does it feel like my son is boasting about the grandkids?

Grisia was unexpectedly moved for a moment, but ultimately felt no admiration. Son—no, my student, do you still remember you’re only twenty something years old?

How can you feel like a dad already?

“Meat and vegetable soup, you mean hotpot?”

Charles expected that that would be very difficult. He found a gas stove and looked for as many alternatives for fresh food as he could, such as dried vegetables, canned meat, vacuum stored diced chicken, and various kinds of dried seafood. In the end, when the food came to a boil, it actually smelled good.

As they made hotpot, the people who passed by were all astonished. You’re leisurely making hotpot even during the apocalypse?

On the other hand, they admired the great strength of these three people, who had been able to easily dispatch the monsters. It would be fine for them to make hotpot here, and the smell coming from the pot was truly appetizing…

The trio wasn’t about to invite any of the other people to join them. Even if they wanted to share the food, they had to complete the quest first.

“This will have to do.”

Charles slightly regretted the fact that there wasn’t any fresh meat that hadn’t gone bad. They only had the vacuum wrapped diced chicken to make up for it, but he didn’t know if that would be enough.

The system hadn’t made an announcement yet, though, so the three of them had no choice but to keep the hotpot going.

Grisia calmly said, “It doesn’t matter if this doesn’t work. It’s very easy to trigger these five or ten points side quests, so we won’t miss these ten points.”

“Is that so? How many points do you have now?” Charles asked curiously.

Elaro counted and replied, “Thirty-five points.”

It sounds like they really would miss these ten points after all…

Grisia noticed Charles wasn’t eating and couldn’t keep himself from asking, “Are you really entirely unable to eat food?”

Charles said with a smile, “I can eat, but the taste is extremely weak, and if I eat too much, I will throw up.”

“That’s a pity.”

Elaro thought it was a shame he couldn’t offer any blood and let Charles eat together with them.

“But eating a little bit is not a problem.”

Charles deliberately picked up one piece of chicken, raised it like he was making a toast and then ate it in one bite.

“Side quest completed: To be able to eat your fill during the apocalypse is such a blessing!

It’s even better to eat something you like. You have found player Elaro’s favorite food, meat shared while sitting around the fire. The reward is ten points.”

We received points?

The two opened their eyes wide, but before they could share their joy with Charles, they heard an even better system announcement.

“Congratulations, players, the number of shares has surpassed one hundred for the second time, you can activate the spinner wheel again.”

  • Ice crystal of love: can summon a phantom of an ice ability user who can cast three to eight layers of ice. The higher the number of layers, the lower the odds of success. Please note, the more the crystal is used, the lower the chance that its summoning power will work. If a specific condition is met, the chance for summoning will become 100% and the number of layers cast will be more than five.
  • The Pope’s veil: wear this veil to turn into a beautiful young man! Age up or down to sixteen years old for one day. Can be used once in every world and upgraded under special circumstances.
  • Leaf Clan’s Artifact: possessing this token will grant you the aid of the Mother Flower. The bearer will be automatically healed when seriously injured. Can be used up to three times. Please note, if you’re killed in an instant, only God can save you. The Flower will simply give up on you. Under special circumstances, the number of uses can be increased.


8 Responses

  1. Gandire Alea

    The veil sounds like it would be the most useful. If Grisia were to use it, he might be old enough to actually use magic.

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Huh those hash tags…Im honestly surprised that this is Grislas strength from volume 1. I recall him pulling off some crazy stunts in volume 3 which was supposed to be a year after that, so I was under the impression that his magic level was alot lower.

    • Andi

      Do you mean you were under the impression that this current version of Grisia is supposed to have a much lower magic level? Or that volume 1 version did? My understanding of volume 1 was that Grisia had shackles on his magic from the start of the story called “common sense”. “Everyone knows” that a holy knight isn’t a magician. And his teacher told him he wasn’t allowed to use any magic besides holy magic if anyone could see him. Despite this, volume 1 Grisia was highly capable of magic, he was however rather unpracticed in using it. So he still has his sensing ability, however it is very rough and under-trained right now. He certainly doesn’t have the magic training and the other powers he gains later in the series that would put him at final boss level (although he has the knowledge that he had gained, so that will be interesting to see).

      As a child, Grisia still had enough magic to completely freeze solid a mass of undead that he thought was going to kill him in a forest his teacher chucked him into. That said, that was probably the complete magic capacity of little Grisia. This story’s version of him is even younger because it would be the age he originally met Elaro at, right? I want to say Elaro was 7 or 8 when Grisia met him? And Grisia was probably 10 when his teacher left him in the forest.

      Although uh, this gives me a horrifying question. All dark creatures in Sun’s world obey the demon king. If the demon king were to manifest in Dominion’s End, would that be the king of Abberants? Crossing final bosses btwn worlds sounds fun and scary XD

    • Kamui

      Please yes! Let the Demon King of the Abberants come forth!

  3. ArmadaTW

    Is the Leaf Clan’s Artifact from Gong Hua? That’s an interesting one, though I’m hoping they pick The Pope’s veil. Grisia as a child is starting to get boring.

  4. Jasae Bushae

    As for the voting options…

    I wish that there were not so many ice users in Yu Wos works if only because I can’t guess who the ice barrier thing belongs to! XD
    I don’t really think it would work as well as light shield

    A veil with the same powers as the mysterious pope~!
    Hmm…If Grisla used this when he was the older of the two and aged up, would he obtain powers he had later in the book series?

    Mother Flower…Gong Hua?
    This would probably be really useful of Grisla wasnt the best healer ever

    • Mizuhino

      I think Grisia could only age down if he were older. Whatever age you happen to be, you become 16 instead.

      Also, since it’s a phantom anyhow, what if the ice user can be a different ice user each time? As you said, there are a lot if ice users, so that’s a lot of story potential too!

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