Big and Little Sun Go Go 24: The Daily Life of a Holy Knight

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 24: The Daily Life of a Holy Knight—translated by Simone (proofread by Arcedemius & Minthe; C/E edited by lucathia)

The woman Elaro had saved cried tears of gratitude. “Thank you for saving us.”

“The benevolent God of Light is always willing to offer a helping hand.”

“… Yes, eh, thank you anyway.” The woman’s face had stiffened.

“We should hurry to the supermarket to find food, before other monsters come looking.”

Charles stepped forward to help Elaro out before the gratitude of the people he’d saved disappeared. With his oblivious praising of the God of Light, the people started looking at him like he was a nutcase. Luckily, he remained perfectly composed under their gazes.

The woman asked immediately, “Can we come with you? There are a lot of things there, enough to share!”

Charles glanced at the faces of the two holy knights, then quickly went ahead and replied, “You can.”

This prevented the holy knights from continuing to praise the God of Light as they replied, which would have made the faces of the people even more rigid.

“The supermarket is over there!”

The people rushed in the direction he indicated right away. They had taken the risk to come down here for supplies, after all, and had barely escaped with their lives.

“Please wait a moment.”

Elaro got a kitchen knife from his teacher and, while the people watched in alarm, cut open the aberrants, took out the evolution crystals, cleaned, and then ate them.

“Has your ability leveled up?”

Grisia asked hopefully.

Elaro shook his head.

Grisia counted, then said nonplussed, “Seven crystals aren’t even enough to level your ability once. How many crystals do we need to gorge ourselves on before moving up?”

“Maybe these are too weak.”

Elaro figured invisibility was a high-level skill. Considering how easily he took care of these aberrants, it wasn’t strange that these crystals didn’t let them level up.

Hearing this, Grisia was at an even greater loss. He wanted to improve invisibility, but he didn’t want his student to face an enemy in this unfamiliar world that was too strong.

Seeing the bewildered, unsure looks of the people, Elaro decided to change the subject.

“We’ll go to the supermarket now. Quietly follow behind me.”

Elaro put the energy dagger in his pocket and took out the baseball bat. Judging by the strength of these aberrants just now, he thought the bat would be enough. The dagger only had three energy marks, so he should minimize using it.

As they continued, Charles made himself face the discomfort of the holy light and approached Elaro. He quietly said, “These people have no evil intentions. The differences between this place and your world are just too great, so it’s impossible for them to understand.”

Noticing Charles’s discomfort, Elaro slightly diminished the holy light, though he still maintained the glow radiated by his entire body. Not only would it otherwise be too dark in here, he wanted the aberrants to seek him out first as well.

“I understand.”

It wasn’t as if Elaro didn’t have any experience with sideways looks or embarrassed faces of the people. Whenever he left Leaf Bud City on a mission, or when he sometimes even had to leave the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound, he only needed to praise the God of Light to be met with all sorts of expressions and remarks.

Nothing could be worse than the creatures of darkness yelling, “All holy knights should die,” or those warriors rolling their eyes and saying, “Why is that holy knight praising his shining god again?”

Whenever he performed a move, eight out of ten would involve shining light. He always stood at the forefront of his troops. He praised God every three sentences. Doing these things with a straight face was a skill as strong as his defensive skills.

When they reached the supermarket, Elaro cast a ball of holy light into the air. For a moment, it illuminated the entire supermarket. Only after confirming there were no aberrants did he allow the people to enter and go looking for supplies by themselves.

Charles led the two of them around and showed them a number of important goods.

“This is milk powder. Just add hot water, and you will have milk.”

Grisia immediately used a handful of fire and a handful water to brew a glass of milk, and drank it.

“Side quest completed: How could you give a child junk food to eat!

Find healthy products suitable for a child to eat. Reward: 10 points.”

Grisia licked the milk from his lips and said, “The taste of this milk is a bit different than from where we come from. Sweeter and tastier.”

After completing the quest, he brewed another cup for his student.

“Cans can be stored for a long time. They are the least likely to go bad, but you also need a can opener to open them.”

When Charles found a can and a can opener, he taught Elaro how to open it.

When he heard “can,” Grisia made a displeased face. He’d be better off making another cup of milk—right then he was proven wrong by a can of honey peaches.

He gestured excitedly at the cans on the shelf and said, “Those! Take all of those canned peaches!”

Charles said tactfully, “Cans are heavy, so we should not take too many. After all, Elaro’s stamina is limited.”

“You’re telling a holy knight that his stamina is limited?”

Grisia believed his student could carry all of the canned peaches, plus the cans with pineapple next to them.

When Charles also brought over a large box of chocolates, Grisia decided to leave the canned pineapples, taking the chocolates instead.

Seeing how satisfied Grisia was with his canned peaches and chocolate, Charles asked Elaro, “What do you like to eat?”

Elaro thought for a moment and said, “I don’t have a particular preference, but–”

“Side quest triggered: To be able to eat your fill during the apocalypse is such a blessing!

Find one of the below foods and receive 10 points.”

  • Player Grisia’s favorite food
  • Player Elaro’s favorite food
  • The summoned Charles Endelis’s favorite food

Dumbfounded, Grisia turned and asked his student, “What’s your favorite food?”

How could he not know his student had a favorite food?

Wasn’t Elaro not a picky eater?


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  1. kamui

    Wouldn’t the blood of evil people be readily available? Blueberry pie is probably not viable. But canned soup, THAT should be really easy to find, and it isn’t much worse than homemade soup, so it should be good enough for Elaro.

    • 15B

      I was wondering what Charles’s favorite food could be other than blood, but checking back, the chapter only says that you need to FIND their favorite food, not necessarily that they have to eat it! So Charles’s favorite food probably follows a similar rationale to Elaro’s, where it’s a food he has fond memories of (but probably fond memories of making rather than eating). It might be hard to find ingredients to make that food, though. Charles visits the wet market near daily, it sounds like. So he’d be used to having the freshest foods to cook!

      Blueberry pie is probably next to impossible to make… Unless they’re lucky enough to find canned pie filling (I don’t even know if that’s a thing in Taiwan) and find a shelf-stable graham cracker crust (frozen pie crusts and cold butter probably can’t be found since the refrigerators and freezer would have stopped working). Even then, that’s kind of a sad pie… They can’t even bake it!

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