Big and Little Sun Go Go 23: NPC

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 23: NPC—translated by Simone (proofread by J Tao; C/E edited by lucathia)

Just as Elaro warned him, Charles also heard the noises resounding up from the staircase. If he hadn’t been so caught up in the search for necessities, he would have heard them sooner.

There were the sounds of running footsteps and screams of women and children. Hearing this, Grisia paled and shouted, “Elaro, go down and save those people. Don’t forget to cast Light Shield first!”

Elaro rushed down the stairs without hesitation.

Hearing these words, Charles was slightly surprised. He hadn’t thought that Grisia would actively think to save people. He wouldn’t have thought it strange if it had been Elaro, but instead it was Grisia who had taken the lead and shouted for Elaro to save them, as though it were only natural for them to do so.

Charles couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “So these are holy knights?

“My apologies.”

Charles took the initiative to pick Grisia up so he could be protected more easily in case of any danger.

Grisia immediately began to take advantage of Charles’s help and asked, “Can you take me downstairs to have a look? I’m a bit worried about Elaro.”

Charles let his actions speak for themselves and immediately went down the stairs.

Elaro was standing in front of a woman holding a child in her arms. When an aberrant threw itself at them, he refused to dodge, instead facing it head-on. At just the right moment, he stepped aside to avoid the attack, simultaneously using his dagger to slash at the aberrant’s neck. By the time he pulled the dagger back, its head was already rolling on the ground.

However, finishing off one aberrant didn’t mean he was done. Several dark figures advanced toward Elaro from the shadows…

“Third use of holy light triggered: illumination.”

“Fourth use of holy light triggered: defense.”

“Fifth use of holy light triggered: provocation.”

The series of system announcements set Grisia’s teeth on edge. He was worried his student would be distracted by the sounds and get injured. Luckily, Elaro’s composure was exceptional and he wasn’t affected at all.

But wait, what did the fifth use of holy light mean, provocation?

What were they provoking when using their Light Shield?

“The Light Shield is really too bright. It easily attracts the attention of enemies.”

Seeing that Elaro still appeared entirely at ease despite being under attack from all sides, Charles was relieved, though he wasn’t sure whether he should be glad or not.

Since there were no lights, the basement was incredibly dark. Originally, there were just the flashlights that some of the refugees brought with them, which only cast about a few beams of light. But once Elaro appeared, completely enveloped by the Light Shield, it was as though he were a human-shaped beacon. One after the other, the enemies turned toward him, not paying any attention to anyone else.

Grisia gave the vampire a strange look and explained matter-of-factly, “It’s a holy knight’s job to attract the enemy. As the team’s strongest shield, the brighter the better, of course.”

So that’s how it is!

With just that, Charles realized his logical misstep.

“That is truly a good skill.”

Charles watched in awe as Elaro beheaded several aberrants in succession. His skills were completely different from modern techniques. He carried himself like a classic fencer, a style which was very effective, and his strikes were even beautiful to behold. The young master would certainly be very interested in observing him.

“If Elaro had a sword, his skills would be even better. The dagger is too short.”

Grisia couldn’t help but mutter, “If he had the Divine Sun Sword, Elaro would fear no one…”

After effortlessly taking care of the aberrants, Elaro was just about to dig out the crystals when several people approached, cowering. He turned and showed them the standard Sun Knight’s smile.

Seeing this reassuring smile, the people relaxed. All talking at once, they asked, “Can you actually shine light? Is that your ability? What uses does it have?”

“It’s not an ability.”

Elaro shook his head and said, “This is holy light.”

“Holy light?”

The people all looked puzzled and asked hesitantly, “W-would that be ‘holy’ as in, the church?”

“Yes, I am the Sun Knight, serving the God of Light.”


Charles could fully understand how the people felt.


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    • Moe_Ronn

      That, or he’ll start a cult for the God of Light in this world.

    • kamui

      Now we know who actually sent them to another world: the bishop. Go forth, walking billboard! Bring the God of Light’s Radiance to all of Yu Wo’s works! so long as he can set up an inter-world exchange were tribute can be sent back to him, he will no longer have to worry about money! Paypal in the land of Forgotten Sound.

  1. Jasae Bushae

    I love these moments where people peg Grisla as despicable and remorseless only for his true character to shine through and leave people flabbergasted

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