Big and Little Sun Go Go 22: Department Store

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 22: Department Store—translated by TaffyGirl13 (C/E edited by lucathia)

“Congratulations to the player for receiving: Energy Dagger.”

The dagger fell into Elaro’s hands. He had originally felt quite excited for the spinner to land on the dagger but was stunned when he saw the item in his hold. How could this be a dagger? At most, it is a handle. It was a silver, oblate shape that even had anti-slip grooves carved in that made it quite easy to grip. But where is the most important blade?

Elaro helplessly glanced at his teacher.

Grisia no longer wondered at such strange sights. They had spun the wheel to get a meat bun last time, and one of the choices this time had even been a clam. What’s the big deal about a bladeless dagger?

“Charles, since this is a weapon from your side, you should be able use it, right?”

“If this were before I had started working for my young master, I would not dare to boast my ability to use one. However, at this point, you could say I have studied them to an extent.”

Charles took the dagger and first examined its energy. Of the ten energy marks, only three were lit up. He furrowed his brows and said, “I will use my fastest speed to demonstrate the use once. I am afraid this apocalypse world does not have any means to charge the dagger. If you look here, there are ten energy marks, but there are currently only three lit. As explained, once used up, this dagger can only be restored to its basic energy of three marks after you have opened a new world.”

Charles showed how to push it on and off. A blue, glowing energy blade extended out. Despite the suddenness and how apparent it was that the glowing blade was different from an ordinary blade, the two holy knights were not startled. After all, Leaf could even shoot arrows made purely of holy light.

“You must not touch the blade; it will burn you.” Charles picked up a random, small rock. The moment the rock touched the blade, it gave a screech and instantly disintegrated into dust.

What formidable power! Elaro’s eyes lit up.

“Why don’t you try and see if you can switch it on and off without any issues?” Charles passed the dagger to Elaro, the latter learning it without any difficulties.

“How long can three energy marks last? It would be terrible if the blade vanished in the middle of Elaro’s fight.”

Grisia felt that it would be better to just use an actual knife or sword that would not disappear.

Charles explained, “There are some differences between the usage of an energy dagger and a normal blade. An energy dagger can cut through even metal, so typical weapons cannot make contact with it, forced to only evade it instead. If simply used in battle, it should sustain itself quite well, unless it was used to cut through something firm and solid, such as cutting a hole out from a wall.”

Elaro attentively listened to the dagger’s various usages.

Charles reminded, “If you do not want to kill someone, perhaps you should not use it. An energy dagger would cause an extremely severe injury, as it can cut through limbs, pierce through the body, and even burn internal organs unobstructed. With the current state of medical treatment in this apocalypse, there is likely no way to heal a wound caused by the energy dagger.”

Grisia glanced at Elaro. Seeing his student nod in complete comprehension, Grisia paid it no further attention. Even if Grisia switched into the adult, he would definitely not use something so dangerous to fight!

After the lesson, the three did not waste any time, heading directly toward the department store. As Charles had stated, it was very close.

When they stepped inside the department store, Charles immediately found watches for each of them on the first floor. Fortunately, this sales counter had a children’s section.

Right afterwards, he led the other two down to the basement level, as the underground floors usually had supermarkets. Once they found enough food, they could head back up. Perhaps they would be able to find leather pants, or even more weapons and necessities such as flashlights, sleeping bags, etc.

We probably will not be able to locate any guns, though? As Charles was pondering the essential items the holy knights required, Elaro suddenly pulled on him to stop them, a cautious expression on his face…

“There’s movement,” Grisia quietly stated.

  • Dogmen Pack: Crystals, crystals, all of you will turn into evolution crystals.
  • Survivors: It’s about time for people from this world to appear and see the spokesperson of the God of Light.
  • Tier One Aberrant: How could something as magnificent as a department store not have a BOSS?


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  1. 15B

    Yes! I the two gifts of the backpack and energy dagger are what I was hoping would be chosen too. The dagger really is super useful compared to something like the Truth Seeing Eye, since it seems to take a long time to master telling what’s real or fake.

    I feel like it’s harder to choose what event, though… I think I would want to pick the Dogmen Pack a little more than the others. Survivors or a boss sound more like a pain to deal with and because this is the novice world, I want Grisia and Elaro to get stronger to use their power first! (But I bet dogmen is the most boring outcome… Survivors are unpredictable, since they could either be very helpful or very annoying. But a boss fight is either going to be an epic fight or just as easy as the dogmen.)

  2. Jasae Bushae

    I really wasn’t expected the results that occured in the last few chapters.
    My money was on additional inventory slots (due to the possibly temporary nature of the backpack in comparison)
    and The truth seeing eye (because if they ended up in that world, it would be useful to have.)

    Hmm…With this one…I predict people will select either the doge pack for the chance to see that crystal power upgraded, or survivors for the chance to see Grisla whip out that flowery speech

  3. Appo

    Hmm seeing all the options the dogmen wouod be safest but he readers won’t be choosing that I think. They’d probably go for the boss or the survivors… Hopefully the next summon will be Ah Ye, since he’s practically a walking superconputer plus his combat abilities are no joke. Thanks for the chapter~

  4. ArmadaTW

    Aww, I really wanted AnRui to make an appearance. He would have been so hilarious to have interacting with them!

    • kamui

      I won’t lie, I really wanted that too. The dagger will be useful, sure, but interactions make the story after all! That said, survivors would be fun just for that reason, but I want evolution crystals, so bosses or evil canines come at them!

  5. Novel_Fam

    If chosen “Survivors: It’s about time for people from this world to appear and see the spokesperson of the God of Light,”
    Imagine when meeting malicious survivors instead of friendly ones, Grisia just beats them with his wonderful long speech of the benevolent of God of Light mercies… >;3

    Plus just looking at two good-looking men and an adorable child when you’re surviving the end of the world will just make your blood boil.

    • Novel_Fam

      Everyone would die of the cuteness if he were to wear that bunny outfit TwT

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