Big and Little Sun Go Go 21: Here Comes the Spinner~

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 21: Here Comes the Spinner~ —translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Minthe; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Elaro suddenly stopped in his tracks. Just as Charles was about to question him, he instead stared blankly at an object falling down from a completely empty space. After staring at it intently, he discovered that it was an army green backpack.

Elaro and Grisia both wore happy expressions. Elaro hurriedly transferred the items from the bag he was wearing into the bottomless backpack, which indeed did not bulge out no matter how much was stored inside it.

Next to him, Grisia explained the bottomless backpack’s functionality to Charles.

Charles sighed in admiration, “What a truly unfathomable system. A bottomless backpack sounds like quite a convenient object especially suited for the place we will soon be traveling to. You can take as many supplies as you would like. Even with the weight limit, I believe that Elaro has sufficient strength.”

Grisia thoughtfully asked, “Elaro, why don’t you try putting the backpack into the system inventory?”

Elaro instantly understood his teacher’s suggestion and did as he asked. Unfortunately, the bottomless backpack did not budge from its spot.

“It doesn’t work.” After some contemplation, he took the contents out, and this time the bottomless backpack vanished without an issue. “An empty backpack works though.”

Grisia was not too disappointed by this. It was within his expectations; he had merely wanted to test it out.

As soon as they transferred all the contents of the bag back, the two of them heard Will’s notification once again.

“Congratulations to the players. This livestream system has surpassed one hundred shares, so the spinner may be turned once.”

A familiar, large spinner wheel instantly materialized before them. However, it no longer had the words that said “Newbie Giveaway.”

Grisia and Elaro were stunned for a moment. Despite their delight at the successive awards that they had received within such a short period of time, they had not forgotten the crying meat bun they had received from the newbie spinner wheel last time. It was still sitting in their system inventory; they had no idea what to do with that meat bun.

“Was there another notification?” Charles could already determine with absolute certainty when the system provided notifications based on the other two people’s expressions.

Grisia answered, “We’ve fulfilled the criteria for using the spinner, so we’ll be spinning the wheel now.”

Charles curiously inquired, “What might you receive from the spinner?”

“We cannot see the words before we yell stop. Elaro, it’s your turn to shout this time.”

Grisia felt that since his previous shout of “stop” had landed onto a meat bun, his luck did not seem to be very good—Wait a minute. The thing he had spun actually wasn’t just an ordinary meat bun. Based on Will’s behavior up until now, that meat bun should not be inferior to any other items.

Perhaps I should find an opportunity to try taking that meat bun out?

“Stop!” As soon as Elaro yelled this, the needle gradually teetered back and forth between a few choices. He carefully studied the words on the wheel and read them aloud.

  • A silver mask that acts as the perfect disguise: When wearing this mask, NPCs will by default assume you are the chivalrous Silver Mask. Effect is weaker the stronger the viewer is. Has no effect against protagonists/Demon King-level figures.
  • A clam with the capability of being a bed or a vehicle: Can become a bed or a vehicle. Has extremely high defense ability, but is extremely conspicuous no matter what world it is placed in. Moreover, by the second use, you will definitely not want to use it as a means of transportation.
  • A truth-seeing eye, the authenticity of which is difficult to verify: Does it see what is real, or does it make real what it sees? Don’t get yourself mixed up before discerning illusions from truths. All kinds of hidden capabilities can still develop.
  • An energy dagger that can cut through anything: Just the size of a palm when stored away but as long as an arm when extended. Extremely well-suited to assassins. Will shine for no reason. A base amount of energy will be replenished every time a new world begins. Please use carefully. A world with additional energy may be encountered but cannot be requested.

Grisia studied these very carefully. “The descriptions are pretty detailed this time.”

When Charles heard the last choice, his expression changed as he blurted out, “Energy weapon?”

Grisia and Elaro turned their heads to look at him.

“That weapon might belong to my world.” Charles surmised in wonder, “Perhaps there is a chance you two may arrive at my world later on?”

That would be great if that were the case. Grisia smiled and asked, “You would welcome us, wouldn’t you?”

Charles laughed in spite of himself. “Of course. My young master would undoubtedly have a strong desire to meet you two. Perhaps we could even help you finish your tasks the entire time you are there. The young master greatly enjoys interesting matters.”


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  1. Appo

    Ohhh that is so incredible! Of course Ah Ye will find them interesting, they’re holy knights to boot! Thanks for the chapter~

  2. kamui

    I guess the backpack counts as magic storage for adventuring, but people do realize it can be conveniently destroyed a later point for dramatic purposes, right?
    Thanks PR!

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