Big and Little Sun Go Go 20: Shouldn’t Children Be Fed When Hungry

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 20: Shouldn’t Children Be Fed When Hungry—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by lucathia; C/E edited by J Tao)

“Readers selected: None of the above. With how quickly Elaro and Charles can run, just directly charge straight to the guard tower! If you follow the readers’ choice, you can earn a small gift.”

Grisia read the choice and asked, “Charles, how long would it take for us to run to the guard tower based on Elaro’s previous running speed?”

Charles studied the map and smiled bitterly. “If we covered the entire journey with the speed from just now, we may be able to reach it in five hours. However, I cannot maintain that kind of speed for such a long period of time.”

Elaro also said in a troubled tone, “Teacher, if I ran at that speed for five hours, I would likely lose the ability to fight. This is too dangerous.”

Grisia considered this and asked, “What if we stop to rest several times along the way while trying to keep our arrival within ten hours?”

Charles and Elaro exchanged a glance with each other and confirmed, “That is possible.”

Although it wasted some time, they could obtain a small gift. Moreover, Charles still had nearly twelve hours left with them. Regardless of what updates there may be to the quest, they should be able to finish with time to spare.

“All right, then we will act according to the readers’ choice. But before then… I need to eat something.”

Grisia blushed slightly as he explained, “A child’s body is really unable to endure hunger.”

Hearing this, Elaro blamed himself slightly for not having considered this. He quickly pulled food out of the backpack. “Charles, could I trouble you to help determine which of these are food?”

Charles had not imagined that even eating would be a problem for the two holy knights. However, it made sense; nowadays, spoiled food could not be found within a city, since all food should be well-packaged. However, the holy knights had no way of recognizing what these packaged foods were.

He immediately selected some crackers, and even used his blood ability, forming a blade to cut open a can. However, the largest box actually contained fake food. Elaro could not be blamed for this, as the image printed on the box was of cake and ice-cream cones. For it to actually be a model of food was truly too unlucky.

Grisia was truly suffering due to his starving stomach, and was having trouble withstanding it any longer. As soon as Charles opened the can, he snatched it to pour the contents straight into his mouth. They were so salty Grisia nearly spit it right back out, so he promptly stuffed a few crackers into his mouth to eat at the same time. It was only using this method that he could force it all down.

As Grisia ate, he watched Charles choose the food. The boxes were clearly not small by volume, yet there was little inside when they were finally opened. He exclaimed in distress, “These aren’t even enough for Elaro to eat a proper meal!”

Holy knights had shockingly strong bodies and endurance, which meant that their food intake was also quite shocking. The documents containing the funds for the Church’s kitchens were always the most painful things the Pope could look at.

Grisia took another cracker to stuff into his mouth. He dared not try eating from the can again. That flavor was truly indescribable…

“Triggered side quest: How could you give a child junk food to eat! Find healthy products suitable for a child to eat. Reward: 10 points.”

“…” Grisia expressionlessly continued eating his crackers.

This task perfectly complemented Elaro’s intentions. He asked Charles, “Is there a place where we can find healthy food products and leather pants?”

“Leather pants?” Charles asked uncertainly, “Do you mean pants made of leather? Does this have some particular use?”

Elaro explained, “It is simply a requirement for a side quest asking for black, skin-tight clothing, with leather pants and combat boots.”

Charles took out the map and studied it before saying, “There is a department store along one of the roads we will be heading down. It is also very close to here. Inside, there should be everything one could possibly need. I can also teach you how to identify necessities while we are there.”

Grisia thought that this department store sounded quite amazing. He stuffed the crackers into Elaro’s hands.

Disgusting, really too disgusting. Why would anyone eat cookies that aren’t sweet? Might as well eat bread instead and fill up more easily!

Knowing that they would have food to obtain later, Elaro decided he may as well dump all the food into his stomach.

As he ate, he studied the box with the realistic food models and sighed. “This box truly isn’t food? Any sweets are probably all spoiled. It’s really such a pity, Teacher loves eating sweets the most.”

Loves eating sweets the most, is it? Charles glanced at Grisia. It was quite typical for a child to love eating sweets, but he was suddenly somewhat curious about this holy knight’s adult appearance. It was a shame that he would likely not see it.

Charles chuckled as he explained, “The department store should have plenty of sweets that will not be spoiled.”

Grisia grew excited. He grabbed the can from Elaro’s hands and said, “Don’t eat such disgusting things anymore. Charles will bring us to find good food to eat!”

Charles stared at the can Grisia had just eaten from. It had contained minced meat sauce used for bibimbap, yet he had consumed it all at once. It was no wonder he found the contents disgusting.

Hearing this, Elaro did not persist with eating further. After confirming the directions with Charles, they immediately headed out without delay.

Not long after leaving, Grisia and Elaro heard a system notification—

“Side quest based on the readers’ choice: None of the above. With how quickly Elaro and Charles can run, just directly charge straight to the guard tower! Small gift reward.”

  • Expand system inventory: System will gain five additional spaces.
  • Bottomless backpack: Any item smaller than the mouth of the bag can be stored. Volume is unrestricted, but please note that weight will not disappear. If the backpack is damaged, the bottomless storage capability will be lost.
  • Basic rations pouch: A box of inexhaustible crackers. Aside from being unappetizing, this does not have any shortcomings.


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  1. kamui

    With Elaro’s strength, the backpack would be great, but the damage is a drawback, and Grisia would be useless. Crackers would be practical, but rather…boring, and not that applicable in a story setting. I feel like a certain someone would go out of the way for food anyway given bland crackers. So say magic storage! All proper adventures must have magic storage.

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