Big and Little Sun Go Go 19: Supporting Character

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 19: Supporting Character—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su & lucathia; C/E edited by J Tao)

Before departing, Elaro did not forget to dig out the evolution crystal from the other red bird. Unfortunately, even after swallowing it, his ability did not level up.

Grisia, on the other hand, did not find this unexpected. He only hoped that they could level the ability up at least once or twice before completing this novice world. The duration of use could be addressed later, but the frequency of only one usage a day was truly too low.

After developing a thorough understanding of the map, Charles said to Elaro, “Run along this road first. By my estimation, we should reach the destination after running for around half an hour. Use the fastest speed you can maintain for that half hour. I will follow you and notify you when we need to turn.”

Elaro did not reply. Rather, it was Grisia that asked doubtfully, “Even I could run at full speed for half an hour. Don’t underestimate holy knights. Elaro’s physical capabilities are really good. Are you able to keep up?”

Charles smiled faintly. He tightened his grip on the child, bent his knees slightly, then exerted all his strength to use several slide steps in succession. In the blink of an eye, he appeared several hundred meters away, so fast that it was practically like instant teleportation.

“…” Grisia stared in shock as he instantly saw Elaro on the opposite end of the road in the distance.

Charles chuckled lightly and asked, “Will this speed be able keep up with your student’s?”

Hearing this somewhat deliberate rhetorical question, Grisia understood. He grumbled, “And here I thought you were really as easy to bully as Leaf. In the end, you’re showing off your strength when my guard is down?”

Charles could not help but laugh at this in spite of himself. “How could I dare? I am simply somewhat confident when it comes to my speed.”

There may have been a slight intention to demonstrate my strength. However, I meant no enmity from start to finish. At most, perhaps I am afraid he may demand I go the extra mile once more?

Grisia considered this. Unfortunately, he would not be able to plan for Charles to help with combat anymore. Originally, he had assumed that having an extra person to fight would allow them to obtain more evolution crystals…

Just then, Elaro ran over and praised him, “You are truly very fast. It seems that I will have to try my best in running so I do not drag down your speed too much.”

Charles reached a palm out as if to gesture, “Please go ahead.”

Elaro did not hold back and broke out into a run first. With his height and long legs, he ran extremely quickly. Even when running at full speed, his face did not flush nor did his breath falter.

Not long afterwards, Charles patted Elaro’s shoulder, indicating that he could stop.

Charles put Grisia down and re-confirmed the road signs on both sides before nodding at the other two. “It should be around here. Your running speed is much faster than I imagined. If you are able to run at that kind of speed for nearly twenty minutes, it is no wonder that Grisia initially assumed I would not be able to keep up.”

Elaro wiped the sweat from his forehead. Grisia immediately gathered water for his student to drink.

“We should first find a place to hide.” Elaro glanced around and pointed at one of the stores. “This place isn’t bad. The inside is very dark; we can clearly see outside but will not be easily detectable.”

For my student to be so familiar with something like thievery, exactly what kind of missions has the king been giving out now? Grisia felt that the first thing he would have to do upon returning to their original world was to find His Majesty and have a good heart-to-heart. In addition, he would do it when he had black hair.

The three of them hid in the place Elaro had suggested. They did not have to wait long before they heard loud movement.

It was a fleet of vehicles. There were a few large trucks in the middle, surrounded by multiple military vehicles and Hummers at the front and back. The vehicles were filled with people; there were at least a dozen visible in their line of sight.

“This many people?” Grisia frowned. Although he knew his student was very formidable and would not necessarily be beaten, this was not their original world. Who knew what kind of unknown dangers there were?

“We cannot advance.” Charles’ expression changed as he stated, “The vehicles at the front and back all carry heavy machine guns, extremely dangerous weapons. These people do not appear to be ordinary individuals. They may be mercenaries or soldiers.”

Grisia did not know what heavy machine guns were. Their shape seemed somewhat similar to the gun Charles had transformed for them, but several times larger, and indeed did not seem to be simply handled. Moreover, if Charles, with his speed, was afraid of the consequences from facing these machine guns, Elaro might truly have difficulty against them by himself.

He shouted at the system, “Will, are there side quests that are impossible to complete?”

“There does not exist a quest that is absolutely impossible for the player to complete.”

Hearing Will’s response, Grisia doubtfully asked Charles, “Are those heavy machine guns really that dangerous?”

Charles considered this and answered, “If I used x-speed to charge forward and steal one of them to initiate gunfire while your student dealt with the remaining people, perhaps there would be a chance of victory. However, would it truly be worth doing so for the sake of merely stealing a vehicle?”

Of course it isn’t worth it. At that moment, Grisia considered giving up. However, he also felt that something was not quite right. Up until now, all the quests and ensuing points that Will had given them had been within reasonable limits. It was clear just from looking at “Gain ten point from wearing clothes” and “Gain five points for the businessman hairstyle.” Why would there suddenly be a side quest this unreasonable…?

“It shouldn’t be these vehicles.” Elaro suddenly opened his mouth to say, “The contents of the quest said we only had to arrive at the location before five. According to the current climate and color of the sky, it should still be some time before then. If it were these cars, we would not have encountered them if we had not arrived until five.”

It was then that Grisia and Charles understood. It turned out that the time was wrong.

Charles promptly glanced at his wrist and said, “My watch indicates it is currently only four. It should be accurate.”

Grisia nodded and declared, “Then, let’s just wait for them to pass.”

The three of them decided to quietly wait for the fleet to pass by, but when one of the trucks drove past where they were hiding, Will suddenly gave them a system notification.

“Supporting character” detected: Every time a Player encounters a supporting character, the player may be awarded points based on the supporting character’s importance. If the Player also interacts with the supporting character to investigate the “inside story,” additional points can be earned. The points are decided according to the contents of the investigation.

Special reward for Player’s first encounter with a supporting character: A small gift will be delivered according to the readers’ choice.

  • No matter how powerful the enemies or numerous the machine guns, you need to charge in for the supporting character.
  • It’s safer to wait until the motorcade at five for looting.
  • None of the above. With how quickly Elaro and Charles can run, just directly charge straight to the guard tower.


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  1. Gandire Alea

    I wonder if support characters will later appear as summoned characters…

    • Kamui

      Hmm, seems like they could, but it makes me wonder what all counts as supporting characters?

  2. 15B

    I know there’s “options”, but really… Who’s going to pick any option but “charge in”? XD
    I’m pretty sure as much as we like the characters and value their safety, we value seeing them kick butt and get into crazy situations more. OwO

  3. Kiwikronikles

    Thanks for the upload! I’m not familiar with this world as I haven’t read this series, but I can imagine how exiting it is for people who do know to predict who the “side characters” are.

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