Big and Little Sun Go Go 18: Ability GET

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 18: Ability GET—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

“Major side quest: What will happen if you eat it? Updated: Obtain ability, roam the apocalypse fearlessly: Randomly trigger a power (can be leveled up with evolution crystals) (ability not limited to this world).”

Grisia had been eyeing the health food’s ability to counteract a fatal injury once. That was worth a ton! Yet the readers had chosen the ability. Perhaps it would be more useful; after all, they could level it up and its use was not limited to this world…

He turned his head to ask, “Charles, do you know what this ‘ability’ is?”

Charles pondered this and cautiously explained, “It probably refers to some type of unique power that an ordinary human would not possess. I can only speculate from hearsay or what I have read in novels, so I am afraid it may not be very accurate.”

“Not a problem, just say it for reference’s sake.”

“Abilities could include anything. The more realistic ones I have heard of before include bending spoons or guessing poker cards. More excessive stories mention manipulation of water, fire, wind, and lightning, and even instant teleportation, opening dimensions to store objects, or remotely moving objects.”

Upon hearing this, Grisia concluded, “Sounds very similar to magic. Perhaps abilities are the magic of this world!”

Charles considered this. While it did not quite feel the same, he was unable to articulate what the differences were.

“Elaro, bring that thing over here.”

Grisia gathered water and rinsed off the blood-soaked evolution crystal a couple times before passing it to his student. “Elaro, go ahead and eat it.”

“Doesn’t Teacher need it more?”

Elaro could not understand why he needed an ability. His power was enough.

Grisia shook his head and replied, “While my current magic and holy light levels are insufficient, I might become the adult in the next world. If the ability randomly becomes one of the things that Charles just mentioned, they’ll be basically useless to me, and we’ll have completely wasted it. It’s better if you eat it. That way, you will also be able to protect yourself if you turn into a child later. My agility is not as good as yours, after all, so I may not always be able to protect you quickly enough.”

Hearing this, Elaro no longer refused to eat it, simply resolving to try even harder to protect his child-sized teacher. He accepted the evolution crystal and swallowed it.

“Congratulations to Player Elaro for obtaining the ability: Invisibility, lv. 0. Can stay invisible for ten seconds. At the current level, this can be used once a day. Can be leveled up with evolution crystals.”

Invisibility? Grisia felt that this ability did not sound too bad, but said regretfully, “But isn’t ten seconds too short?”

Elaro replied, “If used in battle, ten seconds is more than enough.”

That’s true. Grisia was extremely confident that, given ten seconds, his student could achieve victory. After all, Elaro was an expert swordsman that had been trained by Judgment, Roland, and Adair!

The ability really was not bad at all. However, it did not stop Grisia from coveting that “health food.” Hopefully, there would be a chance in the future for this to appear among the choices again.

“Seems like we’ll need to do some more side quests from now on, especially these ‘major side quests.’ We definitely can’t miss them! Let’s head over to the place marked X on the map first and complete this stealing task. If we get the chance, we can kill some more monsters and use the evolution crystals to level up ‘invisibility’.”

At the moment, ten seconds were sufficient. However, this was only an easy novice world. The later worlds might end up getting more and more difficult, so of course, the more they could strengthen his and Elaro’s powers, the better!

“Will, I want the polka-dotted pinafore dress.” Elaro pulled out the clothing from the system bag and passed it to his teacher, urging, “Teacher, change your clothes first. Your top was ripped by the bird, and it’s bloodstained. It’s best to change; the smell of blood can easily attract dangerous things.”

This cherry top didn’t even last a day! Grisia inwardly sighed—and this was still an easy novice world. As expected, they still needed to do their best to grow stronger.

He took the clothes and changed.

“Charles, can you carry me while running?”

After changing, Grisa tugged at the unfamiliar skirt and stretched his arms out toward the vampire. He innocently explained, “If you and Elaro run at full speed, we can arrive at the destination faster. If we encounter danger en route and Elaro isn’t carrying me, he can attack first. Then, you won’t need to fight!”

His words were not incorrect. Not needing to fight did seem to be to his advantage. Yet, when Charles thought about it more carefully, it felt like something was off.

Charles was utterly confounded, but still chose to carry the child as suggested.


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  1. Vapor

    Aw, man that unlimited cellphone /would/ have been so good. XD Hopefully Elaro will be able to put his ability to good use though. =P

    • Kamui

      Yay? Spark inherited a skill properly from his master’s skills! Now he can pursue the path of the assassin!

    • Kamui

      Ugh. “Yay! So he…” is what that was supposed to be.

  2. 15B

    Oh… That phone would have been really good… Like even more crazy crossover hijinks from calling someone else at a bad time.
    “Hey, we wanted to ask for some advice about…”
    “Uh… Could you call back later? Something’s trying to tear down the wall and I need to tear it a new one.”

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