Big and Little Sun Go Go 17: Paired Carrion-Bloom Birds

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part 17: Paired Carrion-Bloom Birds—translated by TaffyGirl13 (proofread by Lala Su; C/E edited by J Tao & lucathia)

Grisia also heard the sound behind him. Unfortunately, his small body made small movements, so he only managed to run two steps before getting seized by the shoulders. In addition to the pain, he heard the flapping of wings. Then, his entire body suddenly left the ground.

Elaro charged forward, but was blocked by another shadow. It was a large, entirely scarlet-colored bird that was quite the sorry sight. Only a bit over half of its body was covered with feathers, while the feathers from its other regions had all fallen off already. It appeared to be almost bald at first glance, but upon closer inspection, the featherless areas actually flashed with a faint glint. It had somehow grown scales there!

The thing that had grabbed Grisia was also a red bird. These red birds must be a pair!

Grisia did not place all his hopes on his student to rescue him and tried his best to save himself. He gathered a pitifully small amount of wind element and shot out a palm-sized wind blade behind him.

The wind blade brushed past the red bird’s wings, leaving a shallow cut. Not only did the bird’s talons not loosen as a result, they instead clutched even tighter, the sharp claw tips piercing directly into Grisia’s shoulders.

“Ah!” Grisia broke out into a cold sweat from the pain. A child’s body was really unable to tolerate any pain. Such a minor injury was actually preventing him from focusing on gathering elements.

Elaro grew extremely furious when he saw his teacher getting injured. He directly used the baseball bat as the Sun Knight’s Divine Sword, dashing forward to slash at the bird blocking the way. With the help of his powerful battle aura, even a bat without an edge managed to cut a deep wound through the red bird’s breast, nearly slicing it in half. The red bird was unable to even cry out before it fell twitching onto the ground.

After slashing the bird, Elaro immediately raced toward his teacher. However, he was too late; the other bird had already stretched its wings to shoot high up into the air—

A single, crimson blood claw grabbed the bird’s wings and instantly ripped them apart.

The red bird was in so much pain that it could not keep hold of its prey, or even fly. It was at this moment that it also discovered its other half already collapsed on the ground. Its anguished cries rang through the air as it crookedly soared down to the red bird on the ground, eventually crashing head-first.

Grisia was dropped mid-air. However, the altitude was too low, and he did not have the time to make himself fly. Just as he cradled his head and prepared himself to simply slam into the ground, he fell into an embrace.

When he looked up, he saw the vampire wearing a gentle smile.

At this point, Elaro finally made it over. He let out a huge sigh of relief. What would he have done if his teacher had actually been captured? He did not even dare to imagine it.

Grisia tossed a healing spell at his own shoulders as he grinned and asked, “Didn’t you say you were not responsible for combat?”

“Protecting children is an instinct. It is not combat.” Charles hurriedly added, “Naturally, I am aware you are actually a fully-grown lady. However, the current situation is different, after all.”

“…I’m male.”

Charles stared blankly for a moment at Grisia’s pearl-collared top with princess sleeves.

Grisia tugged at his collar and explained with restrained anger, “This is a requirement for a side quest! I wasn’t the one who wanted to wear it!”

Charles chuckled and answered, “Of course, the task is most important.”

Grisia patted the vampire and said, “Why don’t you let me down?”

Not at all satisfied with the situation, Grisia said as soon as he was placed down, “From now on, Elaro will be responsible for taking the lead while I stand next to you. Is that all right? I won’t make you fight. It’s just that if I am seized again, you would still need to rescue me. Wouldn’t that be more troublesome?”

“Indeed.” Charles agreed; he was truly unable to watch from the sidelines as a child encountered danger, despite knowing that the involved party was actually an adult.

Seeing that his teacher was unharmed, Elaro walked back to where the two red birds were. The situation had been an emergency earlier, so he had not noticed if the birds were actually dead or not. Only now could he get confirmation.

What is this? Elaro could smell a faint fragrance. Even the blood all over the ground could not block the alluring scent.

It must be delicious, right?

He reached his hand through the large hole in the red bird’s chest and fished something out…

“Elaro!” Grisia sensed something amiss and shouted in a stern voice to stop Elaro. “Don’t just touch—”

“Congratulations to Player Elaro for the first contact with an important plot element: evolution crystals. Triggered major side quest: What will happen if you eat it?”

  • Obtain an ability, roam the apocalypse fearlessly: Randomly trigger a power (can be leveled up with evolution crystals) (ability not limited to this world)
  • Eat evolution crystals to spit up a present: Won’t you take the rare present?
  • Healthy food: Can counteract a fatal injury once.


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    • kamui

      Heck yeah! Who needs a present? And if you have a fun ability to “roam the apocalypse fearlessly” then you also don’t really need a recovery item.

  1. mir

    I hope they pick rare present. Even if they get a random ability, after leaving this world they won’t be able to get more evolution crystals to level it.

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